Date: 25/05/2017

I agree with you that the British "united" India for administrative convenience but I believe that the process of such "unity" was initiated by the MUSLIM raiders and invaders. India, that came under THEIR sway, regardless of ground realities like culture, dress, food, language and even religion, is known as "Mogul Empire".

In 1947 when IAS replaced ICS, and Nehru replaced the Viceroy, the political map was the same except the "gaping holes" where Pakistan appeared all of a sudden.

We still have the same disfigured map outline with the border "slicing" through Bengal, Kashmir, Assam and Punjab. Obviously, no one believes that this will remain the FINAL frontier of Bharat till eternity. It is so artifical, arbitrary, illogical and absurd (with the same seditious separatist and violent "Second Nation" still calling shots in Bharat!)

There are two kinds of EVOLUTION, or growth & development, of a country. One by its own genius, the other distorted and altered by foreign invaders and powers. India falls in the second category. So we seek a "starting" point when the distortion of natural evolution of the native forces and genius began.

For this purpose, the IDEAL will be to see the sovereign or the allied States in Hindusthan before the Mohammedans arrived to "overturn the apple cart"!

And if it is not possible to discover a political map of 712 AD, then the second best thing will be to see the map of India in the 19th century.

Here we see several sovereign and semi sovereign States namely,
the Maratha Empier ( ),

the Sikh Kingdom ( ) and

the Vijayanagar Empire ( )

I believe the spiritual or ideological nuclii of these NATIVE "empires" are not fully extinguished and will struggle- actively or passively, to reach the same original shape and dimention as we see in the web sites above. In addition the Muslims, too, will tend to realise their own innermost aspirations and may eventually raise their heads in Kashmir, West Bengal, UP or Kerala.

India watchers need to study carefully these undercurrents of ideological and political aspirations of the various PEOPLE OF BHARAT. Knowing this will also make us aware of the threat of Islam that has not vanished with the establishment of Pakaistan but only re-doubled in intensity due to Islam's internal frustrations and the fact that the INDIAN Muslims, too, find themselves divided into three separate compartments like the TERRIROTY of India.

Given the complexity of history of ancient country like India, she needs leaders and rulers of utmost wisdom, grasp & vision, courage, dynamism and smartness. Had we had them in 1947, India would have been "Akhand Bharat" now, a genuine super power and permanent member of the Security Council.

20 May 2017