Date: 14/10/2016

Ours was once a strong civilisation, living in contentment since our land was fertile and our spirituality was calm and there was no need to cross the borders to loot, kill and plunder the neighbours.

But then by Law of Destiny we took one wrong step. It was a very small step but put us on an erratic course.

I would like to take 712 AD as the starting point. It was the year that violent, Kafir-hater, Kafir-KiLLER Islam entered Sindh that was Hindu and Buddhist 100%.

Instead of doing the normal thing, that is, defeat the raiders, pursue them to Mecca and do to their grand mosque what Babur did to our national historic grand temple in Ayodhya in 1526, that is some 800 years later! Even before that year they had razed to ground several other grand temples including those at Varanasi, Somnath and Mathura. The “shell shocked” Hindus remained disunited, demoralised and incapable of retaliation. There is still NO sign of any retaliation for the sudden and barbaric attack in 1946 (Noakhali) and 1947(Partition)!

Given the horrors of Islamic rule, and finally, their most vicious attack in 1947 when they forced our top leaders to "kneel down" before them and sign the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of one third of India to concede our sacred TERRITORY to the eternally vicious "Second Nation" wherever they were in a majority, just shows how far our nation had moved from the normal starting point of SUPERIORITY (even EQUALITY)! Hence reconciliation with Islam is impossible despite the hollow wishful ONE SIDED chants of "Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai!"

Reconciliation is IMPOSSIBE since Koran is the word of God for all the Muslims. Now, if their God has to hate the Non-Muslims and prescribe brutal punishments for the erring girls and women, and if God's Messenger himself could be a paedophile, then so long as the book is not “dumped”, revised or amended, the Muslims will never join the ranks of civilised societies.

Since Mohammed did not call women "sisters" and girls "devis", the Muslims will always regard them as "game" or "objects", and freely degrade, abduct, rape, dump or sell them just as “IS” (Daesh) are doing to Yazidi girls and the “beasts” caked “Boko Haram” are doing to the abducted school girls today. Even the UNO, and all the Allies who could defeat Germany and Japan 70 years ago, are unable to rescue them!

Hindus, collectively speaking, are very slowly getting to understand the nature of Islam but much damage has already been done.

After the departure of the British from India Nehru and his dynasty intervened very heavily with a vengeance, acting against the interests of the NATIVE Bharatiya religions and their followers.

Recovery now is very difficult but still possible if we remind everyone of Partition in 1947 and what the Hindus were subjected to. One thing we still have to our advantage, and that is MAJORITY. The other thing is AWARENESS. And it is "awareness" that we all have to pass on rapidly and extensively among the Hindu masses. The task will be easier if the GOVERNMENT also steps in instead of crushing the long overdue and much needed Hindu resurgence by Nehru's sledge HAMMER called "Secularism" that is BOGUS BEYOND BELIEF!