Date: 23/10/2016

The real post Partition tragedy was to get the rulers over which PEOPLE had NO choice and NO say.

Hence in those six and a half decades the country not only stood still but also REGRESSED. Please recall our parents and grandparents saying, "We were better off under the British!" and "It is barbaadi, not azaadi!"

Mr Modi's task is doubly difficult now. But we must commend him for taking up the challenge.

For the sake or record, and as a warning to our gullible nation the major (intentional) blunders by Dynasty+Congress ought to be stated here. Those crooks, including the "BOFORS CHOR", have yet to be taken to task by a future government that feels strong enough with itself.

These were-
1. Not giving the sense of "INDIA FIRST" as we see in the USA. In our case it was Nehru first and his Congress Party above all!

2. These (absolute autocratic) rulers continued with "DIVIDE & RULE" policy as before.

3. Instead of putting EDUACTION first (they all knew the low literacy rate), they "brutalised" the people. State violence resulted in the people becoming violent. Murder and RAPE became UBIQUITOUS.

4. A new class of SYCOPHANTS (Sita Ram Kesri, the sycophant with such a holy name, to mention one!) emerged that existed to reward themselves by fattening the rulers.

5. Letting loose rampant CORRUPTION. In offices, courts and even in police stations across the country one could get nothing done without paying bribe.

6. Suppression of real democracy for fear of losing power. Elections were rigged time and time again. Did we not see term after term the SAME Congress Party winning elections? The EVIL of "dynastic" governments at Centre spread like CANCER to the States, too. Look at Bihar and Punjab, for example. The other citizens have no chance of showing merit if the top posts are blocked.

7. Eliminating rivals. This also meant intolerance. Every time a "Gandhi" had the last word.

8. Demoralising the Hindus by frowning on the word "Hindu" but smiling at the Muslims and Catholics, encouraging them, boosting their spirits and confidence all the time.

9. Not a word of condemnation of those who "DISEMBOWELLED" Bharat to take out Pakistan but showing great concern for the well-being and joys of the Muslims who preferred to stay on in our Partitioned India while Hindus were bleeding to death in Pakistan.

10. Setting countless memorials to Dynasty's icons, including bogus "samadhis" and Foundations, to perpetuate their memory and to continue with anti HIndu secularism and anti national ideology.

11. Being more than willing to CONCEDE territory to the Muslims while deliberately and intentionally MISSING opportunities to RECOVER our own territory, e.g., North Kashmir in 1972 after inflicing a crushing defeat on Pakistan. None took Nehru to task after the defeat in NEFA in 1962 and none took his daughter to task for NOT recovering North Kashmir in 1972! For DECADES we had anti national traitors ruling us. The lost TIME cannot be brought back!

12. Rigorous "family planning" was made compulsory for the HIndus and Sikhs but EXEMPTION given to the Muslims and Christians. This was to boost the latter's numbers.

13. Sending ambassadors abroad who did not project Hindu civilisation or Bharatiya culture at all. Look at the OTHER embasies who keep in close touch with their own non residents and celebrate their Independence days with open doors! There are so many instances when the embassy staff were rude to NRI's just like the officialdom and the police back home.

14. In the final years (before finally disappearing) uncontrolled spate of scams, bribery, commissions and embezzlements was let loose under the motto, "MAKE HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINES!".

15. Keeping the same old rotten, slow, corrupt and inefficient "baboodom" that existed before with life and death power over the common man. One could not see a higher official unless one greased the palm of the baboo. Indian citizen has yet to be conceded dignity and shown respect.

16. Retaining RED TAPE instead of streamlining the offical procedures and accelerating EFFICIENCY to serve the people.

17. Permit, quota, rationing and license system to slow development and frustrate the entrepreneurs while at the same time rewarding the cronies and members of Dynasty and Congress Party.

18. Strictly controlled PRESS & BROADCASTING to brainwash the nation as to "greatness and patriotism" of the Dynasty & Congress Party. Era of misinformation and brainwashing. Nehru's first Education Minister was NOT a Hindu but a Maulana (Islamic theologian).

