Date: 21/01/2017

Facts sheet released by panun kashmir during national convention at jammu on 19.01.2017, the kashmiri hindu holocaust day

Jammu and Kashmir - (2014-2016)

Fact Sheet of Siege

At the outset this fact sheet records the new hope which has emerged amongst all patriotic people in the state after the Prime Minister of India authorized and the army successfully conducted the surgical strike across the LoC in Pak Occupied Kashmir. Declaring the commitment to claim POJK including Gilgit-Baltistan as part of India and highlight the plight of people facing the Pakistani repression there as well as the decision of Demonetization has also contributed to this new hope.

This fact sheet is not about despair, despondency or disillusionment. It is a dispassionate statement about the present reality in the state as we see, feel and perceive it. It is an indicator of the unfolding dangers, ever multiplying threats and widening ambit of the war which the nation of India in Jammu and Kashmir particularly its Hindu population is face to face with. The fact sheet is a measure of the external threat and the internal betrayal. It is also a testimony of the bitter reality of a Nation State and its political class lacerating the nation of India in Jammu and Kashmir.

The developments unfolding in Jammu and Kashmir after the historic Jammu mandate of 2014 have been rather disturbing. Giving away of Jammu and Kashmir to the Islamo-fascists is unfolding as the each day passes.

There are cogent reasons to believe that an insidious influence is at work to undo what the Indian nation did in Jammu and Kashmir after its accession to India and pave way for the second communal partition of India and destroy the six million Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains of Jammu and Kashmir.

The 2014 electoral mandate in Jammu and Kashmir had been taken by the nationalists in Jammu and Kashmir to mean the return of joy and hope for the future. It was a general belief that the Indian political class would break with the past and unleash a national policy to not only undo the past wrongs but also to remove all those barriers which had kept Jammu and Kashmir outside the political and constitutional organization of India and strengthen the nationalist constituency in the sensitive border state. However what unfolded in the state after the new government took over was not any change for the better but the same old process of abdication and surrender in front of the relentless Muslim separatism in the state baring itself out in its real fascist form.

1. The tone for what was to happen was set when the ruling BJP enunciated its policy on Jammu and Kashmir based on three concepts: Insaniyat, Jhamooriyat and Kashmiryat. To the Hindus of Kashmir, Kashmiryat had always come to mean the hegemony and precedence of Kashmiri Muslims through their lived experience. But enunciating Kashmiryat as a fundamental tenant of the policy for the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir, having three provinces culturally and religiously distinct from each other, meant almost a declaration of the endorsement of religious cultural hegemony of Kashmiri Muslims over the entire state.

2. On March 1, 2015, the PDP-BJP government assumed power in the city of temples, Jammu. The then Chief Minister Mufti Mohd. Sayeed shocked and alarmed the whole nation by telling on the face of the Prime Minister that the credit for the successful polls in Jammu and Kashmir goes to Pakistan and militants across the border.

3. The same day the ruling coalition released Agenda of Alliance on the basis of which the coalition of PDP-BJP had been formed. The Agenda of Alliance, inter alia said that Article 370 shall be maintained and talks with Pakistan and Hurriyat would be started to resolve Jammu and Kashmir.

4. The Agenda of Alliance contemplated demilitarization of the state, retrieval of the land with the Army and transfer of NHPC projects to the state government. It also delineated Jammu province into three sub-regions by distinctly the nomenclatures of Chenab Valley, Pir Panjal region and Jammu while referring to the entire province of Jammu. Pir Panjal region and Chenab valley which are geographical myths and distortions are the Muslim majority areas of Jammu region and have been over the years been used by advocates of Greater Muslim Kashmir claiming areas of Jammu on the basis of their Muslim majority character. Usage of such nomenclatures has been a tacit endorsement of communal division of Jammu province.

