Date: 26/03/2017

Subject line: "MUSLIM HINDRANCE....!"
Isn't that normal? Muslims are always and everywhere an OBSTACLE, a HINDRANCE, a BRAKE, an OBSTRUCTION, a SPOKE in the wheel, and a ROCK in the middle of the road,
Sometimes a Muslim goes mad and drives his car or truck through the crowd- be it Berlin, London or the beach in Nice, France!

When did they make Hindus' life easy? How many stood up for Akhand Bharat? How many embraced Hindu Dharma on marrying a Hindu maiden? How many will welcome the Hindus back in Srinagar?

Why do Hindus in Partitioned India need the Muslims' approval to construct Sri Ram Mandir in Ayodhya? (WE SHOULD BE ASKING THEM TO GO TO THEIR PAKISTAN, INSTEAD!)

Hindus are STUCK (SHAME!) at Ayodhya. What should they do now?

And if any mischief-monger creates trouble, then the jail is the place for him, or Pakistan.

Let us ASSERT ourselves on our own patch. Concede the Muslims as much attention as the HINDUS receive in Bangladesh!

Those who wish to avoid "provoking" the Muslims, or wish to avoid confrontation, should KNOW that one day, inevitably, the BATTLE for Delhi will begin. And there is a WARNING for the Hindus: "Buckray ki maan kab tak Khair manayai-gee!"?

It means that the Hindus behaved like the lambs when we had to defend Lahore and Chittagong, Gilgit and Baltistan!

It means that we had to INSIST on "population exchange" simultaneously at the time of withdrawal of the Indian Army from Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Multan, Quetta and Karachi!

To match the PROWESS of an alien and ever hostile minority, if the Hindus have to learn some MARTIAL arts, then so be it! "Dump Gandhi. Go for Gobind!"

Sticking to "Gandhian" patriotic vacuum, & his "Ahimsa Parmo Dharma", will mean the unconditional SURRENDER of Delhi eventually!

We let them stay. We did not throw them out. We appeased and pleased them all the time. We gave them one third of India without a single condition. We kept them home as "brothers". So, by ISLAMIC logic, now the chickens have come home to roost!

By Law of Nature if one wishes to survive on one's own territory, one will have to be STRONGER than all the enemies who wish to exterminate him (as in Lahore!) or force him out of his home (as in Srinagar!) put together.

So, how "MARTIAL" (strong or FIGHTING FIT) are the Hindus in a land where the Muslims are posturing in front of Sri Ram Mandir?
26 Mar 17
PS: PLEASE FLY "BHAGWA" ON TOP OF RASHTRAPATI BHAWAN and LOK SABHA and from every roof top in Ayodhya!
Go on. DO IT!