Date: 07/10/2016


The shatteringly horrendous experience of PARTITION, when one third of India disappeared from the map, was not a non-event even though “Bandit” Nehru wished his bosom friend, Jinnah, “the best of luck” on August 14, 1947!”

Till then we had believed that all Indians were a ‘one big family’ (Hindu MUSLIM Sikh Eesayee, Aapas main sabh Behen Bhai!”) but after that violent jolt only those with the IQ of cattle remained stuck to that belief, mainly due to propaganda blasts by dishonest cheat and traitor called Jawaharlal Nehru who got the post of first PM thrown into his lap by an ignorant, timid and gullible nation.

We had one dictator, Hitler, dead, but another dictator, NEHRU, came up with a vengeance. Such are the Laws of Nature!

The two were contemporaries and though living in different continents, they both threw religion and morality out of the window and misused the immense power at their disposal and led their nations to complete ruin - one in the devastated Germany, the other in the PARTITIONED India.

But this similarity also had its contrasts. Germany rose again like the phoenix from ashes, while India sank deeper in the “quagmire” of corruption, nepotism and scams, created by “Hindu bashing” Congress Party. While the German nation reformed itself overnight under its own genius, the Indians, lacking guts, awareness and genius, remained stuck to the Evil called Nehru Dynasty, waiting for the last of the “goons”, RAJIV KHAN (aka “Gandhi”), the son of Maimoona Begum (aka “Indira Gandhi”) to be blown up by a bomb!

May God give Narendra Modi long life and good companions to sort out the mess they found “Broken” Bharat in, on May 14, 2014.