5. Add and absorption of the internally displaced Hindus of Kashmir into Kashmiri milieu.

6. As the politico-administrative apparatus of the new PDP-BJP government took shape, for the first in 68 years, Jammu was excluded from those departments which dealt with internal security. Putting the critical security considerations aside, the departments which were critical for maintaining internal security were handed over to those who had a political commitment to soft-separatist self rule agenda. The departments of Home, law, parliamentary affairs, CID, Advocate General and General Administration went to the votaries of Self Rule.

7. The PDP-BJP government in the state soon started showing its communal hegemonic face by imposing Jazia like tax of 12.5% on chopper services to the holy shrines of Mata Vaishno Devi, Shri Amaranth Holy cave and other sacred places of Hindus in the state. Despite very strong protests in Jammu and across the nation and despite the reassurances of BJP top leaders that the Jazia-tax would be withdrawn to assuage the hurt feelings of the Hindus, the leading partner of the ruling alliance, PDP stuck to its stand and this Jazia tax regime continues till date.

8. The new ruling alliance outraged the religious sensitivities of the Hindus throughout the country when the Deputy Advocate General and Assistant Advocate General both of whom were from Jammu were unceremoniously removed from their official positions. Their sin was that their arguments in the Jammu and Kashmir High Court in favor of the existing cow killing and beef eating laws were upheld by the judges. Religious humiliation of the Hindus continued as a Kashmir Muslim MLA violating the cow killing and beef eating Laws hosted beef party in the MLA hostel itself. It was a clear case of contempt but the new government refused to take action against the violator of the law of the land to pander to Jihadis in Kashmir.

9. Pandit Colony.

10. Sainik colony.

11. As the Industrial policy of the Central Government came to the fore, the entire political class in the state including BJP endorsed the separatist view that the new industrial policy of the Government of India will dilute Article370, and undermine the State�s special status. Under the new industrial policy the non-state subjects in Jammu and Kashmir could get land in the state on lease basis to set up industries, invest and generate ample employment opportunities. Opposition to the new industrial policy of Government of India by the entire political class in the state on the basis of such grounds was ridiculous because of the fact that the lease system was in vogue since decades in the state. Insanity to pander to the separatist sentiment in the state started manifesting more brazenly as each day passed.

12. In NIT Srinagar, Hindu students from outside the state as well as from Jammu, including the girl students, were abused, humiliated, threatened and molested for having hoisted national flag to celebrate the victory of Indian cricket team. Instead of protecting the life and dignity of the under attack Hindu students the top BJP leaders snubbed them saying they had gone to NIT Srinagar to study and not to play politics. Hoisting national flag was now being defined as a provocative political act.

13. The hordes of Hindu devotees who visit Baba Buddha Amarnath pilgrimage in Poonch of Jammu province received a shock when the district administration issued an administrative order delineating that chanting of Vande Matram during the Yatra period would be considered provocative and will invoke section 153-A. Those who chanted Allah-o-Akbar and Pakistan Zindabad were not touched but cases were filed against those who chanted vande matram. The pro-Muslim bias of the state government was nakedly on display.

14. PDP has been consistently pushing and prodding Government of India to implement the undertakings enunciated in the Agenda of Alliance and the state BJP becoming a collaborating partner in this venture. As the PDP increased its political pressures of return of the Hydroelectric power projects run by NHPC in the state, BJP also started using the separatist idiom already prevalent on the issue. On floor of the state Legislative Assembly none other than Deputy Chief Minister in the state and the state BJP stalwart said that India was using our land and water and we will see to it that it was stopped.

15. The separatist propaganda campaign of demeaning and defaming the Indian security forces, particularly the Army has assumed malignant proportions in the state. Describing Indian Army as an occupation force in the public discourse has become part of common parlance in Kashmir valley. Security forces in the state have not only to guard against the mounting external and internal security threats but also to protect the democratic order in the state. Yet they are on the frontline of a sinister campaign of ridicule and indictment by the entire political class which deploys them on the ground and operates under their protective cover. Not long ago, none other than the CM of the state accepted that security forces had committed excesses during the five month long unrest in the state. Such statements of self-indictment to please the separatist sentiment in the state are being used regularly by Pakistan and the separatist propaganda machinery in the international fora. Reluctance and dithering on the part of both the state and central governments to expose the religious fascist content of the separatist unrest in Kashmir and its inseparable relationship with Jihadi terrorism has paralysed the government responses to project the role of security forces in Jammu and Kashmir as the protectors of democracy, rule of law and freedom. This self-imposed paralysis has led to the projection of religious fascists as freedom fighters and protectors of freedom as villains.

