Date: 16/11/2016


Thank you for this news item. I am glad you noticed it. I was about to write my own reaction to the German authorities over something I watched on German television [ ] yesterday. What I saw was shocking, not only unbelievable!

A group of white-clad Muslim MEN in loose "tamba" (salwaar) was manning a couple of tables along a busy road in a major city (perhaps Cologne) in Germany.

There were heaps of Islamic literature and posters with a big headline "TRUE RELIGION", and numerous copies of Koran. The men were enthusiastically offering the copies of Koran to the passers-by, saying, "Please take it. It's God�s Word, and FREE!" But, good for the Germans!, Not one took the free copy of Koran.

I began to think- firstly, about their cheek to present their �dangerous IDEOLOGY� as �TRUE� religion. Eminent scholars and world renowned theologians have all compared ISLAM to NAZISM. A true religion is not the fiddle of any man or prophet. It values ALL God�s creation including the �infidels� and the pigs. A true religion regards ALL MANKIND as ONE family and treats women with utmost respect and dignity.

Luckily, the Germans are educated people with the likelihood of each man, woman and child owning his/her own PERSONAL computer. They also BUY and read the newspapers every day. So wouldn't they know what the YAZIDI women are saying about this "TRUE" religion? Wouldn't they know of the destruction of the two tall Buddha statues in Afghanistan that posed no threat to Mohammed or his 19 wives including the one a mere 6 years of age?

Would they NOT have heard of the PARTITION of India even if the Indian ambassador in Berlin never told them about it on August 15 while �celebrating� Partition? Don�t the Germans know the difference between �Akhand Bharat� and the RUMP that emerged as �Bharat� after the unconditional surrender of Hindusthan in 1947?

And can't the Germans see the ONE MILLION other Muslims who have ESCAPED the countries where the so-called �TRUE RELGION is the Constitution, risking death by drowning and snake bite along the way to get to Christian shores?

A German who has not heard of SHARIA Law and the punishments it prescribes, like BEHEADING, WHIPPING, STONING TO DEATH, AMPUTATION OF LIMBS, FOUR WIVES and divorce by saying "talaq" just three times, must be as ignorant as a goat.

I thought further, These people ESCAPED their own Islamic lands to find peace, safety and comfort in a CHRISTIAN country and YET THEY ARE "DYING" WITH FRENZY & FANATICISM TO REPLACE CHRISTIANITY BY ISLAM!"

And if they are lucky to �sell� their �True Religion� to the Germans, helped by multimarriages with Christian girls and over sized families, then will the result not be the scenes in Syria and Pakistan, Irak and Afghanistan?

I hope the Germans get the idea and don�t INVITE death and destruction again when we can still remember 1945 so clearly!

In my letter to the German authorities I shall recommend that these �Missionaries of Mohammed� ought to be ARRESTED and then deported to an ISLAMIC Republic to live and preach their �True Religion� to any surviving Kafir, Jew or Christian there!

I will not be surprised if they think of their Islamic �back home� like the PAKISTANI in the true story below.

A judge in England sentenced a Pakistani criminal to deportation back to his land of birth. Thereupon the Pakistani collapsed on the spot, begging, "Please don't send me back to HELL!"

But one must admire the guts of these Muslims who thought of converting Europe�s largest and most powerful country first and then the rest will fall like the dominoes! We saw this as a pattern in Bharat. They invariably �went� for the Hindu rulers (Rajas) and rishis as well as the most beautiful women so �the others would follow the example!� That�s what fanatic Aurangzeb, the Emperor of Hindusthan, thought: �If I could force Guru Tegh Bahadur to accept Islam all the Hindus will follow suit!� But the �devil� was in for a shock!

I would now humbly request all the READERS to forward, or print out, copies of this e-mail and distribute them WIDELY across our �Broken� Bharat. It will be a big service to �SATYAM VIJAYATE�.

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