Date: 06/05/2013

By erecting Memorials to the martyrs a nation proves its honour and dignity. The HINDUS are the most persecuted, massacred, degraded and raped people on earth. Since the entry of the first Muslim invaders in 712 A.D. the natives of India have not had any feeling of safety and security with the "Kafir Killer" savage "beasts in human form" IN THEIR MIDST OR RULING THEM.

But the Sikhs feel different on the issue. They wish to remember their dead by putting up memorials despite the opposition of Government of India that promptly surrendered one third of India in order to weaken and destroy the Hindus while cutting India drastically in size.

Here is the case for the Sikhs to part company on this subject with the perishing Hindus.


We salute the tiny community of Jews who have painstakingly compiled the names of each and every Jew killed by NAZI Germany during early 1940’s. That list contains SIX MILLION names! They have also established HOLOCAUST MUSEUMS all over the world. Each one of these is worth a visit. Sikhs should go and see these and write their impressions about them to raise the awareness of our own community.

Another community that has been relentlessly persecuted over centuries are the SIKHS. It is, therefore, incomprehensible that the Sikhs have not grasped the importance of establishing ‘Memorials to the Dead’ each time a massacre takes place. We can think of TWO major Sikh genocides (“Ghalloogharas”) of the 20th century. One took place in 1947 when up to half a MILLION Sikhs may have been butchered in cold blood in West Punjab along with the unconditional surrender by India of Lahore and Sri Nankana Sahib.

India agreed to Partition on the criterion of RELIGION. Our Muslim fellow citizens united to inflict a crushing defeat on Hindusthan, captured five provinces on one day without firing a pistol. The Hindu and Sikh leaders were dull and uninspiring, defeatist and downright cowards. Among them was our own BALDEV SINGH who became the echo of Bandit Jawaharlal Nehru in “killing” (united) India (“Akhand Bharat).

Singh, chosen by the British, possessed neither brains nor vision. His betrayal of the Sikh cause simply encouraged Nehru and his Party to start unending persecution of the Sikhs. They had a good reason to terrorise, even “eliminate”, the Sikhs. It was simple: “Hindus are docile, servile and born slaves and will not object to any Dynasty ruling them for ever. The Sikhs will be a thorn in our side.”

Someone has said, “If you give a slap back your enemies will pause, or refrain, from giving you another slap!” “Slap” can be figurative when we set up Memorials to our dead. This is to show that we CARE for our dead and will not tolerate further oppression or persecution.
The disadvantage of NOT setting up a SIKH Holocaust Museum, or any Memorial, was that vindictive enemies like MAIMOONA BEGUM (Indira Gandhi’s real name after converting to Islam) could dare to launch a devastating lethal attack in Amritsar in June 1984. The evil “Witch” had thought the Sikhs WEAK!

Brutal massacres of tens of thousands of innocent Sikhs in the following DECADE was the price paid by the Sikh community for not showing the guts to set up any Memorial to the Dead of 1947 in the first place.

One would have expected the Sikh leaders to be smart, to have learnt the lessons and put them to practice. But NO. For the failure of leaders it is their FOLLOWERS who pay the price in blood. For the failure of Baldev Singh the Sikhs will be applying for visa to visit Sri Nankana Sahib and Panja Sahib till eternity.

And NOW at the time of writing (May 7, 2013) the Sikhs will again be perceived as cowards due to our timid leaders (ruling Akali Dal in Punjab and the SGPC) in not putting up the Memorials. One can be sure that more massacres will follow and we will have more widows and orphans to feed.
We appeal to the SGPC and Shiromani Akali Dal to put up an impressive Memorial to the Dead of 1984 in order to remind our coming generations of the heroic defence of Sri Harmandir Sahib and Sri Akal Takht Sahib in 1984. It will be a further act of guts and courage to write the names of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, Bhai Amrik Singh, Gen Shubeg Singh and ALL the hundreds of others who were killed as a result of the profane and sacrilegious army action in our holy city (that is like The Vatican for the Catholics) from 3rd. till 6th June 1984.

All the brave Sikhs want to be led by brave leaders. “Donkeys leading the lions” was an extremely dangerous mismatch that cost us Land and Lives in 1947 and Dignity, Desecration and Lives in 1984.