Date: 16/01/2017

That humans are related to the animals is no secret. Hence experiments are conducted on monkeys, mice, cats and pigs to find out which remedies are suitable to cure the HUMAN diseases.
When Guru Gobind Singhji prepared "Amrit" to encourage and empower the DOWNTRODDEN followers of Sri Krishna and Sri Ram (who are still downtrodden in South Kashmir, West Bengal and even in AYODHYA!), he said, "I shall make the sparrows hunt the hawks!"

People felt brave and someone said, "He has taken the FEAR out of his followers´┐Ż minds and given them the surname "SINGH" to those who were behaving like the jackals! Again we see references to animals and their traits and characteristics seen in the humans!
Further, we say, "hungry like a pig" or "stubborn like a donkey", and so on.
But I wish to point out to another vicious animal, actually an insect, a specie of mosquitos. This insect is very fond of human blood and breeds rapidly like the mushrooms to increase in numbers. It is a menace to the human race. Hundreds of people have fallen prey to its bite that injects poison into human blood.

A bite by this mosquito is also known to affect the functions of brain adversely, particularly the nerves that go from the brain through the arms to the hands, rendering the man unable to even pick up a knife in self defence. It has a common trait like the bees that immediately form a swarm to attack anyone approaching their hive and give the intruder paralysis.
To come to terms with his disability and keep his "image" the crippled human victim, bitten by this mosquito, assumes the air of superiority by "kissing" the death caused by its poison, calling it "martyrdom"!

The poison of this mosquito even dulls the brain to the extent that one loses the sense of his identity and regards himself so detached from the rest as to lose all sense of danger from any quarter. Fellow humans can be killed in their hundreds, thousands, even millions, but to those bitten by this mosquito the murders, massacres, and the cries of girls and women being abducted and raped is as distant and emotionless as watching it all on the television screen.
What is the name of THIS particular breed of mosquito?

We hope that by now the readers have guessed it right

Thank you.
Sunday, 15 January 2017.