Date: 01/04/2017

"Even the Pope says Islam is a religion of peace."
Pope is also the POLITICAL Head of a sovereign State.
He has businesses, investments and a banking empire. He has helicopters and a well armed security force.
He has (diplomatic missions) ambassadors in most capitals of the world including New Delhi, Bharat, and Vilnius, Lithuania.

And he has a political axe to grind. So he says, "Islam is a religion of peace!" You would have thought that a "man of religion" never lies!

What a man he is, if he thinks the YAZIDI girls and women were captured in the ISLAMIC State by peaceful means, if he thinks Partition of India was a peaceful family affair and if he thinks the Hindus in Srinagar locked up their homes and left laughing for a better life elsewhere!

And, when did the Pope condemn the PARTITION of India, or the MILLIONS of Hindus massacred, girls and women abducted and raped, and tens of millions of refugees FORCED OUT of their homes by the "religion of peace"?

Unfortunately the "rotten" Indian COOLIE press will repeat the Pope's words verbatum but not what is written in black and white ABOVE! They even write repeatedly and non stop that Nehru was a true patriot who FOUGHT Partition tooth and nail!

Truly, the man of religion was Christ, born in the manger, and the other Guru Nanak Dev. See the difference? See the Truth?