Date: 12/03/2017

We coined the phrase "BAHADUR BEWAQOOF" for the once brave PEOPLE & LEADERS respectively, of Punjab. When the LEADERS were "Lions" we had a powerful Sikh KING who ensured peace in his Realm from Kashmir to Multan and right up to KHYBER Pass.

His Kingdom was wedged between the Mogul Empire under Bahadur Shah Zafar in Delhi and the powerful Afghans in Kabul. Like the State of Israel today his Kingdom, too, was surrounded by ENEMIES on all sides.

That Kingdom was lost in 1846 due to a traitor called Teja Singh, just as Akhand Bharat was lost in 1947 due to a traitor called Jawaharlal Nehru.

The first thing the new MASTERS did was to KILL all freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh and to turn the rest into SERVANTS, or "sewaks". Thus when the leaders were no more the "lions" the people of the State ended up as "NISHKAM SEWAKS".

It was the NISHKAM SEWAKS who could not defend LAHORE and KHYBER PASS in 1947, not even Sri Nankana Sahib! What they were subjected to in that year by way of massacres, rape and indignities along with the Hindus in five provinces is relatively well known despite the official ban on the word "PARTITION"!

1947 was the historic turning point when the natives (Hindus and Sikhs) had to do a lot of soul searching to find out the reasons of India's horrendous historic defeat and the territorial surrenders but we had a few despicable BARRISTERS at the top who successfully made the POISON called PARTITION look like the sweet honey cake called "Independence". Such fraud & deception are unprecedented in history!

WHAT was stopping the natives defying the treacherous Sarkar that soon became known as "HINDU BASHING"? This mild phrase does not explain the REALITY- that the nation was meant to remain willing slaves for ever.

The renowned investigative journalist, the late ARWIND GHOSH of Texas, USA, actually forecast the possibility of the Hindus in Hindusthan living on RESERVATIONS like the native Americans in the USA.

ONE COMMUNITY, in particular, of all the communities in Bharat, that had to sit up and THINK, were the SIKHS. But what did they do? We must continue to narrate with SHAME-

THE SIKHS FORGOT "PARTITION" IN A SECOND. And they also FORGOT that they were not only meant to be brave but also wise! They forgot the glory of capturing KHYBER after inflicting a crushing defeat on the fearsome AFGHANS, and they forgot that once the capital of their grand Province was LAHORE.

Gurdwaras, as we all know, are dearer to the Sikhs than their lives. Hence they avenged the desecration of Sri Harmandir Sahib as many as THREE times in history by killing the two hated FOREIGN invaders and the one HOME-GROWN political "Witch" who should have known!

Golden Temple, like the Temple in Ayodhya, in ruins since 1526, is no ordinary place of sanctity: Please look up https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amritsar to see the antiquity and sanctity of the place.

But Alas! a precious diamond cannot stay with either a mahatma or a defeated nation for long! That's what Maimoona Begum under the name of "Indira Gandhi" planned to do in 1984. But what to say of the HINDU leaders (the overall guardians of Hindusthan, being the majority community!), even the Sikhs had no investigative journalism to shout, "Beware, Musalmanee in the garb of a Hindu "devi"!"

The anti Hindu Constitution of Bharat, written up by pro Muslim elements AFTER the birth of ISLAMIC Pakistan, makes everyone trust anybody to disastrous consequences!

With foresight the Sikh leaders could have PREVENTED the attack on Golden Temple, the assassination of the Musalmaani prime minister, and the subsequent Sikh MASSACRES (not "riots", the word used by the Indian COOLIE media!), and all would have been well!

Nehru, upon taking over PARTITIONIED India, did everything to make the Hindus forget the defeat and carnage of 1947, due to his own designs that he held for the natives of land. There is NO tradition in Bharat to "read the mind" of the rulers who were always ANTI HINDU, thus ANTI SIKH!

The latest political shift of the State is unfortunate. The newly elected Congress government, mostly Sikh Sardars, is to spread red carpet for the Son of "Bofors Chor", the upstart Rahul, and his ITALIAN born mother, the bogus "Rashtramata" of Indian slaves, Sonia Maino Gandhi, instead of throwing old shoes and rotten eggs on them to finally close the unfortunate chapter of our history!

Punjab has opened the back door for entry to Bharat for the anti national Party that surrendered Lahore and Nankana Sahib, manipulated situation to attack Golden Temple by Indian Army (instead of sending them to recover North Kashmir!) and then refusing to try the criminals of "fake encounters" and massacres of Sikhs in 1984!

Instead of EXTERMINATING the Congress Party of Nehru Dynasty, Punjab has boosted their image and anti Modi clout.

Punjab under FOOLISH leaders has gone against the current phase of RESURGENCE of the long suffering natives of the soil.

