Date: 22/12/2016

Thank you very much for this eye opener discussion. I really commend it to all Hindus.

Tarek Fatah is totally right. Yet he was seen mocked by the politically correct Hindu lady who herself hails from Pakistan. Amazing irony! Shocking lack of patriotism!

How crushed is her Hindu soul that not a word from her about the insult of being kicked out of their homes and not a word about the wish to GET BACK.

Her “Gandhian” attitude was a peep into her EXTINGUISHED Hindu soul.

When Tarek mentioned “LAHORE”, the city founded by the son of Sri Ram and embedded deep in our souls as the lost “heart of India”, she showed no concern- just like MOST other Hindus. Here is the DEADLY deduction based on her praises of Gandhi- Hindus, as a nation, are eternally happy with STATUS QUO (stand still) and with the last THOUSAND MILE retreat backwards but with regard to taking one centimetre step forward? NO WAY!

Thus, there should be NO doubt in anyone’s mind that by Law of Nature this STAND STILL will be blasted one day. But who will BLAST it? (You guessed it right!)

Such reconciliation with EVIL by all- President to Peon, shows our national trait & propensity of forgetting DEFEATS, SURRENDERS and RETREATS but sticking to the doldrums of status quo!

In the light of this revelation the present spell of peace and freedom in “Broken” Bharat is a very brief & awkward period in history when restless, scared, Hindu soul, incapable of initiative or courage to dislodge the enemy from our territory, is the secret yearning for a MANLY race to overwhelm Delhi again, like Lahore, and keep us all safe.

Secretly, we are quite willing to pay Jezia in return for peace- that is, peace guaranteed by manly Muslims!

Hindu soul is demented psychologically due to centuries long slavery under Islam and the fear of savage Muslims has become the “part of our psyche” that determines our HINDU “way of life”! It is like the wretched situation in which a Khan’s second or third wife finds herself in the harem yet manages to smile to show she is happy.

As a further proof of this “LOVE OF KILLER”, Hindus regret the downfall of the last Muslim emperor of Hindusthan as if he was “one of us”! One has never heard a fellow Hindu say, “Thanks to the British the last hated, filthy, debauch, MOHAMMEDAN emperor of our Hindusthan was sent to exile and we could rejoice over “Good riddance from Mohammed!”

And ALSO we never heard any Hindu historian, thinker or scholar say, “Had that struggle succeeded, the rotten result would have ween a MUSLIM on the throne and the possibility of another Aurangzeb from his Hindu wife’s womb decades later!”

Any committed Hindu would have been horrified over the prospect of Bahadur Shah Zafar staying on one more day as the Emperor of proud & patriotic Hindus. Ideally the Marathas should have beheaded him first before the British got to him.

Understanding “Gandhi” in this lady’s soul, we can shout, “NO WONDER THERE WAS NO RESISTANCE TO PAKISTAN IN 1947 (except Master Tara Singh’s brave act to tear up the Pakistani flag on March 3, 1947!) and NO WONDER there is hardly any wind in the sail of RECOVERY of Lahore, Karachi, North Kashmir and East Bengal, and listen to the “convincing” theories that “Pakistan is a “fact” and the “cease fire line” is the permanent border now.”

ALL those who accept Pakistan to be permanent must know that it will also be FINAL SOLUTION of the Hindus themselves (in Partitioned India)!

Putting the lid on the seething & simmering ISLAMIC volcano called “Pakistan” makes most Hindus think that our “End Solution” is figment of imagination while the INDIAN Muslims are our brothers! Yes, they may be our “brothers” as per Constitution, but definitely not AS PER KORAN!

We see as to why Hindus, smart, clever and articulate were beaten, defeated, thrashed and humiliated countless number of times in the past. The next time is not far. God, who dictated the Koran, also dictated this: “Those who cannot recover Lahore cannot retain Delhi.”

Are we not inviting our next defeat? Kashmir may well be the fuse if the combined “Shakti” of ONE BILLION Hindus cannot remove Article 370 to integrate the State with the rest of India.

In 1947 we acknowledged the Muslims as the separate “SECOND” nation and even today we think the same by not challenging the very basis of Pakistan.


22 Dec 2016.

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kindly listen this discussion. I wish Hindus stand up to save Hinduism and everything attached to the word Hindu and it can happen only by giving up the policy of appeasement.

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