Lumpen elements of India

Date: 23/10/2016

Lumpen elements of India working for Pakistan

- Nation Comes First


Now Baba RamDev Has given Message to All Spiritual Leaders.

Please Join Politics to Save The Nation.

Our Spiritual Leaders Need to Wake Up and Make Their Follower Think.

Nation Comes First.

Surgical strikes shut Pakistan up� Next targets should be Hafiz Saeed and Dawood Ibrahim: Ramdev

Raghav Ohri | ET Bureau | Updated: Oct 6, 2016,

This was the first time India gave a Muhtod jawab (befitting reply) to Pakistan, Baba Ramdev tells Raghav Ohri, strongly supporting the strategic shift in the government�s approach to dealing with terrorism emanating from across the border. Excerpts from a freewheeling interview: What is your view on the growing demand from some quarters that talks with Pakistan be disbanded especially after the attack in Uri? Talking to Pakistan is like casting pearls before a swine. Although diplomatic channels can continue to interact, history and its current conduct show that talking to Pakistan is of little use. Though I do not foresee any war-like conditions between the two nuclear nations, if Pakistan Army loses its marbles and decides to wage a war, then so be it.

While India will have to bear some damage, Pakistan will disappear off the face of the earth. What do you make of Pakistan�s claims that the surgical strikes never took place? Pakistan is a compulsive liar. If they (Pakistanis) were so honest they should have brought the international press to the spot a day after the strike, not after surreptitiously burying the bodies of terrorists and a shoddy clean-up operation. Earlier India used to give jawab (response). It is for the first time that India has given a muhtod jawab.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has urged the central government to expose Pakistan�s lies� The government has solid proof of the surgical operation. It is a political and strategic subject which should be left to the wisdom of the government. If the strikes never happened then why is Pakistan�s political lafanga (roughneck) like Imran Khan threatening to respond? What could be the solution to this standoff? If we Indians start donating a little money for the education of Pakistan�s young generation, the problem of illiteracy in Pakistan will end forever and the menace of terrorism will be arrested. If such an initiative takes place, Patanjali will lead from the front. I strongly demand that Indians should boycott all Chinese products. We have received nothing from China except betrayal. US killed Osama bin Laden in a covert operation in Pakistan. Should India adopt a similar policy? The next targets should be Hafiz Saeed and Dawood Ibrahim. There is no need to bring them alive. These two should be given moksha (salvation). Their death will bring peace in the entire world and Modiji will be remembered forever for doing this.

A few separatists back home are also stoking the fire against India� These separatists are dalals (brokers). They take money from China, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan to fuel anger against India. Why don�t they speak about the atrocities and injustice being done in Balochistan and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir? Kashmiris have more independence than any Indian. Do you support the move to ban Pakistani actors? Pakistani actors should have unequivocally condemned the attack in Uri. Pakistan has already banned our movies and actors. Earlier only news channels were banned, now even entertainment channels have been banned. Morality cannot be a one-way affair. This policy of khao Hindustan ki aur gun gao Pakistan ke (make hay in India and praise Pakistan) is unacceptable. Humanity is above any form of art. They should be boycotted without resorting to any kind of violence. What would you say to those who have come out in support of Pakistani actors? Only those who are busy bootlicking and singing songs in their praise will be welcomed by Pakistan.

Salman has said Pakistan actors are not terrorists� Who said Pakistani artistes are terrorists? Salman Khan has a lot of fan following across the border. If he is so concerned he should go and get the ban on Indian movies and actors lifted in Pakistan. How do you view Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif�s role in the ongoing standoff? Modiji touched Sharif�s mother�s feet on his birth anniversary, invited him for the swearing-in ceremony and in return Nawaz back-stabbed Modiji. Nawaz is an impotent PM. He is a puppet in the hands of the Pakistan Army and has no vision. To boot, the man in opposition, Imran Khan, doesn�t have time to spare from his affairs. Pakistan is run by its army, not the political establishment.

