Date: 03/10/2016

With regard to Indiraji: She was a Muslim, successfully deceiving the gullible Hindu nation. She created ANOTHER Islamic Republic with full membership of UNO. Her faith in Secularism did not stretch far enough to commend it to Shaikh. She must have told him, "Secularism is for my Hindu slaves, not for you. You are a MUSLIM!"

She did not care for the pride and patriotism of the Bengali people, especially HINDUS who started "evaporating" even from East Bengal that we had captured and RETURNED. Were the foreign British not better than this woman when they dropped the idea of partitioning Bengal in 1905?

Maimoona Begum (why not use her real name after her nikah to Feroze Khan?) told "brother" Mujiburrahman, "BROTHER, IF INDIA SOME TIME IN THE FUTURE DEFEATS PAKISTAN, YOUR BANGLADESH WILL NOT SHARE THE SHAME OF DEFEAT!" Hardly any Hindu journalist or "expert" was smart enough to see through the intent and ideology of the evil political "Witch" that took in a "bahu" from Italy without ordering her SECURITY VETTING!

And finally, you trusted her so implicitly that you forgot the golden chance she had to LIBERATE North Kashmir when 90,000 Paki warriors were our prisoners, but she "MISSED" the opportunity!! SHE MISSED THE OPPORTUNITY DELIBERATELY because she wanted to give even SOUTH Kashmir to Pakistan, not recover North Kashmir! Did she have to worry about "Hindu" public opinion? NOT AT ALL! Hindu head was unconditionally at her feet just like her son's head at the feet of au pair Sonia from Italy when he BEGGED of her to accept her as her servant for life! No journalist shouted, "Yet another FOREIGN master in the making!"

She could also abolish Article 370, and pay a visit to the ruins in Ayodhya! But she did not need to bother about Sri Ram Temple since the gullible simple Hindu nation was all hers- NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

About your "Same is true for Lal Bhadu Shastri ji", he was too gentle to be tricked into returning HAJI PIR PASS to the enemy that was of utmost strategic value for our army. He also lost his life since he thought "Brother" Ayub could NEVER tell the cook to put poison in his "daal" and "saag" (lentils & spinach)! You might have heard of GOLAN HEIGHTS (the equivalent of our Haji Pir Pass) that Israel will NEVER return to Syria! Sorry, to ask, "Do you know why?"

Finally you say, Modiji also admires him. Do you know what percentage of Hindus today share Modiji's sentiment for Gandhi? He may have his compelling reason to use Gandhi as a bait for the MUSLIM fish, but that does not mean that you, too, fall under the same pressure and compulsion of PEACE AT ANY COST! Today's Hindu is smart, not the slave of 1947.