16. During the PDP-BJP rule authority and awe, credibility and respect, of the security apparatus led by the Armed forces has been unprecedentedly undermined in the civilian domain. This process of undermining started well before the new PDP-BJP government assumed the reigns of the state during the election campaign when BJP leaders started flaunting the apology of the Army commanders for mistaken killings of some civilians who had not paid heed to a hartal call near a security nakka in Kashmir as a proof of their sincerity towards the people in Kashmir. The political gesture, made ostensibly for garnering some votes in Kashmir, set into motion the process of projecting the security forces as a separate entity in conflict with civilian domain. Such indictment of its own security apparatus by the political leadership at the helms built an atmosphere that gave further impetus to the malicious campaign of evacuating army from Kashmir by denying the renewal of lease for the land where Army camps have been built and were operational for decades as also the firing ranges for training of the army personnel. Despite the fact that security experts as well as the officials of the security establishment unambiguously and with responsibility brought out the strategic importance of the Army camps located in areas whose land lease needed to be extended, the BJP government at the highest level intervened in full public view to ask Army to vacate the areas. No sooner did the Army evacuate from some of such areas than the civilian establishment intervened and allowed the vacated lands be named as peace parks as if the presence of army was an impediment to peace. At some places public named such peace parks after the names of separatists killed. Dismantling of Army bunkers and pickets in terrorist infested areas was done in a way that separatist made it a public spectacle of the retreat of Indian authority. Such Army pickets had played a crucial role in curbing, containing and destroying the terrorist interventions in civilian areas and paved way for the democratic process to take roots as well as allow the electoral process to be successfully accomplished. At Handwara, while the Army chief was in the town, the civilian government dismantled the army bunker in front of the cheering seditious crowds. The security forces are on retreat became the buzz word for the separatists and acted as a fuel for the seditious unrest which was unleashed in Kashmir.

17. The opposition to building of Sainik colonies by all segments of the political class, separatists and the so called mainstream was driven by the growing impression of the retreat of Indian state in the valley. Government of India as well as the nationalist political parties of BJP and Congress failed in their national duty to tell the nation that even under the Article 370 Defence Establishment of Government of India had all the legal authority to procure land for any purpose related to security of the nation. They also failed to inform the public opinion that the Sainik colony proposed to be built in Kashmir was for the state subject security personnel. Paralysis and connivance of the entire political class particularly the national political parties in the separatist/secessionist project is an unfolding national suicide in the state.

18. The unrest in Kashmir, which we witnessed for more than 5 months in the aftermath of the killing of dreaded terrorist Burhan Wani on July 8, 2016, was not a sudden eruption. It was built on fierce anti-India and radical Islamist indoctrination carried out from Mosques and almost daily funeral frenzies allowed by the government for a long time. The unrest has been unique in many ways. Highest number of seditious stone pelting incidents ever in the state, roughly around 2,690 incidents and highest number of direct attacks ever on the security forces formations, pickets and police stations took place during this unrest. North Kashmir accounts for1248 incidents, followed by 875 in South Kashmir and 567 in Central Kashmir which means that the entire Kashmir valley was involved in this seditious campaign as never before. Highest number of direct attacks ever on police stations took place during these 5 months which included burning and looting of police stations in the state. As many as 66 weapons, including 17 AK rifles and over 7000 rounds of ammunition have been looted by the seditious mobs clearly reflecting violent rebellious motivations. There have been highest number of proportionate casualities amongst the security forces during this period and given the total number of civilian casualities including injured as well as killed comes roughly to an average of 2-3 persons per incident. This also gives the measure of security forces restraint when rebellious mobs armed with stones, petrol bombs and in many incidents fire arms attacked security forces and the public and private properties. Government of India as well as the state government failed miserably to present this factual situation in front of the people of India as well as international opinion. It seems the governments in the state and the centre have been allowing a one sided picture to become the gospel truth.