There has been a raging debate on beef ban. Haryana has come up with a law to ban beef� India should ban beef in the entire country. Modiji should bring a Bill to this effect. If the rationale is to prevent cruelty to animals, why ban only beef? Let�s at least make a beginning by banning beef. I totally agree that tenets of nonviolence and justice should be applied to all animals. Many Congress leaders have been clamouring for Priyanka Gandhi to campaign in poll-bound states. Do you think this will help the Congress? Hundred per cent. Congress will certainly benefit if Priyanka is launched. For, people see Indira Gandhi in her. Nobody can predict the end result, though. But at least for once she will create a wave in favour of Congress. Now it is for Sonia (Gandhi) to decide who to promote � her son or daughter. Rahul Gandhi has alleged that RSS men killed Mahatma Gandhi� The allegations are baseless. An entire institution cannot be blamed for a crime committed by one of its followers. If tomorrow someone who follows my yoga does a murder, would I be blamed for it? RSS does not impart fidayeen training to anyone.

How do you rate the Centre�s performance? Modiji has done three good things. He has strengthened internal security. Second, he has improved the image of India all over the world. Third, he has made good policies and is trying his best to improve his performance. He has given Indians the right to speech and freedom to work. Do you have any plans of entering politics? I have no desire of holding any political post. But we as an association will always hold a political ideology � like every individual � which we will support and defend. And our policy is to be Swadeshi.

Have you devised any fitness programme for the not-so-fit politicians? Modiji has taken yoga to international audience. I think I will have to hold a yoga session in sansad (Parliament) for them (politicians).


Lumpen elements of India working for Pakistan

From: chelvapia

Sent: October 6, 2016
In our history there was no dearth of traitors, the present period is no exception.

The 'lumpen elements' , Om Puri, Salman Khan of Bollywood,Arvind Kejriwal of AAP and Sanjay Nirupam of Congress may be very popular in Pakistan,but they ought to be ostracized in India.

It is shameful why Indian public does not boycott Salman Khan movies- he said 'who asked the 24 yr old Indian soldier join the army?' This was on the day the soldier was martyred. In that case who asked this Khan to drive drunk and kill people asleep?

Please see the video of Times now segment. Mr. Arnab Goswami asks right questions.

Hope public also feels the same outrage and shows it by boycotting Salman Khan's movies. After all what is the point in demanding Govt of India do this or that when some things are in our hands to do? Here boycotting this Khan's movies is an easy step people of India can do. And in case of Kejriwal, they can exercise their power at ballot box and throw him out of power too.

Please click on the link and see,

Who the hell on Earth is Kejriwal to ask for proof from ... -

Arnab Goswami just smacked Arvind Kejriwal ... Arnab Asks who the hell are you to question our Army? Sanjay Nirupam of congress


The relevant politicians are there to reply to his immature comments as well as against Kejriwal's, Chidambram's, Sanjay Nirupam's, Digvijay Singh's, Surjewala's absurd comments against our Bravest of Brave INDIAN ARMY demanding proofs of SURGICAL STRIKES, Towing the Line of our enemy, PAKISTAN;

सरहद पार पाक में टॉपट्रेंड होरहा है-"हमारा नेता कैसा हो? Arvind Kejriwal जैसा हो"

Best Reply by Common People to Kejriwal Modi Congress for Surgical Attack

Reply to Kejriwal over surgical Strike By Akshay Shukla

To Kejriwal Ji with love


Surgical strikes, why everyone need not be given proof!

Published on Oct 18, 2016

Why should we answer everybody? No one should ask a justification from the soldiers. A soldier gives up his life so that we can sleep safely in our homes. People to get in the limelight have no other work but to sit and talk ill about our Indian Army.


JNU Students React over Burning PM Modi's Effigy as Raavan by NSUI

Published on Oct 12, 2016

JNU students react over burning PM Modi's effigy as Raavan by NSUI members.
JNU students burn PM Narendra Modi's effigy at campus on Dussehra. Congress-backed National Students� Union of India (NSUI) members put the photo of BJP president Amit Shah, Mahatma Gandhi�s killer Nathuram Godse and Baba Ramdev on the effigy.



2013,Congress ordered surgical strike across LOC but didn't publicise it as the then Defence Minister A K ANTHONY CALLOPSED N fainted




When Congress was Ruling they had only did Surgical Strikes on India's Economy by doing all kinds of Scams

Islam NOT suitable to Hindu India, Muslims of India being unpatriotic (approx. 60%), etc.; but we patriot of India must discuss possible solutions not just problems. Hope you will forgive me for my strong opinion and will unite hands in putting pressure on PM-Modi to replace current Indian constitution with a well acceptable "Hindustan Samvidhan".


