Date: 09/04/2017

Well said, Shri cccc, though they are DEAF who are supposed to hear this!.
By this meeting (MODI & HASINA), the defeated & weak Hindusthan formally acknowledges the sovereignty of the victorious rebel Islamic state that is perceived to be "strong & sovereign" in New Delhi, that is, AT PAR WITH BHARAT!

But wasn't there a lesson for the "Gandhian" (perishing) MAJORITY community (Hindus)- that the Muslims, if living among the Kafirs will always struggle and fight to get out.
And once out, they will NEVER rejoin the land (even of their own birth!).

To explain in simple language, East Bengal should NEVER have left West Bengal in 1947 when there are so many Muslims (including Mrs. Salma Ansari- photo below) living happily and swearing by Secularism ALL OVER Bharat. And if a MAD Mohammed Ali Jinnah took her OUT unwillingly in 1947, then what was stopping her from rejoining Bharat in 1972 especially after the Bharati SENA shed blood for her liberation- unless Bharati blood is "water" and lives of Jawans "dirt cheap"?

Both Modi and Hasina do not have on mind the horrendous attack on Akhand Bharat in 1947. Bharat ought to be a strong, principled and patriotic country in order to assert her RULE over the whole of EAST Bengal, or publicly justify Partition before her own citizens.

In the Background of Hasina is NOAKHALI and HIGH TREASON of 1947 and 1972, and in the background of Modi is the "ethnic cleansing" of Hindus (Pandits) in SRINAGAR and Article 370, as well as the massacres in West Punjab in 1947, and the Killings of Tamils of Sri Lanka in 1987.

There is something deceitful and treasonous in this meeting between both of them- if we care to consult Bharat Mata whose eternal frontiers will always remain at Khyber and Chittagong until either side is defeated after a WAR, or complete TRANSFER OF POPULATION is carried out.

In 1947 the sacred soil of Bharat was thrown to "dogs" by Nehru FREE OF COST and WITHOUT ANY CONDITION!

The border between Wagah and Atari, running through the middle of PUNJAB, the Province of Warriors, is an insult to the State and its BRAVE people.

If Lahore and Dhaka are not brought back in India by Hindu "SHAKTI", FORCE of Secularism or MORAL COURAGE, then DELHI is doomed, too, and will be OUT OF BHARAT soon!

We, the tiny insignificant finite human beings- here today and GONE for ever tomorrow, cannot insult, play the fool with, or surrender any part of our ancient Land of Divinity & Spirituality, Sri Krishna and Guru Nanak, so lightheartedly, so casually and so irresponsibly, just to call Nehru the "Man of Millennium" and Gandhi the "Great Guiding Spirit" of the disunited cowardly defeated Nation!

Those Hindus who are alive today did not go to the help of those Hindus who perished at Partition. It is beyond belief that even today neither the DEAD are on the mind of the (useless mercenary) "Rashtrapati" nor the LAND that was surrendered for NO reason whatsoever! **

9 Apr 14.
** Except as a prelude to surrendering Delhi, too!
NB: After four days will be the anniversary of the MASSACRE at Jallianwala Bagh in 1919. While commemorating THAT massacre please also commemorate the "mother of all massacres" that took place in the whole of Pakistan, not only in Punjab, in 1947.