19. Kashmir valley is going from bad to worse as the terrorist incidents in 2016 increased to 216 from 143 incidents in 2015, 81 security forces personnel were killed as compared to 150 terrorists killed brings the ratio below 1:2 which will be unacceptable for any security formations fighting terrorism anywhere in the world.

20. The complicity of the political class in promoting and legitimizing sedition is so brazen that even deaf and blind cannot escape to register it. The dreaded HM terrorist Burhan was described as a hero and a martyr on the floor of the Assembly by the opposition MLA. CM of the state confessed that if she had known that Burhan was caught up in the encounter, she would have ensured that he was saved. Deputy Chief Minister had earlier said that Burhan�s killing was an accident. The secessionist sentiment in the state again got a flip when the CM of the state described accession as merely �technical�.

21. The introduction of Land Transfer Bill in the state legislative assembly by the PDP-BJP government is yet another concerted attempt to raise an impregnable high wall against the rest of the country. The bill sought to bar any non-state subject citizen or institution from acquiring any piece of land anywhere in Jammu and Kashmir on lease basis. The bill as expected aroused furore across the country that forced the BJP high command to get the bill referred to the select committee. BJP could have allowed the bill to lapse but again to appease its alliance partner PDP it acted in a way that allowed the bill to be sent to the select committee and in fact connived in keeping the choice of introduction of the bill in the Assembly alive. Had the bill been adopted as an act, it would have become impossible for Army, para-military forces, banks, corporate houses etc to operate in the state.

22. Last December, GOI in consultation with Jammu and Kashmir government decided to issue Domicile certificates to the refugees from Pakistan. Under this new regime these Hindu and Sikh refugees were to get reservations in Central Forces, Army and other Central departments. It was not an infringement upon the citizenship rights which are available only to the permanent residents of Jammu and Kashmir. But the entire separatist class and all the Kashmir based political parties, not only raised hue and cry opposing this measure but also organized three Bandhs in Kashmir to scuttle even the illusory concessions. The result was that the PDP-BJP government succumbed and instead of issuing the domiciliary certificates, declared that it will only issue identity cards to the Pak refugees.

23. Demographic onslaught: Jammu province became the target of a concerted demographic assault since the expulsion of Hindus from Kashmir in 1989-90.

a) Passing of the Roshini Act during the previous regime built a fertile ground for changing the demography of Jammu province with the connivance of the state government. Under this sinister act, over 2 lac canals of state and forest land in Jammu province including Jammu city and around was allowed to be grabbed mostly by the Muslims. The Comptroller and Auditor General described this loot of the state and forest land, �As the biggest ever land scam�. A number of Muslim colonies came up on these encroached lands. Some of them namely, Ramzanpura, Hyderabad, Firdousabad, Jallaalabad, and Qasim Nagar, all in and around Jammu city reflect how the demographic change of Jammu is assuming a new alarming impetus.

b) Along with the fraudulent demographic encroachment of Jammu done under the aegis of Roshni Act, Bangladeshi Muslims are also being settled in and around Jammu city. According to one report over one lakh Bangladeshi Muslims have been settled in Jammu provinces in those areas where Hindus are in a majority.

c) Not only this the demographic assault on Jammu has now become so brazen that even the 13000 Rohingya and Tibetean Muslims have also been settled in the Hindu majority districts of Jammu and Samba in the Jammu province. CM Mehbooba Mufti declared on the floor of the Assembly that, � deportation of these Muslims from jammu would not be appropriate.� The encouragement of the demographic change in Jammu can be gauged from the fact that as the alliance partner BJP is acting as helpless none other than the CM sometime back openly directed the administration not to harass Muslims who are illegally occupying state and forest lands and instructed that clusters for them with all facilities will be set up on the land occupied by them.