PM Modi hiding behind the blood of soldiers, doing �dalali� of their sacrifices: Rahul Gandhi
Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi's latest statement against Prime Minister Narendra Modi may trigger a major controversy as he accused him of doing business on the dead bodies of Army jawans.

Rahul Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi congress, Rahul Gandhi Narendra Tomar, Narendra Tomar, NDA govt, Rahul Gandhi congress vice president, Rahul criticises NDA government, PM Modi, Modi, Narendra Modi, India news

Rahul Gandhi in Uttar Pradesh

Days after Sanjay Nirupam called fake the surgical strikes by Indian Army in the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK), Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of pandering blood of jawans. Gandhi�s comment may trigger a major controversy as his party has supported the government over surgical strikes.

�Humare jawan hain jinho ne khoon diya hai,jinho ne surgical strike kiya, unke khoon ke peeche aap(PM) chhupe huye ho. Unki(jawans) aap(PM) dalali kar rahe ho. (Our jawans who sacrificed their lives, who did surgical strikes, you are hiding behind them. Pandering their blood),� said Gandhi.

His attack comes a few days after he had praised Modi for his first Prime Minister-like action in two years in the
context of surgical strikes.

Gandhi was addressing a rally here, marking the culmination of his month-long �Deoria to Delhi kisan yatra� in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh. �The Indian army has done its job for the country, you do yours,� the Congress Vice President said, attacking Modi.

Gandhi was addressing a rally in the national capital, marking the culmination of his month-long �Deoria to Delhi kisan yatra� in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh. �The Indian army has done its job for the country, you do yours,� the Congress Vice President said, attacking Modi.

His attack comes a few days after he had praised Modi for his first Prime Minister-like action in two years in the context of surgical strikes.

He also accused Modi of making false promises to the people of the country. �Modi ji promised bank accounts to everyone, but there is no money in those accounts. All his promises were fake,� said Gandhi.

Lashing out at Modi government, he said only the Prime Minister and his friends were �happy� as money has come into the pockets of 15 top businessmen and not the farmers, labour and small shopkeepers.

Eyewitnesses Account of Surgical Strikes

�Modiji had said he has a 56-inch chest and will fight out corruption, but he instead brought out a �Fair and Lovely scheme� for turning the blackmoney of the country�s thieves into white.

�The money has not come into the pockets of farmers, labour and small shopkeepers, but went into those of 15 top businessmen. Only Modiji and his friends are happy,� he said.


Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi & Every Pak Sympathiser Thrashed for Questioning Surgical Strikes


2010: जब आतंकी को मारने की सज़ा दी थी Congress ने, आज भी उम्रक़ैद की सज़ा काट रहे हैं वो जवान।

On Saturday, October 15, 201

*वो 30 अप्रैल 2010 का समय था!*

*स्थान था कश्मीर का मच्छिल सेक्टर!*

*हमारी सेना का कर्नल डी के पठानिया कश्मीर में अपने जवानों की एक एक कर के अपनी आँखों के आगे वीरगति देख रहा था!*

*उसकी बटालियन के हाथ और पैर दिल्ली में बैठी दुर्दांत आतंकी संगठन कांग्रेस की सरकार ने बाँध रखे थे!*

*वो बेचैन भारत माँ का लाल हर दिन अपने हाथों से अपने किसी शूरवीर जवान का अंतिम संस्कार कर रहा था, पर दिल्ली में बैठी आतंकी संगठन की सरकार बस एक आदेश देती थी:*

*जो हो रहा है उसे होने दो! ज्यादा देश भक्ति सवार है क्या? वर्दी से नहीं तो कम से कम अपने परिवार से प्रेम करो और चुप रहो!*

*एक दिन उस से ना रहा गया!*

*30 अप्रैल 2010 को वो महावीर कर्नल पठानिया ने स्वयं को आतंकी संगठन कांग्रेस के हर आदेश, हर बाध्यता, हर नियम से मुक्त कर डाला!*

