Date: 20/10/2016


Dear Mr cccccccc, M.P.

I congratulate you for your foresight & courage with regard to raising the question about so-called "child" refugees.

By the word "child" an average person would think of age range five to fifteen. But DECEPTION is an inbuilt attribute of the Islamic theology & belief system and so, even 18+ are trying to gain enry into the UK as minor children.

There are many serious implications for letting older "children" come into the UK through deception.

1. While children up to 10, 11, 12 or 13 are still able to adjust to new European environment, culture and way of life, the mindset of the older ones has already been moulded to a large extent by the violent ideology they grew up in. Within a short time after arrival here they can revert to old mindset and resort to violence and even terrorism.

2. At school it is particularly risky for girls if in a class of 13 year olds we see a 17 year old Muslim lad posing to be a younger child!

"Hunting" females is a well known Islamic tradition from the days of origin of Islam. We see it even today in the case of Nigerian girls and the YAZIDI girls & women. At home we see child sex grooming widely practised by Pakistani Muslims!

3. One can expect a 17 or 18 year old "child" to marry and found a family soon after arrival, and then demand living accommodation for his family especially as according to Muslim culture his young wife will be "expecting" very soon!

4. The brain of the younger children is better equipped to learn the English language and other school subjects while the older "children" will be fluent speakers of Persian, Arabic or Dari languages and will find it more difficult to gain proficiency in the English language.

5. According to the pictures on television, the new "children" are all MALE. Is it not wise to let in equal number of Muslim females so that the local Christian girls are not "hunted" or seduced into marriage and then made to produce children who will be brought up in the ISLAMIC faith?

6. We ought to think of societies and parents who push out minor UNACCOMPANIED children to join the crowds heading towards destinations in Europe. Their governments should be asked to take care of their own children rather then spendung trillions of dollars on weapons of murder.

7. Would it not have been bold and wise to recieve Christian and Jewish children from the war zones on top priority? We know that our "Christian" England may admit a million Muslims but in which Islamic country is a single Christian, especially his daughter, safe? Definitely NOT in Afghanistan, Pakistan or Daesh (Isil)!

8. Muslims have a holy book, the Koran, that describes the Christians, Jews, Hindus, and so on, as "enemies" to be wiped out, subjugated or converted to Islam. It promises "virgins" in paradise as reward for fighting the Infidels! Is it wise to let in people to whom that Book is the "word of God"? Is it wise to let in those who are ready to kill, simply reacting to cartoons (Charlie Hebdo)?

9. Finally please note that there is NO family planning among the Muslims who are allowed up to FOUR wives under Sharia Law, and whose goal is to conquer LAND by the weight of numbers. Is it possible to see the rate of increase in Muslim population in the UK as compared to the Non Muslim population in the last 30 years? What are the implications if we suddenly discover that England has a Muslim MAJORITY by 2099 AD? Can we not recall INDIA that broke up violently and in bloodshed into three parts in 1947 due to her "bursting" Islamic numbers? It is commonsense that when a community increases EXPONENTIALLY, it needs LAND and will, sooner or later, "lash out" violently to CAPTURE land. Need for more LAND ("LEBENSRAUM") was the main reason for Germany invading Poland in 1939. By the same logic Muslims in Europe are bound to "lash out madly" sooner or later. The onus of safeguarding our FUTURE rests with our politicians now.

10. What good are we doing to our coming generations if our civilised, tolerant, peaceful and advanced "Christian" world today becomes crude, rough, wild and violent "Islamic" world eventually?

11. It seems a good idea to "educate" all our "good men", notably the Rev'd Archbishops, who are welcomihng Muslim refugees (from wars that are started and conducted by Muslims!) with open arms, disregarding the fact that each new Muslim citizen will replace one Christian disciple of Jesus Christ and each mosque is a "no go" area for the secular, tolerant, and civilised non Muslims.

Let pc (political correctness) not make us overlook the needs of national SECURITY. The present social harmony and peace in England is the result of countless past battles and struggles. It cannot be taken for granted for ever, especially if we go off guard and commit strategic blunders with far reaching consequences. Rapid increase in MUSLIM numbers will be one such factor of destabilisation and future bloodshed.

Sd. ccccccccccccc
20 OCTOBER 2016

PS: The violent scenes from Yemen and Syria to Afghanistan and Pakistan are a vivid expression of the Islamic "civilisation". Islam is at logger heads with itself due to its own inherent ideolgical and political absurdities.