Embracing Hinduism in Bharat.

Date: 25/10/2016

About a Muslim lady in PARTITIONED India who is very anti Islam and vocal. A Hindu gentleman asked, "Why doesn't she renounce Islam and embrace Hindu religion?" A GOOD QUESTION THAT IS EXPLAINED BELOW.

A good question: "why she does not get herself converted to Hinduism?"

I have pondered long over it since several other "immaculately" patriotic Bharati Muslims (in partitioned India), too, lived, ate and spoke like the Hindus but never actually did "ghar wapsi" They stayed separate and remained spiritually aloof despite all the love & devotion shown by the Hindus.

Most prominent of all was the former President Abdul Kalam whose name now adorns the former "Aurangzeb Road" in India's capital in preference to "Guru Tegh Bahadur Marg."

Mr. Kalam adored Gita, was vegetarian, a teetotaler, was single (Brahamcharya), spoke Hindi, loved Sanskrit and was too liberal to shave off his beard like the pork-eating, whisky drinking Qaid-i-Azam. We forget how many good Hindus in Sindh and West Pakistan, who spoke Urdu fluently, had degree in the Persian and Arabic languages, ate Iftar and halal with their Muslim friends, gave donations to Muslim orphanages and even did not mind their daughters marrying Muslim boys, were mercilessly butchered by their Muslim fellow citizens in 1947. We Hindus have not only short memory but we also do not "relate" to fellow Hindus- so great is the need to please the Muslims and look secular!.

But becoming a Hindu? O NO. NO WAY! On the mention of "Ghar wapsi" to Sonia Maino Gandhi, people expect her to flare up and even hurl an abuse!
Hence none has asked her the same question so far.

Another prominent personality was Maimoona Begum, the daughter of JL Nehru. She was known to be autocratic, arrogant and prone to get enraged in no time like Adolf Hitler in the closing days of World War 2. Not even a Shankaracharya showed courage or conviction to commend Hindu Vedic Dharma to her. Sadly our Hindu nation makes sure that our Shankaracharyas are no match to the splendour & authority of Soniaji's Pope in Rome.

But had the Hindu nation had "SHAKTI & SHINE" we would have seen MILLIONS of Muslims shed the "leprosy" of Islam within days, not only Tasleema, Maimoona Begum, even Rashtrapati Abdul Kalam who all lived and died as Muslims in Hindusthan!

To my mind there can be THREE reasons for any Muslim, however secular and pro HIndu, NOT embracing Hindu Dharma-

1. Fear of being assassinated by a fanatic Muslim. It's a shame that even our Secular Law that allows a Muslim like Zakir Naik to convert the Hindus with impunity, cannot guarantee safety to a Muslim who becomes a Hindu!

2. The second reason is the social boycott and severe criticism of such a Muslim by all his relatives and friends. And to add to insult even the Hindus around him will not be excited or overjoyed by his conversion to Hindu Faith. Some "jackals" among us are bound to say, "Kyaa zaroorat thi, Hindu bann-nay ki jab sabhi dharam ek hain, and Ishwar Allah tero naam!"

3. The third and the most worrying reason is this: Each Muslim believes, deeply & sincerely, in his heart that Partitioned India will become an Islamic Republic eventually given that (a) they could capture ONE THIRD of India overnight without firing a pistol; and (b) due to rapidly increasing Muslim numbers through over reproduction. At that time in the future, their Hindu offspring will either be massacred like the Hindus of Noakhali, Multan, Rawalpindi and Lahore, or forced to pay Jezia tax as during the Mogul Era.

IF I BECOME A HINDU, I WILL BE ASSASSINATED while for the Hindus to embrace Islam, or be FORCED to accept Islam has been routine since 712 AD when Mohammed Bin Qasim converted the first Hindus in Sindh BY FORCE.