Date: 01/11/2016

Letter to British media:


When the bombs were raining down on London, Coventry, Sheffield, Birmingham and Nottingham during World War 2, the people of this country did not all pack up and seek safety in other countries around the globe although the British Commonwealth was extensive and ubiquitous.

So, how is it that MILLIONS of Syrians, Afghans, Irakis, even Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Somalis and Nigerians, are seen rushing for safety to Europe, and trying to enter Britain illegally?

Should Europe not be wary? Firstly, because there is none left to defend and re-build those countries. And secondly, they are mostly NOT peace loving, educated and civilised Christians or Jews but mostly semi literate and illiterate "wild" MUSLIMS who have totally different Belief system and ethos including massacre of males and then abduction, rape and sale of women and beheading even Aid workers and exploding bombs on trains and planes in the very countries that give them shelter and jobs!

Our rulers are quite mistaken if they think that these illegal migrants will disregard the teachings of their Holy Koran (with regard to dealing with Infidels and women!) and then integrate fully in the Western liberal societies where women are respected and treated equally.

Finally, we look at the sudden, unexpected and violent partition of India that resulted in "pools of blood" with millions killed and tens of millions forced out of their homes. It was when the indigenous (Indian) Muslims brutally attacked their own land of birth, breaking the land of ancient civilisation into three fragments. Could that not happen here in the UK or the EU, even the USA, eventually when Muslim numbers rise in the natural way (through much higher birth rate)?

We should recall Col Gaddafi of Libya who said, "There is no need of invading Christian Europe. We shall achieve the goal by increasing our (Muslim) numbers at much higher birth rate!"

Yours truly
31 October, 2016