Date: 08/10/2016

Thank you for sending us this e-mail with the important news of Conference in Nepal on 22nd. inst.

It is great to know of the INTERNATIONAL HINDU CONFERENCE in Nepal whose deliberations will have great and lasting impact on the future of the Hindus worldwide.

At this Conference strategic decisions of far reaching impact on the security and survival of Hindu Dharma should be considered. All the delegates ought to be conscious of their responsibility towards the rest of the Hindus living across the globe, not only in South Asia.

The need for the security of Hindu "SOULS & DHARTI" should be emphasized by all without fear or hesitation. Shamelessly, we are losing numbers on our own patch on regular basis. India LOST one third of her territory on one day in 1947 and none has shown shame or regret, even resolve to recover an inch of the 'one million sq km' surrendered.

Nepal must not be demoralised by India's "performance" during the last 1,000 years but resolve with double determination to put the word "HINDU" in her Constitution, in order to inspire even the Hindus of Bharat to act likewise.

The Conference should go into "WHAT'S WRONG with the sick and dwindling lack lustre native religion of Bharat?" Why our Shankaracharyas do not have the same standing, resources and status like the Pope living the sovereign State of Vatican?

The Conference should pass a Resolution that secular ("mongrel") Partitioned India (Bharat) should immediately declare herself "Hindu Rashtra" to infuse pride and conviction among her ONE BILLION strong Hindu population, at present helplessly watching the stars of FOREIGN ideologies and faiths in ascendency on our own "dharti".

Attention should also be focussed on how to restore HINDU Constitution in Nepal. Delegates should be EDUCATED on the hidden agenda (ideologies) of our enemies since the world has no objection to the FIFTY Islamic republics on earth but they immediately "gang up" against even ONE Hindu Rashtra in the world! Isn't it because we are receding, withdrawing and surrendering and the world expects us to continue doing so? Isn't is because we are perceived to be WEAK, non-violent and "Gandhian" who will never retaliate or hit back?

Delegates should be asked to question as to why the Hindus taking 100 steps backwards are "good" guys in the eyes of the world but if we take ONE step forward we are called fundamentalist, dangerous even terrorists!

Special attention should be paid to the kind of "SECULARISM" that tolerates the SWORD in the hands of Muslim maulviss and "GUNS" with the European missionaries while at the same time “pulling out the teeth” of the Hindus.

THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED (and is still happening) in the world's largest HINDU country, Bharat, for the last ONE THOUSAND years.

In 1947 the anti Hindu nexus of foreign masters and the native stooges (Gandhi and Nehru) were forced to acknowledge ISLAM to be a FORCE TO RECKON WITH and promptly surrendered five provinces to "Mohammed" while robbing Sri Krishna and Sri Ram of their glory and doing the worst to Guru Nanak Devji when his Janmasthan was surrendered to the enemy!

Yet the most absurd, illogical and undemocratic Partition of India is accepted with the ease of breathing by the entire "Lok Sabha" with overwhelming MAJORITY of spineless Hindu MP's sitting in it!

That brings us to pride and conviction. There is great DEFICIENCY of both among the Hindus. These two virtues ought to be RESTORED on highest priority by all who wish to see the Hindus live with dignity and without fear on earth. Another Resolution should be passed, banning a (macho) "Mohammed" converting a Hindu girl on marrying her. There should be a ban on a Hindu girl submitting meekly to "nikah" in a mosque. Our girls who tie "Raakhi" on their brothers expect the latter to DEFEND them from the Islamic PREDATORS. Furthermore, in "HINDU RASHTRAS" (Nepal and Bharat) NO Mohammedan will be allowed to possess or read the KORAN with the word "Kafir" in it and none will be allowed to have TWO or more wives at the same time. Hindu Delegates may not know how the land of Mohammed's birth (Saudi Arabia) treats Gita, Granth and Bible within its borders!

Another Resolution should be passed, demanding full human rights, safety and dignity, to the Hindus living in Pakistan, North Kashmir and Bangladesh.

Will it be possible to distribute copies of this e-mail among the delegates attending the Conference in order to raise their awareness and to bring home the REALITY of geo-politics on earth to them?

The delegates should be encouraged to take all measures to inspire the Hindus never to serve under their enemies or invaders, and never tolerate the "Hindu bashing/killing" rulers from now onwards. Thank you.

I wish the Conference the best of luck and complete SUCCESS.


9 Oct 16


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Int Hindu Conference to be held in Kathmandu
An international conference of the Hindus is going to be organized at Bankali in the capital city from coming October 22. ...