Date: 01/04/2017


We lived in Multan where I went to DAV High School. My super mum took care of the house and my father was a successful lawyer. Since the population was mostly Muslim the courts were kept busy by two kinds of crime: Forcible abduction and conversion of Hindu girls and the jealous husbands murdering their cheating wives- often along with their illicit lovers.

The hottest news in 1946 was the trial of the three officers of INA, Prem Sahgal, Gurubaksh Singh Dhillon and Shah Nawaz Khan. Lahore in Diwali 1946 remained dark as the traditional earthen lamps lit on Diwali were not lit by families in support of the prisoners.

The fires of patriotism burning in the heart of Subhash Chandra Bose galvanised the men & women of “Azad Hind Fauj” (INA) to fight for freedom. The venomous rodent called “Pakistan” was deep in the hole somewhere, waiting for its day to come out as a voracious PIG to gobble up one third of India just a few months later.

The other hot news was the unprovoked and unprecedented genocide of Hindus in the Noakhali district of Bengal. It was a warning shot fired by All India Muslim League with the threat, “THIS IS THE FORE-TASTE OF WHAT WE WILL DO IF YOU DO NOT CONCEDE PARTITION!”

In hindsight one can say that they did not have to drop a “nuclear bomb” to scare the top Hindu leaders when one was in their own pocket and the other their best friend. In the event Nehru “went along” and Gandhi collapsed with no breath left to utter just ONE word, “Defend!”

It seems in hindsight that Partition was the joint idea of Jinnah and Nehru. The latter had Muslim blood in his genes just like the former President of the USA, Barak Hussain OBAMA. “Bapu” MK Gandhi was shattered- not only due to the bloodshed but also due to the new awareness of reality, seeing the upside down power ratio that showed the minority capable of inflicting a deep LETHAL wound in the body of the majority community! Gandhi saw Noakhali as the ominous prelude to a much bigger national calamity.

Back in Multan my father took up the case of INA prisoners in jail since no other lawyer was willing to handle their case since Pandit Nehru had, like the British rulers, called them "traitors and deserters" and wanted arrest warrants issued to try and hang Subhash Chandra Bose!

Father was congratulated by all when the prisoners were released and welcomed by the citizens of that ancient city where once Bhagat Prahlad lived!

But father became sad and reflective. He had a very sharp mind to hear the death knell of Akhand Bharat after witnessing the spectre of “Might is Right,” that is, “Dagger prevailing over Rosary!” or “Rascal killing the Mahatma!”

Today, 70 years on, one asks, “What else had the MUSLIMS been doing in Hindusthan since 712 AD except killing the natives, destroying temples, raping girls and women and carting Hindu slaves to Kabul for auction and to Hindukush mountains to perish?" With such a perennial enemy living within for centuries, the Hindus ought to have been well prepared for the attack!

Father, being President of the Minorities Federation, Multan, phoned Mr Gandhi to take advice to be conveyed to the citizens of Multan. He was astonished to find Gandhi calmly telling everyone, “There is no danger from the Muslims. They respect & adore me. They will give up the demand for Pakistan and stand up along with us for Akhand Bharat.”

Gandhi added, “Tell everyone not to panic. India will be cut upon my dead body!” Father told family and friends, not to worry. All will be well. He continued, “Mr Gandhi is respected by all, including our British masters and we ought to believe him. There will be no partition so long as Gandhi is alive.”

But at the same time Father drew another conclusion based on the reality of the upside down Power Ratio. He had doubts about Gandhi’s influence over the Indian Muslims and he saw the ogre of Partition staring in his face. Suddenly he started reading Bhagwat Gita and telling us that upon one’s death only body dies while the soul is immortal. At the same time he turned to the martial compositions by Guru Gobind Singhji and asked us children to learn them by heart. Perhaps a premonition, since his own commitment to “Akhand Bharat” was extreme, far above his own life. He, too, had declared the same resolve in front of a huge gathering of citizens of Multan on the evening of March 4, 1947, “India will be cut upon my dead body!”

Since he meant what he said, he fell a martyr within 24 hours.

He was the first victim in our peaceful & prosperous province of Punjab, to be killed by the separatist, sectarian, divisive, intolerant and bloodthirsty poisonous ideology of one “mad man” in the 7th.century AD who wrote the word “Kafir” in his book thus pitching his followers against the rest of mankind, and fracturing the human race for ever! That ONE word sealed India’s fate in bloodshed in Multan on March 5, 1947.

There are many lessons to be learnt from Partition but to the country’s bad luck NONE in the ruling establishment is willing to discuss Partition. The Constitution of truncated Bharat also does not contain two words: “Hindu” and “Partition”. The ideology of the country with overwhelming Hindu majority is “secular mongrel Kitsch”!

Father’s legacy remains unfulfilled. The Hindu nation, and everyone else who is loyal to the sacred soil, culture & spiritual heritage of Bharat, has a stark choice: Either denounce that bogus Partition vehemently or perish!

The wheel that flies off a speeding car has to be re-fitted in its place. The frontier at Khyber Pass is the right one. It is natural. But the one between Lahore and Amritsar is wrong. Day and night it broadcasts Pandit Nehru’s High Treason to the world. It is like the line drawn in sand. It flies in the face of Truth and logic. It did not have the legitimacy conferred by referendum. It has locked up one nation in three separate sealed compartments to suffocate all to death!

Father gave the perfect answer to the question, “WHAT CAN UNITE HINDUS & MUSLIMS IN INDIA?”


The answer is “ONE language and ONE Law for all”. To ENFORCE this, we need a strong army and a new Constitution that does mention the two banned words, “Partition” and “Hindu”, does define the constitutional status of Muslims in view of Partition, does mention our eternal commitment to “Akhand Bharat” (frontier back to Khyber!) and does empower the government to ENFORCE one Law for all.


31 March 2017.