Date: 10/10/2016

CONTRIBUTED by esteemed author in the USA.

Punjab is in dire straits. The finest, the grandest, the most prosperous and the most martial, enterprising and dynamic province of India, the abode of "lions" until 1947 has since gone to "dogs and jackals".

The British worked in collusion with JINNAH, GANDHI & NEHRU to break up the united India over the decomposing HINDU body that lay flat, lifeless on ground, willing to be mutilated, bled and exploited. Hindusthan was then mutilated & bled profusely. The shock was so severe and defeat & surrender so embarrassing that Partition became a non event. Brain hamorrhage resulted to total memory loss.

Neither the President, nor the Prime Minister, nor even the Lok Sabha, has ever mentioned the word "Partition" since 1947. It is also not found in the Constitution of India! The whole Hindu nation has simply "lumped" its biggest defeat, the unconditional surrender of West Punjab and our holy Gurdwaras, among them Sri Panja Sahib, Sri Nankana Sahib and the one at Kartarppur. Members of the brave community that once created the mighty Kingdom, having captured the Khyber Pass, now need approval of the pseudo-secular Government in Delhi, and visa from Pakistan, to go on pilgrimage to these holy places.

We cannot blame the others when our own man, Baldev Singh, did not utter a word against the UNCONDITIONAL surrender of West Punjab to the Viceroy or the All-India Muslim League and nor did he speak up for Sri Nankana Sahib and Kartarpur to prevent their going to Pakistan.

The result was that the SIKHS emerged as the WORST sufferers out of that bogus (fraudulant) Independence that in reality was loss of our lands & homes, bloodshed, PARTITION, and forced migration of tens of millions driven into wilderness!

The British handed over Partitioned India to their own stooge, Jawaharlal Nehru, who turned out to be a traitor to his own land of birth, India.

Absolute power corrupted Nehru instantly and he became an autocrat overnight and decided to rule India as his own "fief". He dreamt of ruling the re-enslaved Hindu nation till eternity and identified the Sikhs as trouble makers who would demand true democracy and freedom from oppression while the Hindus could easily remain his adoring slaves for another thousand years.

Seeing the Hindus hailing him as a patriot and a great leader, he could proceed harshly against the Sikhs and considered them potential terrorists. Of course, the traitor was also afraid that the Sikhs will one day understand his grand design and shout, "Khalistan because there is Pakistan!"

His arrogant and evil daughter, too, pursued her father's ideology. She too ruled supreme over her "coolie colony" called Bharat, where none saw through her malice when after granting East Bengal full sovereignty, she turned to East Punjab with vengeance and launched Operation "Blue Star"! 1984 left no doubt in anybody's mind of the unscrupulous prime minister's DOUBLE standards and not fair play.

It is a great pity that an average Sikh is not yet aware of Centre's partisan nature and the reason for hostility towards the brave and loyal Sikh community who are product of the same soil that gave birth to Sri Ram Chandra, Sri Krishna, Mahatma Budha, Guru Nanak, Guru Tegh Bahadur and Guru Gobind Singhji..

Pursuing their anti Sikh ideology Nehru's Congress Party reduced EAST Punjab still further by taking out Haryana and Himachal Prades and putting the capital on Union Territory, to be shared by the chief minister of Haryana. (NB: No other State has to share its capital!)

As if that was not enough, Nehru Dynasty brutalised the people of Punjab through corruption, scams and the malicious persecution by the security forces. The 1980's were the worst decade in Sikh history after Mogul rule when thousands of Sikhs were killed during Operation "Blue Star" and subsequently in "fake" encounters.

Now again we cannot blame anyone else but OURSELVES. What is the quality of the government that we people ourselves have elected in East Punjab and what type of police do we have- perhaps the worst on earth?

If the government of Punjab were to "relate" to the people and concede dignity and respect to their citizens, Punjab would be a happy place. But the ministers are known to be useless and incompetent if we see that instead of industry and discipline, there is the culture of drugs and vice in Punjab.

A serious thought must be given to the shambles that is now our East Punjab. Who will remind the youth there that once we established a powerful Sikh Kingdom and could even defeat the Afghans to capture Khyber Pass?

The solution to prevent the Sikh youth in Punjab from going astray is: COMPETENT CHIEF MINISTER AND HIS CABINET WHO WOULD START, SUPPORT AND DEVELOP small scale industries, computer literacy, facilities for sports & athletics, NCC and compulsory military training, and manufacturing.

People should be given ideals and encouraged to follow role models. The youth should be given facilities to train for winning gold medals at the Olympics and to win in international tournaments.

We can see the industriousness of the Swiss and the Austrians, even Latvians and the Estonians where we do not see the youth going astray but busy and gainfully employed!

Above all, whenever a policeman/woman in Punjab stops or questions any citizen, the latter should be addressed as "Sir". Any physical violence must see the police officer in jail.

All police officers should be told that it is neither Mogul Raj, nor British Raj and nor even Nehru Raj now. The citizen is free and must enjoy as much dignity and respect as the policeman and his family & friends.

If the PEOPLE of East Punjab do not wake up now and take the above suggestions in good faith and IMPLEMENT them immediately, then the situation will deteriorate rapidly with there will be increase in drug cullture and lawlessness till someone shouts, "KHALISTAN BECAUSE THERE IS PAKISTAN!" It will be a "cow pat" in the face of Government of India.

Sikhs in East Punjab have suffered the fate of those mediocre nations under dull leaders who put their destiny in the hands of the others. The once grand Province of Punjab could not be cut & chopped any more. If we were to use our own genius & spirit, East Punjab can soon rival Switzerland, Austria, even ISRAEL with regard to well run administration, honest professional police, superior education and enviable prosperity.