Date: 21/01/2017

Panun Kashmir-Ek Bharat Abhiyan

Resolutions On the Occasion of National Convention Holocaust Day, 19th January, 2017

Resolution 1

On this day we once again reiterate that the internal displacement of the entire population of Hindus from Kashmir in 1989-90 was the result of a planned religious cleansing campaign. This campaign was a campaign of Genocide and nothing else. The perpetrators and collaborators of this genocide are still roaming free. The government s of the day and in the state and the Centre did not only behave as a bystander when the genocide started but actually collaborated in its denial.

We are conscious of the grim historical reality that Hindus in India are face to face with a thousand year long genocidal war. This war destroyed Hindus from Afghanistan to the boundaries of present day India.

Reversal of Genocide of Hindus in Kashmir is in fact a resolve to put a halt to this genocidal war. It is a resolve to prevent its recurrence in any other part of India. Creation of Union Territory of Panun Kashmir North and East of River Jhelum for the settlement of all Hindus belonging to Kashmir is the only way of reversing this genocide. We declare that creation of Panun Kashmir in Kashmir Province of Jammu and Kashmir has become a national as a global imperative to defeat Jihad in Jammu and Kashmir. We resolve to make the creation of this Union Territory in Kashmir a national campaign so that people of India prevail upon the Government of India to ensure its proper creation

Resolution 2.

Jammu and Kashmir, particularly Kashmir has become a hub and a spring board of Jihad into India. The unrest that we are witnessing in Kashmir since the killing of the dreaded Islamist terrorist Burhan is a Isamo-Fascist campaign. Kashmir is fast becoming an ungoverned territory controlled by Jihadis as we have witnessed in Syria and Afghanistan. All variants of separatism in Kashmir are in fact merely stages and forms of this Islamo-fascist campaign. We urge Government of India to recognize it so , desist to hide the nature of this grim reality from the nation and the world at large, and devise decisive measures to destroy this campaign.

Resolution 3

All of us recognize that the province of Jammu is being systematically subjected to a demographic assault. Muslims not only from Kashmir, rest of India but even from foreign countries like Myanmar, Bangladesh and Tibet are being settled in Jammu province over the years to change the Hindu majority character of Jammu province. Forest and state lands are being allowed to be used for this demographic change. Governments of the day have either been watching this sinister demographic engineering helplessly or facilitating it to happen.

We resolve to mobilize the entire society and the nation to put a halt on this demographic invasion of Jammu.

Resolution 4

We all unanimously condemn the Agenda of Alliance, which forms the basis of the basis of the present government in the state as a subversive document that has led to the encouragement of anti national and subversive activities in the state.

We have a situation in the state where even on the floor of the state Legislative Assembly terrorists are described as martyrs. The highest at the helms of the government are describing Accession of the state to India as merely, ‘technical’. Ex-gratia relief is being sanctioned for the kith and kin of terrorists and seditious provocateurs that died while fomenting unrest in the state. The state government is taking a position on separatism in Jammu and Kashmir and vis a vis Pakistan which is different than Government of India. It appears that the state government has its own foreign policy as well as a policy on internal security which is in conflict with that of Government of India. How long can such dangerous contradictions be allowed to remain alive?

We urge government of India to reject Agenda of Alliance lock stock and barrel. We urge Government of India to make the state government conform to constitution and desist from trespassing into domains which are unconstitutional.

Resolution 5

The condition of the displaced people in the camps in Jammu continues to be despicable. The leaking, cracking tenements in Jagati in Jammu are symptoms of the failure and collapse of a township which was flaunted as the proof of the sensitivity of the political class and the governments of the day towards ameliorating the plight of internally displaced Hindus. We have a grave situation where in places like Jagati camp there is inadequate water and electric supply as well as ration supplies, poor medical facilities, and almost absence of emergency services. We urge the state and the central government to immediately intervene and stop a human disaster unfolding in the camps.

Resolution 6

We resolve to build 19 January Holocaust memorials across the country so that people of India are educated about the genocide of Hindus in Kashmir as well as all the genocides that were inflicted on Hindus is past. These holocaust memorials will play critical role in sensitizing the people of India to prevent further genocides. We all declare our overwhelming support to all Hindus living across India facing sinister infiltrations and demographic assaults, communal discrimination and marginalization.

We all resolve to develop Ek Bharat Abhiyan into a national movement of Unifying Hindus so that they can successfully mobilize the nation against the challenges to the national unity and integrity as well as serve the cause of Indian civilization.