Date: 01/04/2017

Mananiya Shrcccccc

By asking your "million dollar" question you have touched on the historic MISFORTUNE of the Hindu nation.
Going against ALL the weight of history, self preservation, common sense and intelligent reason & logic, we "unknowingly, unwittingly, innocently, stupidly" eat the poison again and again that looks like honey.

We may have OFTEN wondered as to why such an intelligent people like us, the Hindus, violated the LAWS of SURVIVAL so wrecklessly and so often, only to land in the den of slavery. (NB: At this time the Hindus in South Kashmir are living in the state of SLAVERY and those in West Bengal are living in the state of TERROR!)

Let us look at Partition: Acting on OUR behalf our leaders told the ENEMY, “Brother Jinnah, take away all the territory you want and SLAUGHTER all the Hindus you can and we will NOT lift even the little finger!” O Yes, and they told the whole world, “We care two hoots about Hindusthan or the Hindus. Both are “utter rubbish”- not worth fighting for!”

We did that, putting NO condition, asked for NO price, obtained NO guarantee for the safety of Hindus who were being BETRAYED (while Muslims were being REWARDED) in broad day light!
Then look at Article 370. NOT ONE HINDU/SIKH Chief Minister ever said, "We are not "NIGGERS". How about extending the Article to cover all the States in Bharat?” NO! Not one “mouse”, including the two sitting happily and shamelessly on “Union Territory”, dared!

We can only speculate when the MOST INTELLIGENT behave like the IDIOTS that the WEIGHT OF HISTORY is pushing us Hindus down and down into eternal SLAVERY once again!
Last time the FOREIGN INTERVENTION (East India Company) finished off the hated MOGULS. Who will rescue us NEXT TIEM? Russia or America? And when? In 3017 A.D.?

Individually we Hindus can learn from our mistakes & correct our behaviour. But collectively, we are totally helpless- even when we are pushed through the giant ABATTOIRS in our millions!
In 1947 TWO MILLION Hindus (& Sikhs) went to their DEATH in the manner of SIX MILLION Jews a couple of years earlier!

Yet neither in West Punjab nor in East Punjab we mustered RESISTANCE like the Jewish uprising in Warsaw (

Today we have the bad luck called LOK SABHA wrapped around us again to suffocate us to eternal sleep. They relate neither to country nor to nation but to their own families and personal fortunes!
1 Apr 17