*उसके साथ इस पावन अभियान में उसका अधीनस्थ मेजर उपेन्द्र आया! उसके साथ हवलदार देवेंद्र कुमार, लांस नायक लखमी व सिपाही अरुण कुमार भी आये और आतंकी संगठन कांग्रेस के हर आदेश की धज्जी उड़ाते हुए इन महावीरों ने सेना वो काफिरों को तंग कर चुके शहज़ाद अहमद , रियाज़ अहमद व् मोहम्मद शफ़ी को अपने खुद के नियम और खुद के क़ानून से मार गिराया!*

*कर्नल पठानिया और मेज़र उपेन्द्र का खौफ़ हिमालय की घाटी में बन्दूक और तोपों की आवाज से भी ज्यादा गूँज गया! वहां खुद को आतंकी कहने वाला अपना हुलिया बदल कर बंदूक की जगह बुरका पहन कर घूमने लगा!*

*शांति के दूतों में छाया ये खौफ़ दुर्दांत आतंकी संगठन और उस समय की सत्ता के मालिक कांग्रेस को रास ना आया! फिर शुरू हुआ कर्नल पठानिया और मेज़र उपेन्द्र की अनंत प्रताड़ना का दौर!*

रक्षा मंत्री ए के एंटनी ने उनकी अपनी खाल से भी ज्यादा प्रिय वर्दी उतरवा कर उन्हें बर्खास्त कर दिया और याकूब के लिए रात में 12 बजे खुलने वाली कोर्ट ने मेजर उपेन्द्र, कर्नल डी के पठानिया और उन पाँचों जवानों को आजीवन कारावास की सजा सुनाई!*

*फिर आतंकियों में छाया सारा खौफ़ घूम कर सेना में छा गया!*

*कश्मीर में घी के लड्डू बंटे!*

*वो सारे महावीर आज भी जेलों में हैं!*

*आतंकी बुरहान वाणी को पूरी दुनिया का मुसलमान बच्चा बच्चा जानता है!*

*पर फ़ौजी कर्नल डी के पठानिया को कोई भी नहीं जानता!*

*कश्मीर से गूँज रहा है कि बुरहान वाणी को वापस लाओ ।*

*क्या किसी में दम है ये कहने का कि कर्नल पठानिया और मेजर उपेन्द्र को मुक्त करो?*

*नोट: कृपया इस मैसेज को फारवर्ड करें. जिससे इन देशभक्त वीर सैनिकों को बचाया जा सके और आतंकी संगठन कांग्रेस का पर्दाफाश हो सके!* आप भी बनिए एक जागरूक इंडियन।

🇮🇳 *भारत माता की जय!* 🙏🏻


Who were Rakshasas? need for a secular view

Madhu Reddy

May be we all waiting our Super-hero Rahul Gandhi to build the latrines. Just kidding! As we discussed earlier everything has to come from Center. Sonia has an agent in each state level, and that agent supervise the agents at the district levels. She controls the party tickets and give it to most loyal dogs. British developed IAS, IPS cadre to serve Queen Victoria, and 150 years later they are serving Italian Queen Sonia. Unless we decentralize the government and give more power to States, and in-turn they should give it to towns. Federal system with direct elections to CM, primary elections to select party candidate, term limits and declaring the assets before and after term expired may go a long way. Let us work to bring these changes for accountability.

Every society has noble and evil people. As a matter of fact same parents can produce a good Samaritan and a murder. We have words to describe evil people in every language like killer, murderer, cruel, manipulator, psychopath, exploiter, thief, rapist etc. But the word Rakshasa does not represent such words. It represent a race who fought against the invading Aryans to defend their homeland. Rigveda, the first Sanskrit book described Rakshasas as worthy enemy. If Rakshasas were ordinary criminals, it would not have mentioned in such venomous way. Please don't see the Rakshasas from the eyes of Aryan zealots.
Subhash Chandra Bose was an evil man for British, but for Indians he was a patriot. Please shed your Aryan bias and see Rakshasas as patriots who defended India. For too long we were brain-washed by Aryan mythology that Rakshasas were evil people. It is not just Rakshasas, even King Ashoka had a similar fate after Hindu revivalism. He was forgotten for 1000 years and no Indian knew about his contributions. His Sasanas (plates) were discovered in early 20th Century when British were digging to lay the railway tracks. Nobody knew who this Piyadasini, who signed the plates until somebody verified them with Srilankan Buddhist center. If Ashok had such a fate, why do you think Rakshasas did not had a similar fate. Deepavali is called festival of lights. It should be celebrated for the sacrifice of Narakasura, an Asura warrior who died defending India. We Indian are descendants of Rakshasas and their blood is flowing in our veins. How can we poke our eyes with our own fingers. We learn many things from British and Muslims rulers but we never accept them as Indians. Why should we treat Aryans any differently. Indus Valley Civilization is the civilization of Rakshasas and their descendants and it was the envy of the world 5000 years ago.


