Date: 30/10/2016


Muslims demand call to prayer THREE times a day

A Muslim group has launched a petition to force the government to allow mosques in Britain to make calls to prayer three times a day.

The call to prayer, the ‘adhan’, is characterised by wailing in Arabic through a loud speaker, traditionally from a minaret at a mosque, summoning Muslims for mandatory worship.

'The Islamic call to prayer is an integral part of the Muslim faith,’ reads the petition, before stating that since Muslims have succeeded in populating 50% of some towns in the Britain, it’s now time to ‘experiment’ with a ‘loud call for prayer at least three times a day’.

“Muslims are the ONLY ethnic or religious group which demand special treatment. No other groups do this and their demands become bigger and bigger every time,” BNP Chairman, Adam Walker told reporters.

“It’s evident that a great many Muslims in Britain have absolutely no intention of respecting the culture of the country they chose to come to or integrating in our British society.

“This latest move by Muslims is a clear attempt at taking another stride toward making Britain an Islamic state.

“The British National Party is the only serious political force which has the insight and courage to stand up against Islamists, hell-bent on destroying our culture and nation, and the political cowards which pander to them.”