Date: 09/12/2016




Following statement was issued at the Press Conference of Panun Kashmir at Press Club Jammu on 9.12.2016. The Press Conference was addressed by Dr Agnishekher, Convener, and Dr Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman, of Panun Kashmir.

Panun Kashmir appeals to Prime Minister of India to immediately intervene and abandon Soft Separatism as the basis of Democratic Government in Jammu and Kashmir. It is high time to realize that the democratic order which GoI has chosen to nourish and protect in Jammu and Kashmir is basically a subversive order. This subversive order is acting as a front line instrument undermining India’s efforts to fight Islamist separatism in Jammu and Kashmir and the war waged by Pakistan.

The brazen and unambiguous secessionist stance taken by the leadership of National Conference recently is a testimony of this reality. Tolerating and perpetuating half way separatism and variants of communalism in Jammu and Kashmir is a strategic suicide being committed in the state? A campaign to wreck the Indian State in Jammu and Kashmir from within is going on unhindered.

The secessionist and Pro-Pak postures of National Conference in recent times have not been any surprise to us. Panun Kashmir has been warning the nation about the subversive content of the politics practiced by the so called mainstream political formations in the state from time to time. What is being spoken by the National Conference leaders these days is no less anti-national than the politics for which the NC patriarch Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah was arrested in 1953.Indian State did not chose to dither at that time and did not betray helplessness. The helplessness to sedition and secession is manifest glaringly in the present times.

The utterances of National Conference have put the entire nation to serious embarrassment in front of the entire world. The embarrassment is further compounded by the position taken by the ruling PDP leadership with regard to the present turmoil in Kashmir as well as Pakistan. The PDP, which is the leading partner of the ruling PDP-BJP alliance in the state, has consistently maintained a position on the present situation in Jammu and Kashmir as well as relations with Pakistan which is different than Government of India. It is brazenly manifest that the present Government in the state has its own foreign policy as well as home policy distinctly in conflict with that of the Government of India. How can GoI allow this state of affairs to continue?

Agenda of Alliance is being used by all the anti-national forces within the Government and outside it to promote the cause of Pakistan and secessionists in the state.

It is high time for GoI to realize that soft-separatism only irrigates secession. It breeds alienation. It strangulates national interests. Similarly tolerating and patronizing communalism destroys secular fabric. The religious fascist secessionism in Jammu and Kashmir has grown on the fertile soil created by various variants of Muslim autonomy politics. Defeat of this fascism is critical to the survival of Indian nation.

We want to state without hesitation that Jammu and Kashmir has a 60 lakh population of Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists. The rights and claims to the state of Jammu and Kashmir of Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists are no less than the Muslims living in the state. Jammu and Kashmir is neither an extension of Central Asia nor of Middle East. The state has thousands of years of continuity with the civilization of India.

Panun Kashmir unambiguously supports the present policy of Government of India in relation to Pakistan. We have unequivocally endorsed the surgical strikes against the terror bases in PoJK by the Indian army as well as dropping of inhibitions to claim PoJK including Gilgit and Baltistan as part of nation of India. We have welcomed the support of GoI to the people of Bulochistan. This new thrust of India to stop Pakistan from acting as a the epicenter of Jihad in India and rest of the world is being countered by Pakistan by using willing political forces within India operating in our democratic system. GoI has chosen to remain blind for too long to this reality of undermining and lacerating the national interests from within.

Panun Kashmir also wants to make it clear that half a million Hindus of Kashmir who were exiled in1989-90 by the Islamic fundamentalist forces, who are not less than a million of people at this time, have neither renounced their claim on Kashmir nor given up their struggle to reclaim their homeland. Kashmir belongs to them as a matter of right and not as a result of conquest. It is high time for Government of India to realize that Hindus of Kashmir are the only determined and committed flank of the nation of India in Kashmir. Creation of Union territory of Panun Kashmir north and east of river Jhelum for the rehabilitation of all the Hindus of Kashmir is an imperative necessity to defeat Jihad in Kashmir and reclaim Kashmir as a part of India nation.