19. Instead of putting the country first, the people were "conditioned" like Pavlov's DOGS to put Nehru and Gandhi (Dynasty and Congress Party) above all. How dishonest and treacherous was the slogan, "Indira is India"! It was to put an arrogant, autocratic, frustrated and angry widow, who had secretly embraced Islam, above our glorious "Mother" India! They crushed the guts of the nation so much that NOT ONE shouted, "She is an imposter!"

20. Putting foreign women above the native "devis". What example of morals, character and patriotism did they set for the youth of Bharat who saw Nehru chasing the Viceroy's wife, Indira marrying a Mohammedan and then Rajiv importing his bride from ITALY who entered the prime minister's house without security vetting, but soon got the "license" to buy all that was best & unique in the princely palaces and then send the full crates to her sister in Italy? All those precious goods went out of Bharat without Customs and Exise charges and NO journalist dared to investigate what was in those huge boxes!

21. Having the most useless Film Censor Board that passed all the movies, mostly with KHANS as heroes, where Hindu culture, temples and priests were shown in dark light while the maulvis and padres were shown as noble men who "rescued Hindu maidens" in trouble! The subjugated terrified Hindu nation merely watched such anti Hindu films and PAID for the insult! The film scenes extended to the world outside the cinemas where the Hindus regarded the Muslims brave and manly! Hindu girls started adoring the Mohammedan Khans and readily went to bed with them while thinking low of the Hindu youth.

22. Dynasty and Congress had the most ROTTEN attitude towards our "DHARTI" as we recall the ease and speed with which one third of India vanished from the maps overnight. They also showed great CONTEMPT for our dead, nearly TWO MILLION, who got NO mention or Memorial! In this regard our Bharat is unique in the "club of the inferior and the rotten" on earth. Compare to the Remembrance Ceremony in New York on September 11 every year, to recall each and every victim of that attack!

23. Dynasty and Congress Party neither mentioned Partition nor those MASSACRED in Noakhali and West Punjab. How could we let them get away with it? Each Hindu killed during Partition deserved as much respect as Jawaharlal Nehru himself and each Hindu girl abducted and raped by Muslims in Bengal and Punjab was NO less in dignity than Indira, Sonia and Priyenka. If THEY did not understand this, then WE, THE HINDU NATION, had to throw them in the "gutter" not in 2014 but in 1947!

24, Allowing millions of illegal Bangladeshi Muslims to spread across Bharat has not been taken seriously by the nation. It has horrendous implications for the present and the future.

25. Very soon after Partition, it was seen that the Government is deliberately retarding rapid economic progress. The KEY to prosperity are EDUCATION & COMMUNICATIONS. So to pursue their aims the Dynasty+Congress Party deliberately neglected schools and colleges and further three things: 1. roads, 2. telephones, and 3. private transport like scooters and cars. One could look at countries in Europe that owed their economic brilliance due to these four factors. But the worst irnoy was that the rulers themselves had the latest cars and sent their children to Europe or America for EDUCATION.

26. Treatment of the armed forces: THE LESS SAID, THE BETTER! Shine has been taken off the glory of a soldier under Gandhian ethos of "Ahimsa" and QUICK surrender. We can compare the respect shown by the Heads of State to their armed forces in the UK and the USA with that shown in Bharat. As a result NO member of the ruling Dynasty ever wore a military uniform.

Further points:
(a) Their evacuation from the whole of Western and Eastern India in 1947 was an act of HIGH TREASON that invited DEATH PENALTY for Nehru, the main actor for the betrayal of country and nation! What a vulgar joke on the nation when Nehru said, "We'll never surrender Srinagar!", HAVING SURRENDERED LAHORE! Why was every top Hindu leader so easily fooled by crafty NEHRU?

(b) Disgraceful treatment of our brave armed forces from the day of their radical DEMOTION (pay and protocol) by Nehru in 1947 till the last Jawans killed at URI, The Indian armed forces were used mostly in "defensive" role against all the principles of warfare, often even asked NOT to respond to cross border attacks but keep quiet. Hence so much uproar and excitement over the RETALIATION after URI attack! Such retaliation never happened before though it should have taken place decades ago!

