Date: 13/02/2017


A religion can be defined as a belief system that regards all mankind equal, that is, one human race, and regards respect for women as the highest virtue.

Islam is a "religion" only for the brainwashed. It is, in fact, an IDEOLOGY that encourages the followers to conquer, or dominate, the whole world.

The foundation stone of the most recently established Islamic State of Pakistan was the “blood, bones & flesh of the millions of innocent Hindus and Sikhs (old, young and even the infants) who were massacred in cold blood, and the anguished cries of the abducted and raped girls and women”! Such must have been the wretched fate of all the previous FREE civilisations that are "Islamic republics" today!

The followers of Islam claim that the KORAN was literally dictated by God to an illiterate Mohammed (an impossibility!). It asserts Mohammed to be the LAST Prophet of God, bringing the Sikhs into conflict since they believe their own Founder, Guru Nanak Dev, was the last Prophet of God on earth! Islam divides mankind into Believers and Non-believers, that is, Kafirs and Infidels. A true religion regards all mankind as one human race.

Again Islam encourages VIOLENCE against those of other faiths and religions- "as per Koran! And it makes a mockery of women's rights and dignity- again, "as per Koran!".

Islam inhibits freedom of expression, and forbids questioning its legitimacy as a religion. A woman is most unlikely to head an ISLAMIC country. In Saudi Arabia a woman cannot even drive a car alone, and in most Islamic countries she will not even dare to!

Islam is like the poisonous WEED that kills other plants. In every country, including Saudi Arabia, where Islam appeared, all other religions perished. We must ask, “What happened to the Yazidis of Syria, Zoroastrians of Persia, the Buddhists of Afghanistan and the Hindus of Kashmir? Wherever Islam prevailed, the others perished and human progress and development ceased. Would Canada relish the extinction of her Christians, Hindus, Jews and Sikhs?

Would Canada wish to end up as a TERRORIST STATE like Pakistan that was as peaceful as Canada herself in 1947, the year of her birth- the year of her violent separation from secular, civilised and peaceful (mother) India?

Dear naive, innocent and welcoming Canadians, when you KNOW what fire does, you do not have to put your own hand in it to see what it does!

Canadians will become morons and “zombis” if banned from criticising the ridiculous, the illogical, the uncouth and the savage (Kafir-Killer) ISLAM. Instead of reforming the incoming "defective" they will be deforming the logical and the reasonable of their own!

A fearless (free) individual ought to say, "Islam is identical to the NAZI ideology of Hitler that led to World War 2, and to the Holocaust of the innocent Jews.

Islam, on the other hand, brought about the Holocaust of ALL the prevailing religions in the countries that are ISLAMIC REPUBLICS today, and should be banned in every democracy and secular tolerant country.

In fact Saudi Arabia, a MUSLIM country has banned all other religions within its borders thus making any RETALIATORY measure against Islam itself both logical and highly desirable!

Practising a religion should bring peace and tranquillity to one’s mind but practising Islam makes an individual restless and insecure, propelled to be intolerant and belligerent, critical of the other great religions, leading to conflict, violence, even bloodshed (suicide bombings, beheadings and assassinations), civil wars, and break-up of countries.

“Good Muslims” are known to abduct, rape and even sell women but escape criticism from fellow Muslims! The murders in France, Belgium and Germany, the rapes in Sweden and England (of 1400 school girls), and the devastating surprise attack on World Trade Centre Towers was approved, even celebrated, by the Muslims worldwide as an attack on the “Infidels”.

A country that lets in Muslims is on her way backwards to the life style of the 7th Century “dark” Arabia.