Date: 25/05/2017


Thank you for the topic of discussion this morning. (Islamic Terrorism).

It is time to amend Koran that has the words like "non believer", "infidel" and "Kafir" and then (their God) promises virgins in heaven if they kill the Infidels! Surely the bomber of Manchester expected that reward!

All Muslim callers were unable to agree on amending Koran because they feared being ASSASSINATED for even suggesting interfering with the "Word of God".

Please note the reason given for their anger: that is, "Western interference in THEIR lands."

They forget that THEIR land is the UK where they live now, there they came begging to be let in, where they live with their families and where they produce more children, hoping for demographic revolution!

Furthermore, what should the West do if from THEIR lands the attackers went all the way to the USA to attack World Trade Centre towers in New York and they came from Pakistan to explode bombs in England on 7 July 2005 and the Libyan came to kill small children in Manchester on 22 May 17?

They "beg" for British citizenship and permission to live in our tolerant society. Yet after a while they wish to destroy this society that nurtures them.

Since violence is inherent in Islam, due to the personality of Prophet Mohammed, the Muslims even fight among themselves, e.g. Iran and Irak war, and within Pakistan on daily basis, and within India(Partition!). So wherever a Muslim goes, he takes a bit of violence with him.

Sadly, Muslims are unable to discuss Mohammed's wives, including the one who was six years old, his perpetual Jehad, wars and rantings against all the non Muslims, and the content of Koran with a cool head, leave aside understanding the OTHERS' point of view that their (Muslims') first loyalty ought to be towards the country and society they are living in!.

10.30 a.m., 25 May 17
PS: A minute's silence will be held throughout the United Kingdom at 11 a.m. today in memory of those killed at Manchester.