Naxals are our own people
Separatist Kashmiris are our own people
Bangla Deshi Muslims are our own people
All are our own people who loot the country like our Kalmadis, Sharad Pawars, Rajas etc.etc.
RSS, Viswa Hindu Parishad, Bajarang Dal are our Enemy
as they are all working for the glory of Bharat Mata.


HTP: Kya nana ke 'deshbhakt prahaar' ke baad, Salman ko maafi mangani chahiye?

Om Puri �s views in debate


काँग्रेस ने की है खून की दलालीs

From: Bhal Patankar
Sent: October 9, 2016

Congress Ministry in 2012 in Mumbai
Women cops were stabbed and molested by mob: cops | mumbai ... Police arms stolen, woman cops molested during Mumbai clashes: Sources

If police could not be protected against the gundas who damaged the Amar Jawan Memorial,

molested the lady police and took away the police weapons, WAS This Surgical Strike mentioned by Most Honourable Sharad.


काँग्रेस ने की है खून की दलालीs

Pramod Agrawal

9 Oct 2016,

1947 में काँग्रेस ने सत्ता के लिये देश का बँटवारा कर लाखों निर्दोष लोगों का कत्ल करवाकर पहली बार की थी लोगों के खून की दलाली.

1984 के लोकसभा चुनाव. देश भर की गली गली में काँग्रेस के प्रचार वाली गाडियां घूम रही थी. उन गाड़ीयों पर लगे होते थे इंदिरा और राजीव गाँधी के फोटो और उन पर लगे लाउड स्पीकर पर चलता था इंदिरा गाँधी का आखरी भाषण..."मैं कल रहूँ ना रहूँ , मेरे खून की एक एक बूँद भी इस देश के काम आयेगी." पूरा चुनाव काँग्रेस ने इंदिरा गाँधी की हत्या की सहानुभूति की लहर पर लड़ा और 400 से ज्यादा सीटें जीती. इसे कहते है देश के प्रधानमंत्री की मौत की, उसके खून की #दलाली.

1991 के लोकसभा चुनाव. पहले दौर की वोटिंग हो चुकी थी. काँग्रेस पिक्चर में कही नही थी लेकिन तभी हो जाती है राजीव गाँधी की हत्या. उसके बाद के होने वाले प्रचार में काँग्रेस को अपने आप फायदा मिलता लेकिन काँग्रेस ने फिर एक बार मौत को भुनाया. फायदा उठाया और सरकार बनाने लायक सीटें कबाड़ ली. ये थी एक बार फिर से #मौत की और #खून की #दलाली.

हम कम से कम किसी की मौत की दलाली तो नही कर रहे है. फौज ने शानदार काम किया है, सरकार ने बेहतरीन काम किया है तो बोलेंगे ही. पोस्टर भी लगेंगे. विपक्षियो तुम्हारी फट क्यू रही है ? तुमने सिर्फ दलाली ही की हे.. इसलिये तुम्हें दलाली ही नज़र आयेगी. घबराओ मत..हौसला रखो और लोगों के जूते खाने के लिये तैय्यार रहो.


काँग्रेस ने की है खून की दलालीs

Sent: Sunday, October 9, 2016

राजनिती क्या है यह जिसे मालुम नहीं उसे यह पुरा ईतिहास कभीभी समझ नहीं आ पाएगा

बच्चा और मॉ दोनों अकलसे कच्चे है। उन को जो बातें कहनेके लिए कही जाती है वही वो दोहराते है।

भारतमाता का ईतिहास इन्होंने पढाही नहीं और मालुमही नहीं। भाडेके टट्टू जो केहेंगे वही वो दोहराते है।

भारत स्वतंत्रता का ईतिहास इन्होंने पढाही नहीं नेहरू परिवार की कहानी कुछ और ही है।

डॉ. अम्बेकर।

Santosh Verma
Please ask PM Modi ji to establish peace in Kashmir.

