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Date: 01/03/2017

Not only a vital suggestion (your e-mail below) but also common sense and totally in national interest.

And yet we may wait for DECADES, or till we die, before anything is done. Why is the TOP so ineffective or USELESS in India? Even after SEVENTY years, "Partition" (unconditional surrender of one third of India in 1947) has yet to be acknowledged officially and in public!

1 Mar 17
PS: The same goes for abolition of Article 370.
The same goes for ejection of "foreign DAGGER" (Rohingya MUSLIMS) in the heartland of DOGRAS in Jammu!
The same goes for re-naming New Delhi International Airport.
The same goes for re-construction of Temple in Ayodhya.
The same goes for a new Constitution.
The same goes for a MEMORIAL to the two-million dead of Partition.
The same goes for the trial of criminals for corruption, scams and LAND GRAB during the previous regime.
The same goes for determining the Constitutional status of MUSLIMS (the "second-INDIGESTIBLE- nation") after, and on account of, PARTITION of India in 1947.
The same goes for "post mortem" of PARTITION to ascertain the responsibility or blame for the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of five provinces to the ENEMY without referendum or condition!
The same goes for the trial of all those who incited anti Sikh massacres in Delhi, and elsewhere, in Oct/Nov 1984.
The same goes for non payment of proper compensationn to all the refugees from Pakistan (West and East) whose lands and properties were illegally occupied by lawless Muslims after the Hindu/Sikh owners were FORCED OUT in violence, and whose kith & kin were killed and raped.

The list of CRIMES OF NEGLIGENCE OR COWARDICE on the part of Government of India is very LONG.
Will there ever be any response or action?

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Dear All,

The JNU was established to promote high-quality research and teaching but over the years things have changed in this university. Now this university is known only for left-oriented politics that always defames our armed forces and constitutional functionaries. Gurmehar Kaur's mind also seems to be brainwashed by these so-called leftists like Umar Khalid and Kanhaiya Kumar. She says her father was not killed by Pakistan but war killed him. The reality is different. Her father was killed by terrorists who came from Pakistan. It is indeed very sad to hear these kinds of statements which insult the sacrifice of our brave jawans. In addition to this, there are many instances when JNU students admire Pakistan, support Kashmiri terrorists and even appreciate China. This is too much. Discipline has lost its relevance in JNU. Many leftists research students are there who have not submitted their thesis even after six-seven years. They are getting subsidized food and accommodation and playing dirty politics. Why the government is not taking action in this matter?

This is the high time when someone like Dr. Subramaniam Swamy should be nominated as Chancellor of the university who could supervise the functioning of the university properly. The Proctorial Board needs to be made more active and efficient. The level of teaching and research also needs special consideration. This university should not be allowed to be the nursery of anti-national elements. A timely corrective action is a must. Let us save this great centre of knowledge from unruly people and make it a national institution which would defend the national honour and dignity.

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