Date: 29/04/2017

Khalsa College, Sri Amritsar, the premier-most institution of higher learning, was established during the British Raj by the leaders of the Singh Sabha Movement in 1892. They were inspired by the lofty ideals of the great Gurus and planned it to be a growing institution which would strive forever to achieve high degree of excellence of mind and body for the welfare of the youth. The architectural grandeur of its buildings and layout of its campus clearly demonstrate the will of the founders.
Such a grand and fine world renowned Sikh educational institution, has had its shining illustrious days nearly over. It was established in the Era of Stalwarts when men were men.
Unfortunately like the country, led by traitors in 1947, and by the “rats” today, this grand institution, that once produced great scholars and sportsmen, too, is now in serious decline.
The foremost calamity is the low priority on Education within a political system that is RUINED by two evils: 1. Corruption & greed; and, 2. Inferior HUMAN material where great talent, dynamism and professionalism are called for.
The ethos of Khalsa College ought to have included “RESPECT for, and DIGNITY of, all its students who ought to be cherished, valued and treated by the Principal and the staff LIKE THEIR OWN CHILDREN.
There MUST come a day when PEOPLE of the ex slave colony INDIA, become well informed and smart to choose and elect their leaders, ministers and principals on MERIT, and on no other basis. The tradition of regarding the citizens as the cattle, seen during the ISLAMIC (Mogul) era ought to have ended in 1947 when the NATIVES took over the country in their own hands. But to India’s bad luck the first native prime minister of India exposed his true mind when someone suggested to him to demand Referendum before signing the unconditional surrender of one third of India to All-India Muslim League. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru replied, “Who consults the cattle?“
His daughter, Indira Gandhi, (a secret convert to ISLAM), treated the citizens of India with the same arrogance and CONTEMPT like her father as the bigoted Emperor Aurangzeb did. To discourage criticism of her autocratic policies she imposed Emergency (from June 25, 1975 to March 21, 1977) and to “demoralise” the proud Sikhs, asking for some petty concessions, she launched her uncalled for army attack on Sri Harmandir Sahib, the world renowned holy shrine in Amritsar.
We had expected an end to the colonial attitude and administrative system after the arrival of Mr Narendra Modi, an honest and diligent man. But the filth and mess in bureaucracy and the ill trained rude & crude police are proving too much for the sole “crusader” Modi.
Education, like all the other departments and portfolios is still third rate in India. Teachers lack qualifications, motivation and personal commitment and lack care for the students.
To see the standards of well-being of students fall SO LOW in a premier educational institution is a matter of great SHAME for the rulers of East Punjab.
We hope the Chief Minister of State will go to the highly upset and agitated students of Khalsa College in Amritsar and pacify them and at the same time suspend, dismiss or transfer the Principal and the concerned staff whose attitude resulted in the loss of the promising life of a good student. The loan to the father of the student ought to be waived or cleared through public donations or by the College.

30 Apr 2017