(c) The use of the army to attack the world renowned and revered Harmandir Sahib on the eve of a great religious occasion to commemorate the martyrdom of Guru Arjun Devji was a malicious act by angry Mimoona Begum in the footprints of Emperor Shahjehan. A proud Hindu prime minister would have joined the congregation with his subjects!(

That attack also showed the mindset of our anti Hindu rulers with regard to NEGLECT of the main historic Temple in Ayodhya that still lies in ruins.

(d) Attacking the Tamils in Sri Lanka was in pursuance of the rulers' ideology to keep the Hindu heads down. Rajiv Gandhi, the dynastic (NOT democratic) prime minister could not tolerate the thought of the Tamils enjoying some autonomy. It should be noted that the same dynasty that happily gave full autonomy and sovereignty to the Muslims (gift of one third of India in perpetuity!) could not see the Tamils living with honour in Sri Lanka. A decent democracy in Bharat will put the natives (Hindus and Sikhs) ABOVE those who for centuries have been kicking, KILLING and raping the Hindus. But under Nehru Dynasty till May 2014, OUR WORLD WAS UPSIDE DOWN!

(e) For a rabble of a nation with chaotic traffic on roads, widespread drug consumption and corruption, aggravated communal tensions, large scale unemployment, lack of good education and direction or aim in life, and all the time at one's disposal for mischief, the first prime minister ought to have made military training for the adolescent boys and girls compulsory. But while the rulers on TOP enjoyed the fruits of corruption they deliberately let chaos and communal fires rage at grassroots level to appear as "saviours". Bharat's political nadir cam on the day when the Lok Sabha appealed to non descript woman from Italy, "Soniaji, take over as prime minister." That was Nature's verdict over the quality of Hindu nation who were appointing MUSLIM presidents on top and looking up to a Catholic from Italy to rule and run our Hindusthan. "SHAME!" was not the word, enough for such a ROTTEN parliament in New Delhi.

(f) It must be said that NO general showed confidence and pride, even professionalism, to tell the prime minister where he/she was WRONG. The only exception was Sam Bahadur who had the guts to tell Mimoona Begum, "Bibi, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Leave soldiering to me!" (That is when the daughter of "Bandit" Nehru asked him to CEASE FIRE in East Pakistan!)

22 Oct 16.
CCCCCCCC writes:

True history of Nation called "BHARAT"
We call this piece of land and culture as "BHARATMATA"
It's culture is changed by invaders to certain extent but more
by our own leaders who were mesmerised by western culture when
they went to study there(sic)
Exploitation became the norm of life style amongst the Administrators.
Rest is what we have experienced during last 60 years.
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Thanks for this excellent uplifting e-mail
It deserves to be sent to all the universities in Bharat.

Rapid economic progress & development will UNITE the Hindus. And prosperity through wealth will force the starving Pakistanis and Bogusdeshis to BEG to be let in.

They will not have to walk or travel thousands of miles, starving, dying and drowning on the way, to reach Europe for bread and shelter when these are available NEXT DOOR!

That will be the best way of recreating "Akhand Bharat"- through PROSPERITY & STRENGTH ("SHAKTI")!
(Power attracts. Weakness REPELS!)
Demand for Partition was due to the PERCEIVED Hindu weakness.

Of course, Hindus should not fall into the lethal trap of Secularism cunningly conceived by "Hindu-hater" NEHRU who put the Muslims one notch ABOVE the Hindus in his Constitution!

Secularism in Bharat should be for Muslims and Christians but NOT for Hindus in Hindusthan! Our Avatars, Sri Krishna, Sri Rama, Guru Nanak Devji to Guru Gobind Singhji, as well as Mahatma Buddha, were all born in Hindusthan. NOT EVEN IN OUR DREAMS CAN WE "EQUATE" MOHAMMED OF MECCA CONSTITUTIONALLY WITH SRI KRISHNA AND GURU NANAK! We are not prepared to share their supreme shine, glory and divinity with anyone born in the Middle East, especially in the wild and violent desert of Arabia.

We should all KNOW this fact with pride, and always put OURSELVES and our NATIVE religions above the foreigners' on our own "dharti" (TERRITORY)!

We should expect Sonia Gandhi to say, "I am Hindu!" and then openly support "Ghar Wapsi!" Let us tell her that she is in PROUD Hindusthan (Bharat), not among the "timid, demoralised, ignorant, sycophant, secular" Hindus!

22 Oct 2016