24. The ongoing Budget session of the State legislature, has witnessed CM Mehbooba Mufti making statements in the legislature which only raise more suspicions amongst the patriotic citizens. On 8-1-2017 she said, �PDP-BJP Agenda of alliance is holy for us as it envisages demilitarization of the state, retrieval of the land with the Army, transfer of NHPC run power projects in the state to Jammu and Kashmir government and meaningful dialogue with Pakistan and Hurriyat.� She had earlier raised the same demands in the presence of the governor. CM said on the floor of the Assembly , that there was a need to differentiate between militants and their families and announced Rs 5 lac, ex gratia and a government job, to the kin of the slain terrorists and seditionists in the state at the rate of one per family. She also said on the floor of the assembly that had she been informed about the encounter in which HM terrorist Burhan Wani was killed she would not have allowed the �fake encounter�. All this was capped by her statement in the assembly with no one from BJP opposing it when she described accession of J&K with the Union as merely �technical� and that no attempt has been made to address the psychological and emotional concerns of the Muslims.

25. For the first time after independence the Jammu stands totally excluded. The state cabinet has been constituted in such a way that all the vital departments with political weight and funds have been handed over to PDP. It will be worthwhile to know that Home, finance, planning, law , parliamentary affairs, general administration, revenue, education, tourism, agriculture, public distribution, science and technology, sericulture and horticulture, labour, employment have been allotted to PDP and BJP is in a minority despite the fact that it has equal number of MLAs with the PDP.

26. The treatment of the internally displaced Hindus from Kashmir during the PDP-BJP regime is a testimony of the mindset of abject compromise and abdication of BJP as the Islamo-fascist separatism widens its ambit.

a) BJP was expected to take a different line than its arch political rival Congress on the issue of return and rehabilitation of Kashmiri Hindus. It was expected to address the reasons of their forced displacement. It was expected to identify and set a process into motion which will bring the forces responsible for the religious cleansing of Hindus of Kashmir to justice. It was expected to recognize their right to return and live in Kashmir as a matter of right and not subject to the goodwill of the majority community. It was expected to evolve a perspective of a permanent and sustainable return to Kashmir and not merely as a symbolic cosmetic exercise. Congress regime had reduced the issue of return and rehabilitation of internally displaced Hindus of Kashmir akin to rehabilitation of victims of natural disasters like flood or earthquake. They had reduced it to a mere issue of economic package. Hindus of Kashmir expected BJP in the Centre and the state to recognize the genocide inflicted on them and address it as such as an issue of reversal of genocide. BJP government in New Delhi and in the state however chose to address the issue in no different way than the Congress. In fact they started imploring the majority community of the valley to allow their return. Starting from the rhetoric of creating townships for their return, they changed their position of setting up colonies, then mixed colonies and eventually any arrangement acceptable to the Muslims of Kashmir. Like their opposition to the Sainik colonies the entire Muslim political class rose as one entity to oppose the return of Hindus of Kashmir in any form. The Muslim political class described the return of the native Hindus as a conspiracy to change the demographic character of Kashmir. BJP watched helplessly and many time condescendingly.

b) The Agenda of Alliance underlined the BJP approach on the issue of return of Hindus of Kashmir as an exercise of their � integration� with the Kashmiri milieu which was nothing but the Islamist milieu so that they can be �absorbed� into it. Conversion of Hindus to become Muslims was implicit in this proposition. For peace and accommodation with the Muslim milieu BJP was ready to offer Hindus of Kashmir as sacrificial lambs.