What is stopping him from settling Hindus in Kashmir?

These surgical operations will not achieve the peace in Kashmir.

काँग्रेस ने की है खून की दलालीs

From: Dr.
Sent: Sunday, October 9, 2016
What has been done by Nehru Dynasty during last 60 Yrs you want Modi to undo in 2 yrs!

Did you ask Congress Government since Pandit's were expelled in 1989 and to re-settle them in Kashmir even once?

It is easy to ask Modi to change situation in his term.

Why did you or anyone else has ever asked any of previous Prime Ministers to re-settle Pandits back in Kashmir? They are languishing in Refugee camps until today?

If you are honest and nationalist then give at least 10-15 years to Modi to see real change.

राष्ट्रवाद के ज्वार में खून की दलाली का खलल

Posted: 10 Oct 2016

इस मध्य जो सबसे लाभकारी पक्ष रहा वह यह कि देश ने राष्ट्रवाद का एक नया ज्वार देखा जो लम्बे समय तक टिकने वाला प्रतीत होता है. अब देखना यह है कि देश में उभरे इस राष्ट्रवाद के नए ज्वार को नरेंद्र मोदी और उनकी टीम अन्तराष्ट्रीय मंचों पर चीन पाकिस्तान सीमा पर कितना स्वर दे पाती है?!

लेखक परिचय

प्रवीण गुगनानी - प्रवीण गुगनानी, दैनिक समाचार पत्र दैनिक मत के प्रधान संपादक, कविता के क्षेत्र में प्रयोगधर्मी लेखन व नियमित स्तंभ लेखन.


In fact it would have been better if only those in India who echoed Pakistan propaganda denial of Surgical Strikes, be taken into custody, on some charge or other.

- October 14, 2016



From: shirish dave -
Sent: October 12, 2016
To: Ajit Doval

Cashing blood and cashing on dead body

Cashing blood and cashing on dead body

Cashing blood and cashing on dead body is the cultural attitude of Indian Nehruvian Congress (I.N.C.) leaders besides making money and playing vote bank politics.

Indian Nehruvian Congress leaders, especially Nehruvians are famous for commiting blunders and frauds.

Now let us look back. Do not say why to look back? Why not to look ahead?
To look back is needed to understand the cultural character of a party and its leaders.

Nehru was off course a confused persons but because he was adament and self centred person, he did not pay any heed to even his own party�s leaders. e.g. Sardar Patel had advised him and warned him too. e.g. �Tibet�, �China�, �J & K� and Hyderabad issues are the good examples.

Sardar Patel was ignored:
So far Hyderabad was concern, it was an issue within India, Sardar Patel could handle and resolve by ignoring Nehru. But as for J & K, Sardar Patel in consultation with MK Gandhi, insisted Hari Singh to merge provisionally with India for military aid. Hari Singh merged his kingdom with India. Though MK Gandhi believed to be Masiah and an authority on non-violence, the same MK Gandhi, because his concepts were clear on non-violence, he said Sardar Patel that to help J&K militarily is the duty of India.

Like this way, Sardar Patel made J & K issue, a home issue. But Nehru made this issue an issue of foreign affairs by taking it to UNO. Nehru�s concepts neither clear on socialism nor on non-violence. Nehru�s concepts were clear only for self interest.

As for China-India relation and activities of China in Tibet, this being a matter of external affairs, Sardar Patel simply invited the attention of Nehru by writing a Demi Official letter. Nehru was wisdom-less and otherwise also he was thinking him self a socialist, besides this he had self-interest as he was self-centred person, he supported China blindly.

Though Nehru one hand, was condemning and cursing heavily the military rule in Pakistan in 1954, Nehru was supporting the non-democratic leaders of China and USSR. One could get surprised by Nehru�s logic. It is a matter of research whether Nehru was a hypocrite or a fraud or both.

Nehru neglected the whole Indian border with China.

Somewhere in 2002, I came across a retired and very old brigadier of Indian Army. I asked him a question, that China was not that much stronger in 1962 to defeat India � on the contrary India was ahead of China in many fields as reported by the then Chairman of the planning commission Ashok Mehta � besides this, Indian army had never been defeated in past, then how did in 1962 China win the war and that too, be like a cake walk victory?

