Date: 10/01/2017


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The videos prepared during the Congress+Dynasty Raj show the long process of writing post Partition India’s Constitution.

Subordination to Nehru’s Will, total lack of patriotism, and any awareness of Ideology, among the Hindu/Sikh members of the Constituent Assembly sitting with the Muslims, whose Ideology is enshrined in the Koran, in the same hall, mars its legality & validity, and renders it totally unsuitable for our Bharat just as Nehru (modern JAI CHAND) himself was for the post of Prime Minister!

The members of the Constituent Assembly make no reference to the most momentous event of Millennium, the unconditional surrender of India to “indigenous” Muslims.

NB: The size of land surrendered and the number of Hindus (and Sikhs) KILLED in 1947 far exceeded that in ALL the previous defeats suffered by the Hindus throughout history!

Not one expressed his disgust at the absurd artificial border between Wagah and Atari, or any hope or possibility of undoing that bogus Partition that hangs over Bharat’s head like Damocles Sword.

As if from another planet none seemed to “relate” to Bharat (Land or Territory) or the Hindus, or knew the history of Hindusthan. Not one had any clue to the strategic location of Khyber Pass or the historic significance of LAHORE, founded by Luv, the son of Sri Ram. And not one “midget” showed any regret, disgust or shame over the surrender of the sacred Janmasthan of Guru Nanak Devji to the Islamic State.

Not one “mental dwarf” expressed any regret over the historic BETRAYAL of the tens of millions of Hindus and Sikhs trapped in Pakistan who would be dealt with “severely” as per Sharia Law!

These unconcerned, “pseudo-secular”, slavish & “diminished” Hindus seemed to sit in isolation, vacuum, even terror while watching Nehru.

These men and women of constituent assembly were meeting under another constraint: The presence of the embarrassed MUSLIMS who knew in their hearts that they read the same Koran as Jinnah, Liaqat Ali Khan and Hussain Shahid Suhrawardy, and had been in the “wrong” country since August 15,1947 but incomprehensibly (to them and us) still enjoyed full trust of Nehru and Gandhi, and were equated with the Hindus in Constitution!

Since Nehru had the top position, every member of Assembly was prepared to “dump” the country in order to go along with him (Nehru) who had already side lined Gandhi, and set the terms of reference (confines & limits) for their deliberations.

Since Great Britain has no Constitution, all these “fools” could do was to cite the Constitution of the United States of America forgetting that it had been written after Victory in WAR and it was for a different country and a different people while they had to write one for their DEFEATED country after the unconditional surrender of FIVE provinces!

When the American Constitution was written there was NO Muslim within five thousand miles and they could easily go “secular” so that brother does not kill brother, whereas the writers of the Indian Constitution sat among the “sworn enemies” who had created Pakistan out of absolute hatred of Hindus and had been killing, abducting and raping the Hindus continuously since 712 AD with TWO MILLION massacred in 1947 alone!

Every member of the Constituent Assembly was subconsciously aware of the menacing advance of Islam that had stopped at Wagah! Its terror was still lingering in their minds. There is NO Article in the Constitution that assures the worrying Hindus about their future but there is Article 370 to give the Hindus even MORE worry!

This Constituent Assembly was not the gathering of fearless Hindu patriots or stalwarts but of scared Hindus (subdued cowards) sitting in the presence of the Muslims (traitors), guided by a selfish ambitious man called Jawaharlal Nehru.

None mentioned the new ISLAMIC state of Pakistan nor “population exchange”.

None saw the presence of Muslims through the strategic lens when the hundreds of millions of Muslims of COMMON origin living in three countries would move one day by the urge to unite and strike the “Kafirs” and capture Delhi! This should have been their FIRST fear had they only cared to look out of the windows and seen the thousands of starving homeless Hindu/Sikh refugees arriving from West Punjab, crying for their attention!

The fear in Hindu minds sent telepathic “vibes” to Jinnah and he felt emboldened and stuck even more tenaciously to his demand for Pakistan, daring the secular Hindus to “touch his whiskers”! None dared.

Now imagine the devastating effect on Jinnah and Liaqat Ali Khan if even ONE Hindu leader, including Gandhi, had mentioned “High Treason”!

These two words would have reduced the Islamic mountain to a molehill! In the event the mountain buried Bharat while one could easily have crushed the molehill under one’s foot.

We see the infantile Hindus totally forgetting Akhand Bharat but, instead, trying desperately their utmost to appease Jinnah and please Nehru, and then resigning to their cursed fate in the end, killing Akhand Bharat, too.

Now let us see the most ludicrous part of this Constitution. Having accepted the “murder” of Akhand Bharat by the MUSLIMS, the Constitutional experts warned that anyone else trying to “break up” India will face dire consequences. Did they mean the Tamils? Did they mean the Sikhs? To enshrine such noble sentiments in Constitution they had to defend Akhand Bharat in the first place to set an example of patriotism!

In reality, India was already “broken” and the one who broke it (Jinnah) was rewarded with vast territories and escaped scot free. His accomplice, (Nehru), was honoured with the post of Prime Minister of India.

Even today the ignorant Hindu nation sleeps peacefully under the motto, “IGNORANCE IS BLISS!”, without a care in the world, with Pakistan next door, “flexing its muscles and blowing fire through its nostrils”, frequently sending killer Jehadis to “blast” the border and kill our Jawans and civilians frequently!

We are still under the invisible “Muslim foot” pressing upon our heads just like the Constituent Assembly that lost its objective thinking while writing the Constitution.

Only when this ingrained FEAR of Mohammed and his Muslim followers is dispelled from our minds will the “Rashtrapati” take off the “eye caps” and see the absence of East Bengal, Khyber, Lahore and Sri Nankana Sahib from the map of India. Then a Hindu will muster guts to say, “Jinnah was a traitor and Nehru his accomplice!”

The subdued “hijacked” Hindu nation, the MAJORITY community in Bharat, is still waiting for the new Constitution that will inspire & move the nation towards Akhand Bharat. The national goal, enshrined in the new Constitution, ought to be “Frontier back to KHYBER!”

The present Constitution is Nehruvian hoax, a fraud and insult to Bharat and her ancient Hindu Dharma. It is a deceptively well polished and painted handiwork of cowards and traitors.

The new Assembly should meet with the following three requirements:-

1. Since India was divided on ideological lines, NO Muslim or member of Nehru Dynasty can be granted its citizenship.

2. A large map of India, showing Khyber, Gilgit, Baltistan and Chittagong in it, to be hung in the hall where meetings are held.

3. Four large photos (or statues) of Guru Gobind Singhji, Shivaji, Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose should be placed in the room, visible to all.

The new Constitution will be for Bharat Mata (literally “mother”, not Nehru’s “prostitute”, or the “ONE IN FOUR” of Mohammed), considering her wisdom and divinity, not the “sacred cow”, killed in the manner of halal for the meal of Mohammed Ali Jinnah.

The new Constitution should be concerned with the survival of Hindus and Hindu Dharma in Hindusthan (Akhand Bharat) under the motto, "SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST!" Its content should ensure that Bharat never has the likes of Jinnah, Nehru, Liaqat Ali, Indira, Suhrawardy, Sonia, Rahul, Mamata, Zakir Naik and Akbaruddin Oweisi again.


10 January 2017