Date: 13/10/2016


For DECADES some of us have been insisting on a national debate on “Partition”. We expected Lok Sabha to take up the challenge on the “post mortem" of Partition! But not the slightest move yet!

The survivors (most have gone, some in the last months, or days, of their life on earth) cannot rest till we get the answers.

Two million Hindus, who paid for our Independence with their lives, were not “insects” but proud citizens of India who deserve to be remembered and HONOURED.

They did not have to suffer massacres, rape, arson and plunder. Several millions more did not have to leave their homes, many built by the “sweat & toil” of their previous generations. Every government’s basic duty is to protect the lives of its subjects and defend its borders.

When the authority FAILS in the discharge of their basic duty, an Enquiry ought to be held, at least to LEARN as to how the calamity came about, and how it can be prevented in the future! Can we see our dear Bharat moving on, into the future not even knowing the past blunders, leave aside avoiding them in the future?

Those higher up are still NOT confident to discuss Partition and to discover and expose the TRUTH.

They put INDIVIDUALS above our Motherland, above Bharat Mata. That is why the Enquiry has been a non starter since 1947.

We need real stalwarts, whose vision and stature are HIGHER than that of “G+N”, in order to get somewhere on this issue.

In the meantime one must say with great regret that delaying such an enquiry is to lose the valuable recollections and views & opinions of the EYE WITNESSES, that is, those who were contemporary of Partition. It is not only cowardice but also HIGH TREASON.

Partition was the MOST HORRENDOUS unconditional territorial surrender of India before the bullying Islamic fundamentalists, led by Mohammed Ali Jinnah. He should have been confronted, challenged, opposed tooth and nail, and then "eliminated. He could have been charged of sedition, and threat to peace & public order, and sent to jail for life.

By not PUBLISHING the findings, conclusions and recommendations, we are doing disservice to ourselves and the coming generations who will, till eternity, go on asking, "Why is Kolkata IN, but Dhaka OUT?" And “Why is Amritsar IN, but Lahore OUT?” And "Since when is Kashmir in imbroglio?"

They will also be asking, “Was there NOT one patriot alive then, who stood up bravely to reject Partition, and then died for the cause?”

We can study BOTH world wars in Europe. Each and every aspect has been brought out clearly in memoirs, speeches, books and films, and the criminals mentioned. Nothing is concealed. Public has full access to all the main actors including Hitler and his ministers, Marshal Stalin, President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill. Their speeches and actions are all in PUBLIC domain. They were appropriately condemned or honoured in public.

Only our own successive governments –both at State level and Centre, have sealed their lips on Partition.

That is incomprehensible. That is unacceptable. That is cowardice. That is a task yet to be undertaken. That is moral duty yet to be performed.