The 88 year old brigadier told me that the India�s border with China was totally insecure. We had extremely poor man power at the border and the army was not well equipped. i.e. we had no shoes, woollen clothing, guns, weapons, equipments, artilleries etc. We had only 2000 odd soldiers on the Indo-China border. China had 8 times more man power and weapons than what we had.

I asked him how much time would it be required to send army with all them making well equipped? The brigadier said we needed at least one year to transfer the man power and the equipments.

One should know that JB Kripalani a veteran MK Gandhian, was inviting attention of Nehru on the insecure border with China and also pointing out the infiltration of Chinese army in Indian soil. But Nehru was fraudulently denying the infiltration. Nehru used to give vague, irrelevant and philosophical replies in the parliament during 1952 to 1962.

VK Menan was Nehru�s defense minister. Nehru put him against Kripalani in West Mumbai L.S. seat in the general elections of 1962. VK Menan, with the open help of his Communist friends, defeated Kripalani.

Thereafter, China invaded 92000 square miles of Indian soil in 20 days cake walk victory. India lost 3000+ Jawans (This is an official figure. Un official figure could be much more) and 4000 surrendered to China.

Who was guilty for this loss of lives of Jawans. Was Nehru not a terrorists?

Nehru used to present himself as devoted to non-violence. But just before the declaration of 1962 general elections, he invaded Div, Daman and Goa in December 1961. Nehru cashed the blood of 22 dead Jawans in the general elections 1962.

Fortunately when JL Nehru died, there were no immediate elections. Indian Nehruvian Congress can cash out any benefit out of dead body of Nehru.

Period from 1968 to 1971 was the period of large scale infiltrations of Non-Bengali speaking Muslims from the then East Pakistan (Bangladesh) into India.

These Muslims were not supporting Bangla Liberation movement. That is why they were being driven out. But Bengali speaking were also not safe that is why they too were infiltrated into India. It was a large scale infiltration and these infiltration had paralysed the normal life of West Bengal and North East of India.

Pressure of public and military was getting building up on Indira Gandhi to wage a war against Pakistan and also to send these infiltrators back to Pakistan.

Jai Prakash Narain was visiting western world countries to try to build opinion against Pakistan and to help India, but western world did not paid much heed.

Indira used to remain in vivid condition so far public problems are concern. She was not capable to take decisions in public interest unless the problem strikes on her chair.

It was a high time that war could be declared at any time. People of India were thinking that war may broke at any time.

Pakistan attacked Indian Air Strips. India left with no option to but react hard.

Indian military was ready to attack hard hand since last one year. Pakistan under estimated India�s mindset. Pakistan understood only Indira�s vivid mind.

Pakistan was geographically and strategically in awkword situation.

Pakistan�s Eastern force was not having support of local people,

To bring West Pakistani force to east side, it had to take a round of whole south India and Cylone to reach to Bengal.

The US had missed the bus to take the credit of liberation of East Pakistan (Bangladesh), because Pakistan attacked India without taking its clearance. The US did not remain active in the war. Jai Prakash Narain�s western visits counted.

The geographically and strategically awkward situation of Pakistan, becoming highly favourable situation for India.

India left with no option but to achieve victory. If under this situation Indian military did not win the war, then it cannot win any war in future. Hence India was supposed to win this war without fail. India did it.

This remarkable victory got a very big fame for Indira Gandhi. All India Radio was known as All Indira Radio, otherwise also it was giving a lot of coverage to Indira Gandhi, now the All Indira Radio Started giving out of proportion coverage to Indira Gandhi.

Indira Gandhi conducted assembly elections of many states i.e. 19 states where they were due as usual. Under the aforesaid situation Indira Gandhi won the elections with thumping majority by cashing the victory.

In fact this victory was due to the sacrifice of 4000 JAWANS and the sincere efforts of Indian defines forces and the people. Indira�s role was minimum. And now we will see how derogative Role Indira played.

(1) Jag Jivan Ram the Defence Minister declared that India would not return the captured land to Pakistan.

