Date: 01/05/2017


Government of India!

By not repudiating that bogus & illogical, undemocratic, separatist COMMUNAL “Partition” the Government of India and their Constitution ACKNOWLEDGE & CONFIRM that the INDIAN Muslims are the "Second Nation" within Bharat. But, ironically, by conceding Pakistan Bharat has also made the Indian Muslims a divided nation, helplessly and unwillingly trapped within the "hated" Hindu nation of a totally different belief system, culture, mentality, spirituality and ethos!

Government of India, by NOT rejecting that TWO NATION theory, but by permitting the Pakistani and the "BOGUSdeshi" High Commissions to operate in New Delhi, accept & confirm that they agree with the raison d’etre of the separate ISLAMIC State exclusively for the INDIAN Muslims.

Now let us see the IMPACT & IMPLICATIONS of this cowardly, treacherous and dishonest DUPLICITY of the Government of India;-

1. It leaves the Hindus shocked & confused as to “How the Father of Nation, MK Gandhi could insist that the Hindus and Muslims are “brothers” when the latter have violently taken out the heart of Punjab, LAHORE, and exterminated the HINDUS there?

How could "Mahatma" MK Gandhi shut his eyes and brain, to the persecution of Hindus in East Bengal (Noakhali) and Kashmir, and forget the public beheading of Guru Tegh Bahadur in 1675? And why was barrister Gandhi so ignorant of the beastly manner of execution of the freedom fighters like Banda Singh Bahadur and his companions (see below)*?


*( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banda_Singh_Bahadur

One example (out of one million) of the brutal persecution of Hindus (majority community) by the Muslim rulers in the past:

On 7 December 1715, Banda Singh Bahadur was captured from the Gurdas Nangal fort and put in an iron cage. The remaining Sikhs were captured and chained. The Sikhs were brought to Delhi in a procession with the 780 Sikh prisoners, 2,000 Sikh heads hung on spears, and 700 cartloads of heads of slaughtered Sikhs used to terrorise the population. They were put in the Delhi fort and pressurised to give up their faith and become Muslims.

On their firm refusal all were ordered to be executed. Every day, 100 Sikhs were brought out of the fort and murdered in public. This continued for approximately seven days. After 3 months of confinement, on 9 June 1716, Banda Singh's eyes were gouged out, his limbs were severed, his skin removed, and then he was killed.


Those kind of savage acts still seem to be part of the Muslim psyche, belief system & practice, if we see what Daesh (IS) is doing to the peace loving YAZIDIS in Syria today- in 2017 AD!)

2. It confuses many loyal Sikhs, integral members of the great Hindu family as to, “How is it that Pakistan is accepted by Government of India with the ease of breathing but when we demand Khalistan we face a hail of bullets?”

3. It COMPELS the Muslims in India to strive and aspire to similar emancipation from the KAFIRS like their brothers who live in Sindh, East Bengal and North Kashmir.

4. It puts a question mark before the Muslims in the MUSLIM MAJORITY State in India, “Why don’t we get emancipation from HINDU India like our fellow Muslims in WEST Punjab? (NB: No Muslim or Sikh “buys” Nehru’s secularism if that is null & void in Lahore!)

5. The insecurity, displeasure and embarrassment of the Indian Muslims makes them feel that what Jinnah Sahib could not get by bullying they can get by rapid increase in numbers, that is, demographic revolution.

By objective observation this seems confirmed! It is exactly what is going on in Bharat- the Muslim wish to “drown the Hindus in the quagmire of Islam” is fulfilling itself like a prophecy. Practice of more than one wife, numerous children, active conversion to Islam (fiery preachers like Zakir Naik), conversion of EVERY Hindu bride to Islam, every “mixed” marriage is to the advantage of Islam, and so on! Encouraged by Constitution the conversion to Islam in Partitioned India is unhindered and unrestricted!

6. Since the (“Hindu bashing” malicious) Constitution of Bharat, cleverly crafted by Jawaharlal Nehru, himself a secret convert to ISLAM, grants EQUALITY to the exuberant Indian Muslims at par with the sulking, divided & demoralised Hindus, the former are encouraged, with justification, to demand proportionate number (representation) of Muslims in the Indian administrative, diplomatic and police services and the ARMED FORES! Hindu psyche knows the IMPLICATINS of this nightmare!

7. Partition, in reality, hit the Indian Muslims much harder than we suspect. It divides them into three separate parts though they all share a common historic background, religion (Islam) from the desert of ARABIA, the “Word of God” (the Koran), the culture of “Halal & beef eating” and ETHNICITY, into three water tight, mutually hostile, compartments. Only a dunce will assume that “all is well” with the Muslim soul in Partitioned India, yearning for UNITY, in agony over this artificial divide in Bharat where they have lived together as ONE people for centuries.

8. Article 370. The BLUNDER OF BLUNDERS (the "Mother of all Blunders"!)

It is two fanged "monster": (a) Clearly puts J & K State APART from all the other States, and, (b) A serious provocation and incitement to East Punjab, the State with Sikh majority next door.

Given the history of the Sikhs who could capture KHYBER Pass after defeating the Afghans but were made to “eat dust” when Lahore and Sri Nankana Sahib and the whole of West Punjab (along with four other provinces) were surrendered by Gandhi-Nehru duo to the ENEMY without referendum, without condition!

Sikhs have a very deep place of trust, love, respect and admiration in the collective Hindu heart. Therefore, their (Sikhs') simmering resentment is fully understood and even shared by the Hindu majority across Bharat.

Should we see all the States in Bharat, not only East Punjab, looking at the SPECIAL privileged political status of Kashmir and then sigh and whisper, “Grapes are sour!”?


1 May 2017.