Date: 21/01/2017


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Women’s March London: Thousands Take To The Streets In Startling Show Of Strength

WATCH: HuffPost UK broadcast from the heart of the march.

21/01/2017 13:33 | Updated 2 hours ago

Thousands of people gathered in central London on Saturday for the capital’s Women’s March.

Millions are expected to attend marches across the world to support womens’ rights - in a show of force on the first full day of Donald Trump’s presidency.

“Dump Trump,” was the message of hundreds of signs at the event.

And many placards on the march highlighted Donald Trump’s comments about women.

Organisers claimed on stage that between 80,000 and 100,000 people had taken part in the rally.

Meanwhile, up to 200,000 protestors are expected to begin a march on the US capitol Washington D.C.

Labour MP Harriet Harman was seen on the march alongside playwright and author Bonnie Greer.

Womens’ equality campaigner and TV presenter Sandi Toksvig gave an inspiring speech at the Trafalgar Square rally.

No march yet by the women anywhere on earth against a certain MISOGYNIST born 1500 years ago whose ideas about WOMEN are still blind belief and total conviction among the Muslims across the globe!

No march yet by women against the same paedophile who asked his followers never to trust a Christian and called the Jews "descendants of the pigs and monkeys". **

No march against Caliphate, IS or Daesh who have been massacring whole communities, killing the men and boys but enslaving, raping and selling girls and women in Syria and Nigeria!

No march against those who are openly committed to GLOBAL Islamisation and destruction of the existing order of civilised societies.

No march against the Muslim next door who has one wife in America or Europe and three back in Pakistan or Afghanistan.

No march in front of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia where a woman is not allowed to drive a car alone, where even a princess was BEHEADED in public for marrying a man of her choice!

No march by women against the ISLAMIC Sharia Law that declares the evidence of two women equal to that of one man.

No march by women against Sharia Law that sanctions stoning to death of women for suspected, even perceived, adultery but not of men for the same crime.

No march by women yet against the culture in which a woman walks, in a tent like burka with only eyes showing, ten feet BEHIND her husband.

No march yet by women anywhere against the “culture of rape” of women in Pakistan and Bangladesh and the so-called “honour killing” that kills about ONE THOUSAND WOMEN daily in Pakistan.

No march by women yet against the perpetrators of “Nine Eleven” that killed all the females working in those two WTC towers in New York!

But “Catch the Christian!” came as easily as breathing to all these women, egged on by misogynist MEN who wish to INUNDATE America with MUSLIMS as soon as possible so that the occupation of the Rest of the World proceeds with utmost speed and ease as the capture of one third of (Hindu) India and the massacre of two million Hindus and the gang rape of tens of thousands of girls and women in 1947 as “Thank you!” to the host country that gave them birth, and nourished them like her own children!

That is exactly what the MUSLIMS intend to do in the United States and, THANK GOD, Donald Trump has appeared to save & defend the CHRISTIAN civilisation in which everybody (except “Mohammed”) feels safe and happy.

22 Jan 17.
** From the ”Heart of a Muslim”, by Tawfik Hamid I have to admit that our current Islamic teaching creates violence and hatred toward Non-Muslims.

We Muslims are the ones who need to change. Until now we have accepted polygamy, the beating of women by men, and killing those who convert from Islam to other religions.

We have never had a clear and strong stand against the concept of slavery or wars, to spread our religion and to subjugate others to Islam and force them to pay a humiliating tax called Jizia. We ask others to respect our religion while all the time we curse non-Muslims loudly (in Arabic) in our Friday prayers in the Mosques.

What message do we convey to our children when we call the Jews "Descendants of the pigs and monkeys". Is this a message of love and peace, or a message of hate?