Date: 09/04/2017

Re. Subject line above. How can one save India when the very foundation is wrong?

The Hindu nation cannot move forward, and India cannot be saved, UNLESS & UNTIL that bogus PARTITION is resolved.

Partition was an INVASION, not by a foreign country but by ENEMY WITHIN.

Instead of repulsing it, India's majority community FAILED to develop suitable response or counter attack.

The result was the crushing defeat of the Hindus and the Victors (Muslims) dictating all the terms of cease-fire.

(NB: Please note that the "cease fire" on August 15, 1947, after agreeing to all the CONDITIONS put forward by the Muslims, is unilateral. It was not agreed to, or signed by, the Muslims!

The "cease fire" in Kashmir came later!)

The terms of the FIRST "cease fire" included the surrender of VAST territories and the right of the Muslims to stay back in Bharat enjoying full citizenship rights like the Rest.

India was humiliated in 1947 like Germany and Japan in 1945 but immensely worse. While Germany and Japan have recovered, India has collapsed. None in Germany dare speak of Hitler today while in India we have the enemies of Hindus like Zakir Naik and Oweise roaming free & preaching freely.

In Germany and Japan they wiped out their enemies completely. India's enemies are well fed and fat, still in belligerent mood. Several Presidents, Vice Presidents, Governors, ambassadors, MP's and MLA's and leading editors and journalists in India are MUSLIM, now even joined by ITALIANS.

Germany and Japan have no corrupt, arrogant and lazy "baboo" class to degrade and frustrate the common man, acting as brakes.

Their future is bright. India’s future is dismal. It all depends on LEADERS- glorious or despicable, “lions or goats”.