c) As the BJP underplayed the pan-Islamist ferment in Kashmir the bursting out of the seditious unrest on the streets of Kashmir exposed its perfidy. The Islamo-fascist seditious unrest in Kashmir after the killing of Burhan again expressed itself in the form of genocidal attacks on the small remnants of Hindu presence in Kashmir. Small number of a few thousand Kashmir Hindus was attacked almost everywhere. Temples were again targeted. Hindu houses were again subjected to plunder, arson and fire. Kashmiri Hindus employees recruited as per the Prime Minister�s employment package, living in transition camps were targeted by the Islamist mobs. Transition camp in Haal and Vyasoo were attacked. In Haal mobs tried to redirect the local stream so that the camp can be flooded. The genocidal attacks were again downplayed and denied. Hindu employees had to run away to the safety in Jammu. In Jammu it pleaded with the government to recognize the dangers to their life and dignity in Kashmir and transfer them to Jammu. Instead of looking into the issue with the type of sensitivity it deserved BJP enacted one more farce of declaring employment for 2100 more displaced Kashmiri Hindus strictly in Kashmir. BJP policy can be summed up as the cosmetic secular dressing of Muslim Communalism by hostaging Hindus to a Muslim order.

d) While the farce of Hindu return to Kashmir is going on, the discrimination and marginalization of displaced Hindus is continuing in Jammu also. The displaced camps continue to be bereft of proper drinking water supply, sanitation continues to be despicable in the camps for the displaced particularly in Jagti and Nagrota in Jammu, and the newly constructed quarters are showing cracks and seepage in their walls all around. Medical and other emergency facilities continue to be poor. The camps are subjected to prolonged power cuts. During excruciating heat of the summer in Jammu lack of proper water and power supply is proving to be debilitating and many times fatal.

e) The state government has declared certain villages of the state as backward and residents of these villages are entitled to Backward Areas Certificates which entitles them for jobs and promotions reserved for these areas. The Kashmiri Hindus who belong to the villages declared as backward areas are not issued these certificates because they have been living since their displacement in Jammu and other parts of India. While the argument that since they are not living in the backward area villages at present the backward area benefits are denied to them, at the same time the Internally displaced employees are denied the proper House Rent Allowance(HRA) given on the basis of the city where they are posted and serving by taking a reverse position that their HRA will be determined on the basis of their posting prior to their displacement. Backward Area reservation is denied to them because they are presently living in Jammu and HRA is denied to them because they originally belong to Kashmir.

f) State Subject certificates are issued in the state on the basis of the State subject certificates of the parents. But in case of Hindus of Kashmir, during the present PDP-BJP rule, a new condition has been added. Hindus of Kashmir have now to produce the proof of their belonging to Kashmir as per the revenue records. Procuring such revenue records when they have been out of Kashmir for decades now is almost impossible. The process of eliminating Hindus of Kashmir as the state subjects of Jammu and Kashmir has already started. Contrast this development with how Tibetean and Rhongiya Muslims are given ration cards and in many cases state subject certificates one can understand the nature of demographic change to which the state is being subjected to during the PDP-BJP rule.

g) Hindus of Kashmir serving on the administrative posts particularly as Principals of various schools are repeatedly posted to far flung areas even after they have served their required tenure in these areas. In case of promotions of Hindu employees particularly teachers, female employees are transferred to Kashmir knowing very well that most of them will not be able to join there and the promoted seats will automatically become vacant to be filled up by local Muslims. Even the norm of posting the employees, who are about to retire, near the place of their residence or providing them a choice posting, is usually never adhered to in case of internally displaced Kashmiri Hindu Employees.

h) While the expulsion of Hindus from Kashmir continues and the bias and discrimination to which they are subjected to in their exile goes on with impunity, fraudulent encroachment of Hindu property in Kashmir continues unabated.

In Jammu and Kashmir Hindus are a subject people in a de facto Muslim State which is fast transforming into an Islamist state. The contract and compromise which the State of India and its political class has made with the Muslim communal politics is destroying the Non-Muslim population of the state. The siege particularly on the Hindus of the state is actually a siege of India to destroy India.

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