Date: 04/03/2017


Multan is the sacred city renowned for Bhagat Prahlad, the small boy who refused to call the ruler of the day, his own father Hiranyakashipu (Harnaakash), �God�!


Seventy years ago TODAY, a brave patriot stood up in Multan to address a vast gathering of citizens at �Kupp Maidan�. The air was tense due to threat of imminent Partition.

Referring to the �mad� men who wanted to destroy Hindu-Muslim unity for ever in order to serve their Prophet, he said, �Yours was neither the LAST Messenger of God nor is the last word on the destiny of Hindusthan.� He punctuated his speech with the cry, �Akhand Bharat Amar Rahe!� ("Long Live United India!")

He did not know then that by his patriotic call he had extinguished his own flame of life. He fell a martyr on March 5, 1947, age 44.

His assassination is thought to be the FIRST in India in 1947 that lit the flames of Islamic aggression, claiming two million lives by the end of the year, and the unconditional surrender of not only Multan but a lot more to the fundamentalist, violent, separatist and intolerant Ideology that came to Sindh from the Arabian desert in 712 AD.

We had two �towering� (top) leaders then whose patriotism, loyalty and character were about to be exposed to the whole world as a FARCE.

One of them, MK Gandhi, went totally PASSIVE and quiet with no breath left to say, �If you destroy our Akhand Bharat we will force out all the Muslims to Pakistan!�

Gandhi could easily have appealed to the Rajputs in Rajputana, Marathas in Maharashtra and the warriors in Nepal to come and behead all the enemies of sanity and secularism who were demanding Pakistan! A patriot could as easily have placed a bomb under Mohammed Ali Jinnah's car! What was at stake was the future of ONE THIRD of the sub continent.

The other crafty "rat", JL Nehru, became extra ACTIVE and took direct control of Media to turn Information into Propaganda. Where Gandhi�s role ended, Nehru�s took off full speed with full vehemence, vigour and vengeance.

Nehru�s foremost concern was to show the world that not one Hindu was prepared to die for Gandhi�s Akhand Bharat, that not one native regarded the country more than a dirty rag. He, therefore, suppressed the name of the exceptionally brave patriot who had sacrificed his life in Multan by announcing at the large public gathering in the city, �We will never accept Pakistan. We will FIGHT them on land, sea and in the air, but NEVER SURRENDER an inch of our Motherland to the enemy," finally adding, "India will be cut upon my dead body!�

Nehru promptly accepted the Muslims� demand for a separate Islamic country, while at the same time enlisting Gandhi�s full consent not to force even ONE Muslim out of our Bharat to move to Pakistan! Traitor Nehru was deliberately sowing the seed of the same MONSTER to "swallow" the Rest of India, too.

Nehru gave an impressive speech from the rampart of Red Fort in Delhi on the midnight of August 14/15, 1947, to congratulate the people of India over their "Independence� from the British but he neither mentioned �Partition� nor Multan, nor even the patriot who defended Akhand Bharat by sacrificing his life on March 5.

Instead, he had his propaganda machines working overtime to portray himself as the true son of Bharat who believed in Secularism! Goebbel's methods were fresh in his mind.

In order to keep the Hindus ignorant and ready for slaughter again, he had a Constitution promulgated that had NO mention of the unconditional surrender of vast territories to Islam. The Constitution acknowledged the Muslims as a special separate minority worthy of all State support, including Hajj subsidies, while making the word �Hindu� sound inferior and embarrassing.


When the 6,000-year old city fell to Islam for the second time, God held His Court and asked the spokespersons of all the three main religions of India to attend.

First he addressed the Hindu, �You were the first owner of LAND. Why did you not defend the city (Multan) and the women who lived in it?� The Hindu hung his head in shame and remained silent.

Then He turned to the Sikh, �You had captured the city so bravely a century earlier to keep it under your control for ever. How did you defend it when the British attacked?� The Sikh, too, hung his head in shame and remained silent.

Finally, God turned to the Muslims, �I reward you with victory under the Law of Nature, �Survival of the fittest�, and the fittest are the SAVAGES (the "JAAHIL") who can WIELD THE SWORD TO KILL. You did exactly that!�


On the 70th anniversary of that brave patriot's martyrdom (�balidaan�), of which neither the President nor the Prime Minister of �Partitioned Indian Secular State� (P.I.S.S.) is aware, we ask BOTH Hindus and Sikhs, �How will you both coordinate your RESPONSE to recover MULTAN in the future?�

We see them BOTH standing with their heads down in shame, and silent. They haven't got a clue as to what God Almighty is talking about!

There is a CONVICTION in many minds that if MULTAN IS NOT RECOVERED THEN DELHI IS DOOMED. God will be on the side of those who can wield the sword to kILL!

What will happen to all the sadhus and sants, all the holy men and mahatmas?

Their heads will be �footballs� for the conquerors (like the Isil, Daesh, Al Qaida and the Taliban) to play with in the ruins of our mandirs and gurdwaras!

Let no one- Peon to President, Jawan to General, be under the ILLUSION that God or Mr Trump, Security Council or UNO, will come to help the �crippled� Bharat Mata (minus leg and arm, severed in 1947) when the enemy �goes� for Delhi!

For a reality check please do look at the YAZIDI community and ask one of their widows! They, too, were looking up to God or Mr Obama, Security Council or UNO, to save their men!

It�s a great pity- indeed, national shame, that neither the President of India nor the Prime Minister ever asked the widow from Multan!



5 March 2017.

PS: The future may hold a secret that the "Rashtrapati" will end like Guru Tegh Bahadur and the Prime Minister like Emperor Prithvi Raj Chauhan.
By one estimate 600 million HINDUS have been killed by the "Sword of Islam" so far since 712 AD, proving that WE HINDUS ARE INCORRIGIBLE!