Date: 28/01/2017


Many phony liberals are condemning Mr Trump’s anti Islamic fundamentalist legislation as illegal or regrettable.

They cannot know the FUTURE of a “virgin” land like America, with NO Muslims in it yet. It’s a pity. It’s a tragedy in the making.

But we do know of a country who has had direct experience of Islam since 712 AD and failed to FORE-SEE the consequences of Islam’s entry in it. That country is INDIA that lies “bleeding in three broken fragments” out of one whole.

In the USA Islam showed its true (destructive) colour in September, 2001, being inspired by the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbour. (http://search.aol.co.uk/aol/image?q=pearl+harbor+attack&v_t=client97_searchbox-ac )

Smart and wide awake America immediately FORESAW (what the dull & ignorant Indians did not!) that "It was the BEGINNING!" Hence her RETALIATION followed swiftly. Within weeks, the entire GOVERNMENT of Taliban in Afghanistan was wiped out.

The Indian EQUIVALENT of “Pearl Harbour” and “NINE ELEVEN” was in 712 AD, when MOHAMMED bin Qasim of Arabia invaded Sindh for “gold and girls”. The Indians, too,, had to FORESEE what was coming! They ought to have raised a fearsome HINDU/BUDDHIST army to pursue the ENEMY and their "ISLAM" right up to the source, that is, MECCA.

In the event India grudgingly ABSORBED the grief, the injury and the gaping bleeding wound in her body, and FORGOT HER DEAD.

American RETALIATION still continues. In the last couple of days we heard that President Trump has BANNED the entry of the Muslims from several countries that produce terrorists (whose “Geneva Convention” is beheading, abduction, rape and amputation) and the economic migrants to come to the West and destabilise the society WHILE GROWING RAPIDLY IN NUMBERS.

In the case of India, since they did NOTHING to “Islam”, a century later aggressive Islamic forces appeared in MULTAN and yet another century later they showed up in LAHORE.
Finally in 1192 AD they CAPTURED Delhi and put the YOKE OF SLAVERY on each and every Hindu and Buddhist, including the high caste, low caste and the revered religious heads (“Shankaracharyas”). Sad to say that India has yet to recover since she is now PARTITIONED and much weaker than the collective Muslim might in South Asia!

Free world must unite behind Mr Trump in order to avoid the fate of India. The price of going soft or weak on Islamic fundamentalism will be horrendous for our coming generations.

28 Jan 17