Date: 14/11/2016


There is a small town in Germany called Wittlich. They hold a big festival like our Dussehra when a pig’s treasonous act is commemorated to warn anyone trying to betray the country.

As the story goes, the town was besieged by the enemy and all the town folk took refuge in the castle. The guard couldn’t find the bolt to push in place to shut the gate. Instead, they put a carrot and went to sleep.

At midnight a hungry pig came by and seeing the carrot, took it out and ate ithe carrot. Soon thereafter the enemy appeared and it. Soon thereafter the enemy approached the gate and could easily open the gate to rush in. The surprised and shocked defenders surrendered in order to save their lives.

Thereafterm town swore to punish the pig till eternity by roasting it on fire and eating it.

These photos (URL below) clearly show the pigs being roasted in Wittlich now.


NOW WE RECALL OUR OWN TRAITOR, JL NEHRU, who “opened the gate” for the INDIAN Muslims to capture one third of India overnight to establish their “Mad Muslim” Islamic State of PAKISTAN while our brave armed forces were made to look on from their barracks like "eunuchs".

EVERYONE agrees that Nehru’s crime was a MILLION TIMES worse than that of the pig because (1) Nehru was a barrister who knew the consequences of what he was doing while the pig, being an animal, could not be taken to task for eating the carrot. (2) Nehru was the TOP leader in India, next to senile “Bapu” Gandhi, who surrendered not only the equivalent of one castle but FIVE PROVINCES of India, equivalent to the unconditional surrender of FIVE MILLION castles.

One ought to recall the wretched plight of the Hindus and Sikhs BETRAYED by Nehru who were killed, abducted and raped, looted and then thrown out of their homes- in their MILLIONS.

Earnest appeal to everyone in Bharat: “Please free yourselves of FEAR and remove the conditioning by “sarkari” PROPAGANDA and see the FACTS and decide on the PUNISHMENT that should be given to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru for his High TREASON in 1947.

Please WATCH this video and see the convincing evidence that is more than enough to sentence Jawaharlal NEHRU to the same punishment that was meted out to the PIG OF WITTLICH.

We suggest that a second “DUSSEHRA” be started ANNUALLY in PARTITIONED India at which the effigy of Pandit Nehru is BURNT in order to tell our coming generations in Hindusthan as to how TRUTH TRIUMPHS in the end.”

Nehru Exposed By Rajiv Dixit

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14 November 2016