(2) India will impose penalty on Pakistan for this imposed war,

(3) India will send back all the infiltrators and ask Pakistan to make good of the expenses India incurred on these infiltrators and the 90000+ Prisioners Of War (POW) surrendered to India,

(4) Not only Kashmir issue but all other issues would be resolved,

The above deal was termed as the Package Deal.
Pakistani Government kept mum on these. But Pakistan was successful in building up pressure through other countries against India that Pakistan was ready for talks but India was not coming forward for talks. Pakistan argued further that India was putting up pre-conditions before coming for a talk.

Indira cannot withstand the foreign diplomatic pressure. She and Bhutto set in Simla. There were lot of affirmative statement on Package deal. But at the end the result was zero or so to say losses to India.

No captured land was retained, but all the captured land pieces were returned to Pakistan. Not only this but the land portion of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir which was captured by Indian military was also returned to Pakistan. This was highly unconstitutional, because India has the claim on POK and it cannot be handedove.

No compensation was recovered from Pakistan,

No penalty was imposed on Pakistan,

All the 90000+ Pakistani Prisioners of War were released with free of charge to Pakistan,

Pakistan returned no POW those were captured in Western border.




Bhaaratiya leaders degrade jawans

Why Indian leaders sacrifice thousands of soldiers, civilians, men, women and children, property, dignity, honour, territory and in spite of winning, then surrender everything they win to enemy under foreign pressure / lack of patriotism not only in 1948,1965, 1971 but for the last 2500 years?

As a result now we are partitioned, disfigured, divided, truncated, humiliated, disgusted, distressed, demoralised, chaotic, corrupt, unsafe, vulnerable, troubled by neighbours and unable to solve our centuries old complex and complicated problems as a nation.

Give up the policy of appeasement and learn to live without Pakistan and Bangladesh and severe all relations with these countries with minimum diplomatic relations if you wish peace and progress.

Can Indians come out of this self destructive and suicidal mentality for a new beginning for a change for the very first time NOW IN 2016? This is my question. Only the time will tell.

Sent: October 14, 2016


*भूली-बिसरी यादे जिनको भुला दिया सबने।*

Pramod 2016-10-10

१. यूपी के लोग भिखारी होते हैं- (राहुल गाँधी, कांग्रेस उपाध्यक्ष)

२. पंजाब के 70% लोग नशेड़ी होते हैं�(राहुल गाँधी, कांग्रेस उपाध्यक्ष)

३. 90% बलात्कार तो लड़की की मर्जी से होते हैं� धरम वीर गोयत (हरयाणा कांग्रेस, कांग्रेस प्रवक्ता)

४. बीवी पुरानी हों जाये तो मजा नहीं आता� (श्रीप्रकाश जैसवाल, कोयला मंत्री कांग्रेस)

५. महंगाई अच्छी है, ये तो ऐसे ही बढ़ेगी� (पी चिदंबरम कांग्रेस)

६. बलात्कार तो हर जगह होता है� (रेणुका चौधरी, कांग्रेस )

७. सोनिया जी कहेंगी तो झाड़ू भी लगाउँग- (भक्त चरणदास, कांग्रेस)

८. पाकिस्तान के हिंदुओं को अपने ऊपर हों रहे अत्याचार के सबूत देने होंगे� (सुशील शिंदे, कांग्रेस)

९. मैं सोनिया जी के लिए जान तक दे दूँगा� (सलमान खुर्शीद, कांग्रेस)

१०. बोफोर्स की ही तरह कोयला घोटाला भी जनता भूल जायेगी� (सुशील शिंदे, कांग्रेस)

११. हमारे सैनिकों को पाकिस्तान की सेना ने नहीं बल्कि उनकी वर्दियों में आतंकवादियों ने मारा है- (एके एंटनी, कांग्रेस)

१२. पुलिस और सेना के लोग मरने के लिए ही होते हैं�(भीम सिंह कांग्रेस)

१३. पीने के लिए पानी नहीं है तो क्या बांधों में पेशाब कर के ला दूं- (अजीत पवार, कांग्रेस)

१४. महंगाई ज्यादा सोना खरीदने की वजह से बढ़ रही है� (पी चिदंबरम, कांग्रेस)

१५. पुलिस अल्पसंख्यक वर्ग के युवाओं को बेवजह परेशान ना करे- (सुशिल शिंदे, कांग्रेस)

१६. पैसे पेड़ ê