Date: 03/03/2017

Ref. e-mail below.

The news is alarming. It is a FACT, not speculation. It means the greatest upheaval in South Asia due to DELHI GOING THE SAME WAY (& UNDER THE SAME FLAG) AS LAHORE.

Yet everyone is calm. People are going about their jobs as usual. Everywhere it is bright sunshine and summer is approaching. But NONE will take note of what the esteemed writer, one of the Hindu �THINK TANK�, OR INTELIGENTSIA, has written so clearly.

"WHAT IS THE REASON?", we ask. �Why nobody seems to take notice?�

We are told that Hindus' mantra is "Shanti, Shanti, Shanti," that means PEACE eternal. There is peace in every mind. There is �Prabhu� or �Bhagwaan� in every heart. Fear of future cannot even touch their toes!

But we cannot rest and forget Bharat, or the Hindus living there- so close to extinction.

The reason is BRAINWASHING. The reason is the BELIEF among the Muslims that Islam is the only true religion and all the rest is KUFFAAR. And the reason among the Hindus is the BELIEF that the Muslims are "brothers" and "sisters"!

The BIGGEST EYE OPENER, called �PARTITION�, is on nobody's mind. It is neither recalled nor commemorated! Not even the President mentions the word. People have TOTALLY forgotten that once LAHORE was in India like DELHI, and Karachi and Dhaka were in India like Mumbai and Chennai. And WORSE still, none mentions the manner of EXTERMINATION of the Hindus (and Sikhs) from those cities and parts of Bharat.

The result of our IGNORANCE, BELIEF, and what is in the e-mail below, is, that if one could live another 100 years, he would live long enough to see both Lahore and Delhi in ONE country and under ONE flag- just as they were till August 15, 1947.

It is not scare-mongering, It is not speculation. It is a FACT from which the whole RULING (& FOOLING) establishment in PARTITIONED INDIA has turned their faces away.

So, any idea as to how the grave dilemma posed in the following e-mail will simply go away?


3 March 2017

In a message dated 3/3/2017 3:53:19 P.M. GMT Standard Time, CCCCCCCCC writes:

Muslim population in India is set to reach 30% by 2050, and will surpass the population of Indonesia. The great danger that this poses to Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and Christians need not be mentioned. India will rapidly slide into medieval age of Aurangazeb, Muslim women will continue to be sex slaves, covered from head to toe in burqa, denied education, married and subjected to repeated talaqs by fundamentalists. The Government of India needs to bring in a compulsory family planning program, otherwise India will be gobbled up by Islamists, who are worse than their medieval counterparts. Population explosion is being deliberately triggered and set in motion as a war strategy. Europe is already on the verge of Islamisation. Trump's timely arrival in USA has partly saved that country. But we all need to be concerned about the Islamic multiplication. Our Judiciary, media, bureaucracy and political parties need to be co opted as partners in the war against Muslim population explosion.