Now to the BJP, the partners of Akali Dal Government in EAST Punjab: They committed a BLUNDER by joining the Akali Dal under lacklustre dull & corrupt Badal. They stayed too subdued and tongue-tied, even intimidated, by Mr PS Badal to protest against chief minister's NEPOTISM, increase in his personal "empire", the spread of DRUG CULTURE, and militancy in the State.

On their own BJP would have swept to power in Punjab as in UP, but they were ruined by their ROTTEN company! There are examples in recent history of suffering defeats due to bad company. The Germans were ruined in World War 2 by their rotten ITALIAN company and in the First World War by their ROTTEN Turkish allies!

Mr Badal, like NEHRU, served his own family and boosted his own financial assets. He encouraged the drug culture for his own profit and thus alienated the people.

Capt Amarinder Singh, a respected man and an influential and popular politician, ought to have formed his own INDEPENDENT Party instead of supporting the Congress Party. He has gone for ROTTEN allies who should have been wiped out on the day they surrendered Lahore to the ENEMY.

We see only misfortune where LEADERS have no clue to the mind of their enemies and no faith in the capabilities of their own subjects. It is beyond belief that ANY Sikh would let ANY member of NEHRU dynasty step on the sacred soil of EAST Punjab when Congress Party has been tested and tried a thousand times to be in EVIL ALLIANCE with the Muslims.

Foolish Punjabis went AGAINST the newly resurgent Bharat under BJP. They have missed the "SAFFRON REVOLUTION" that is unfolding before our eyes after a thousand years!

12 Mar 17

An eyewitness of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots

By Col (retd) Bhupinder Malhi


By a young Bhupinder Malhi

We, a group of young Army Officers of Armoured Corps were on board Jhelum Express to attend Young Officers Course at Armoured Corps Centre and School (ACCS) at Ahmednagar and happen to witness anti Sikh riots from very close quarters.

I boarded AC 2 Tier of Jhelum Express at Ambala Cantt early morning on 01 Nov 1984 along with few other course mates of mine. By the time our train reached outer Delhi near Sabji Mandi area around 1000h we spotted that Delhi was burning. Lots of trucks were on fire and smoke could be seen rising from the buildings owned by Sikhs . When the train reached New Delhi Railway Station , we got down to enquire about the situation. We spotted many Sikhs lying injured on the platform and no one was willing to provide any first aid or help. We tried to help few of the injured but our train was immediately moved out of railway station. The train was forcibly stopped near Nizammudin Railway Station by an unruly mob. They started pulling out Sikhs from the train and there was a chaos all around. We all quickly put on our uniforms and got down to help the Sikhs. We managed to save a few but could not save majority of Sikhs as the mob was huge. We tried our best to douse the fire of many Sikhs who had been set on fire by putting cycle rubber tyres around them.

Some of us tried calling police using railway phone but there was no response. We also tried calling Army headquarters Duty Officer but could not reach them. We spotted a an injured Sikh who was thrown on the railway track and two of us rushed to help him but by the time we reached him, an approaching train overran him and we saw his body cut into pieces. We collected his body parts in a bed sheet and brought it to railway platform to be handed over to police .

The train moved a bit and was again stopped near Okhla slums . Another group of mob entered our AC 2 Tier compartment by breaking the window glass as there are no iron grills in AC compartment. The mob systematically started searching the compartment and started pulling out Sikhs out of the train. We tried to reason out with rioters and managed to save few fellow Sikhs. Unfortunately we could not save all. Capt Gill of 89 Armoured Regiment was stabbed at a distance of 1 ft from me in spite ofour best efforts we could not save him from the rioters. We requested rioters to spare his life as he was a soldier but the rioters argued that the person who killed Mrs Indira Gandhi was also a soldier.

We carried the dead body of Capt Gill along with us and handed over to Army authorities at Mathura Raliway station at night. Another Sikh officer named Sahota from GREF (General Reserve Engineer Force) was made to hide under the berth in our compartment . He was spotted by the mob and was killed there itself by hitting him with iron rods.

We were lucky to save my course mate Harinder (86 Armoured Regiment) who was being pulled out of the train but some of us held on to him and managed to free him from the clutches of death.

Another young officer from Artillery who was travelling with his newly wedded wife was saved by us by shaving his beard and shorning his hair.

We repeatedly requested railways authorities for help but no one was willing to oblige. On the contrary, one TTE was seen indicating to the mob about the location of Sikhs hiding in the compartments.

Two officers Yadav (75 Armoured Regiment) and AP Singh(9 Horse) managed to get hold of a 12 bore rifle which was being carried by a soldier proceeding on leave. They fired few rounds at the mob and mob retreated. They were awarded subsequently for this bravery.