Date: 04/05/2013

We think nobody will disagree with you about what you wrote below. When you point to the sun nobody will say, "No, that is the moon!"
On any spot (area, territory or region) there are three kinds of people:

1. The ORIGINAL. In the case of Bharat that is overwhelmingly HINDUS. By Faith Doctrine they are very tolerant with a universal outlook on life.

2. The FOREIGNERS who come in and then assimilate, integrate or COEXIST in harmony like all the NRI's living abroad. We can also count the Jews and the Parsis among them. And,
3. The ALIENS who do not integrate or assimilate but live in separatist (presumptuous self-righteous) mindset. They have own SEPARATE agenda. Their Faith Doctrine is very divisive with concepts like "Believer" and "Infidel" galore. Their foremost endeavour is to convert, convert and CONVERT- by persuasion, force or brutality. They get huge financial aid from abroad like the Arabs pouring in millions of dollars for new mosques in Bharat.

Poor Manmohan Singh has been caught in the forceful whirlwinds of "Hindu bashing" by the FORCE of Dynasty and the VACUUM in Hindu "Shakti".

Even as a Sikh he is a lonely voice in that kind of "demoralised" Lok Sabha that ACCEPTS the violent blow of Partition (at which his own place of birth, Nankana Sahib and Lahore, the capital of Punjab, were shamefully surrendered) as a normal historical event, accepts the Constitution that has robbed us of Hindu identity and behaves like Rajiv "Gandhi" on the day he proposed to a poor Italian girl, "If you marry me, my Hindusthan will be at your feet!" Manmohan Singh is among those who are "at her feet".
On his assuming office, our first thought was relief, if not joy. "Here is a Sikh in the prime minister's chair who has seen "ethnic cleansing" first hand. He will look at Partition and set up a fact finding commission, and have the names and addresses of each and every Hindu (and Sikh) killed, abducted and driven out of home (like the cattle) in 1947 recorded for posterity, he will see that a dozen HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUMS are established in India, and he will visit Ayodhya and order the construction of the historic temple, he will take the microphone and address the nation to tell the masses, "We have thrown off the Italian YOKE. So put your own NATIVE faiths and religions above those from abroad because if we neglect our own they will be weak and finally vanish like the temples in Pakistan and the Buddhist statues in Afghanistan."
"Defend the dignity of native womanhood. Our own Hindu mothers, even wearing cheap dresses, are far more precious and superior than any foreign beauty."

Hindusthan is still waiting for a brave man to speak like that to the nation.
The only ray of sunshine we see in MM Singh is that he is not part of the Nehru dynasty that is impatiently waiting to put Rahul in his chair. We urgently need to educate the masses so that our leaders are empowered. In 1947 we saw the contrast. Jinnah saw MILLIONS of Muslims standing behind him while Gandhi did not see even WIND to propel him forward. So Akhand Bharat died instantly.

Yes, Bharat is not sovereign nor are the Hindus. We will be sovereign when we see the HINDUS allowed to buy and possess GUNS for self defence like the Americans, when we see Article 370 abolished and Hindu/Sikh ex servicemen and farmers settled along the borders with Pakistan, when KEY posts in the country are with the motivated Hindus, when in school text books Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, Rani of Jhansi, Guru Gobind Singhji, Sri Krishna, Sri Rama, Guru Nanak, Netaji Bose, Gen Hari Singh Nalwa and Maharaja Ranjit Singh all get five chapters each and not just two lines, while Gandhi and Nehru are dismissed out of hand, one for betraying Akhand Bharat and perpetuating the rule of his dynasty for so many generations, and the other for preaching non violence in the thick of the devastating civil WAR, when a NEW Constitution is written up that notices the Hindu in Hindusthan, and finally when we see the army recover North Kashmir instead of killing the Tamils and the Sikhs and when we see them capture and RETAIN the territory (East Bengal), and when we do not see the ex servicemen returning medals of gallantry to the Supreme Commander and going on fast in protest, and finally, when corruption is eradicated and crowds yell at Sonia Maino Gandhi, "QUIT INDIA!".

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SUB: Who rules ‘independent’ India..???

Mr Man Mohan Singh took over as Prime Minister of India on 22 May 2004.

Press and Media was agog with news that, a ‘Non-Hindu’ has become the Prime Minister for the ‘First-time’.

Because all the previous Prime Ministers were ‘Hindus’.

Sardar Man Mohan Singh is a Sikh, belonging to ‘minority’ community.

A doubting Thomas had a doubt, as always…

He asked “Is Man Mohan Singh really a “Non-Hindu Prime Minister”..???

The doubting Thomas even asked “How can a Sikh be considered a“Non-Hindu”..?

Are not Hindus and Sikhs of the same stock..???

No one answered his question.

Can you..???

Well, let’s examine the question “Who ruled India…??”

Prior to independence Mughals & British have ruled over India, that’s a fact known to all.

But, who ruled ‘independent’ India after August 1947, is not known to many.

Well, here are the facts…

Our first Prime Minister was a Moghul (Janab Jawaharlal Nehru Ghazi)

Intermittently, some Hindus did rule India but their stint of office was negligible.

Then came another Moghul Maimoona Begum (Mrs Indira Ghandi)

Then came an Italian Catholic (Rajiv Gandhi)

Now ‘independent’ India is under direct Italian rule by Mrs Antonia Maino (also known as Sonia Gandhi).

Poor Man Mohan Singh is only a façade,

Prime Minister though, but a powerless Prime Minister.

Now tell me, Who is ruling “independent India” ???

We are still under foreign rule.

For us, Independence is still a FAR CRY………..


P. S. – We can be sure that nobody will challenge the above facts. But for those who wish to challenge, evidence is available…….