Date: 26/10/2016

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Sri Rama Jayam.

Dear Friends,
Please see a letter of anguish from our Bengali patriot. It is unconscionable even after partition of Bengal , even after holocaust of Hindus in E Pakistan in 1971, similar situation of persecution of Hindus taking place in W Bengal. More than Moslem fanatics, it is colluding , aiding and abetting politicians who are responsible and guilty.

During reign of Congress through out, even for trivial reasons, state governments were dismissed and central rule was imposed many times, almost all the time to extract petty political gains.

Here, W Bengal is tethering on brink to become yet another 'integral part of India' a la Kashmir with politicians of all brands in cahoot with Islamic fanatics to reduce highly intelligent and patriotic Bengali Hindus to be Dhimmis. As you ,know we have seen the case of young Hindu girl Tutsuki whose fate is shared by other Hindu girls but their cries of agony go unheard with no redress to them or their families by vote bank catering political parties and their elected officials.

Bengal had no relief for a long time, the state and people were battered time and again , famines, feuds, partitions X 2 , and all through with unabated persecution of Hindus . In Bangladesh, they cannot even offer water to their departed ancestors, young Hindu girls studying for exams, get abducted right from their homes-read Lazza of Dr Taslima Nasreen again,. Nothing much has changed. Now a days Hindu priests collecting flowers for worship are cut to pieces in Bangladesh. As Sri Deepak Das points out even if such things are happening in
W Bengal the news get suppressed.

Central Government can, should publish a white paper on these issues of ongoing persecution of Bengali Hindu population to let both the other parts of India as well as civilized world to know. Let there be righteous revulsion in the public which logically followed should result in dismissal the state government , institute a central rule, exercise authority to bring salutary changes. For no reason saintly people who have not hurt a fly were incarcerated for full 19 months during contrived 'emergency ' of Mrs. Gandhi. There is a real emergency in W Bengal, as noted in anguish expressed by Sri Deepak Das. Taking above measures will be fully justified.

Let Central Government do the right thing, it will surprise many and astonish the rest. India will be better off, people of India , especially of Bengal deserve a respite .

Best wishes, ccccccccccc


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Dear Patriot,

Even if the same Direct Action Day (reminiscent of 1946-47) happens in Kolkata today,you will not be able to know the incident at all because of the nefarious activities of the local News papers [Ananda Bazaar, Bartaman, Statesman etc], Marxists-Maoists-TMC-Congress and murderous Muslim mobs. The power hungry politicians will suppress the facts and figures and try to ameliorate the riot by giving Benarasi sarees to gang raped women and girls as they are doing the same tactics for the last 40 years.Trust me.

I am a battered Bengali. Nobody knows better than me what is happening in Kolkata in last 40 years.In this matter Tapanda (Shri T.Ghosh, Hindu Samhati President) and Prof.Mohit Roy (BJP candidate from Jadavpur)--can elaborate the real picture of West Bengal. It's almost gone out of hand. TMC and their predecessor political parties are responsible for this.

We Hindus are defenseless, mute, deaf and dumb in front of the atrocities of Muslims in West Bengal. In fact the Muslim population is more than 50% in many of the districts and villages in WB. It's about to be an annexation of Bangladesh. All Muslims are anti-Hindus. They thrive on Hindu misery on Hindu's blood, women and property. The day the Hindus are vanished from the scene, they will fight with each other on the plea of legacy of Mohammad (i.e.Shia and Sunny fight).

In Kolkata, more dangerous are Hindu name bearing Muslim sympathizers and supporters. They are the party workers (Hermads-goons, un-uniformed mercenaries) of TMC, Congress, CPM, CPI, SUCI, CPI (ML). The academicians, administration, Police, Financial institutions--all belong to the former groups. Indigenous people like me are ousted, killed, gagged or framed under false police case as has and had been happening in Kerala over 50 years. I am still now alive because I am away from WB and have taken refuge in a neighboring state.

Police does not take any case against any Muslim ( accused for any reason) in WB. The passport offices are full of Muslims coming from Bihar, UP and Bangladesh to get them registered as Indian citizens just by giving some paltry sum of money to get fake certificates issued by Muslim IPS and IAS officers in Bihar, WB and UP. Hindus' properties are sold at high price to Muslims. The land mass of WB has gone out of Bengali Hindus' hand and that have been captured by mostly wealthy Muslims from Bangladesh and non-Bengali Hindus outsiders from Bihar and UP.

It's horrible situation. The BJP leaders are dog-fighting with each other for petty gain and personal score to settle. NO unity among Hindus so why Christians and Muslims have gained ground in WB kicking out the indigenous Hindu Bengali population.

Netaji's relative was projected as prospective CM in WB in last election but he was unable to speak out to media persons who will be his finance or home minister if he wins the election. In BJP, there are not even 20 spoke-persons who can defend or campaign for the party in the election as compared to TMC or CPM. People are so much engrossed in their personal gain that they are still obsessed with Cong party though they know very well that Cong in collusion with Muslim League and Communists --divided the country to make Pakistan. There is no patriotic feeling. There is no pride of nationalism. The owners, Directors, Producers of most of the Bengali motion pictures are in fact Muslim (Safikur Rehman,Jainal Abedin etc). Most of the HODs or Departmental Heads in GOI and GOWB (in WB) institutions are only Muslims. Hindus are all kept as their subordinates. Many shopping malls and shops are owned by Muslims in Raja Bazaar, Esplanade, Park Circus, Khidirpore, Alipore, BBD Bagh, College Street areas. The drastic demographic changes that had taken place in the last 30 years ares unimaginable. Now we think that there is no point of return.

In Burdwan, Midnapore, Bankura, Birbhum districts-- in last 30 years they have trebled in number. The game plan of numbers is vital. They all are wolves. We Hindus are sacrificial-goats.

This is called Vote Bank Politics which matters more than religion, tradition, civilization and Human Right. Those politicians who made this irrecoverable situation should be tried first but how and who will do the trial??

The answer is unknown to all. The Muslims know well Col.Gaddaffi's sermon. Without gun only by numbers they will concur the whole world.

It's going to be true. See the Election result in USA and decide what's to be done next. Whole world is trembling in terror. India can be defeated only by its anti-Hindu, anti-national anti-Bharat power hungry politicians.

The solution is to hand over the country to Army. Forget about Hindu unity! That'll never be possible or will not happen in another 100 years. Israelis have only Torah, firm determination and indomitable spirit. We have hundreds of holy scriptures, castes, corrupted politicians and petty Sadhus and selfish Mohantas.

We can't be like the Israelis. We will lose ground and war. They will win and recover their lost ground.

Vande Mataarm! Jai Hind!