Date: 25/05/2017


After the massacre of innocent children and their parents at Manchester on 22 May 2017, the citizens paid their homage to the victims by holding a minute’s silence in the city.

Thereafter the Queen at Buckingham Palace in London held a minute's silence with her husband and the guests gathered on the lawns outside. An English football team abroad held a minute’s silence before beginning their game.

On Thursday, i.e., 26th May, a minute’s silence was held by all the nation throughout the United Kingdom. People stood still in mood of reflection in shops, markets, offices, schools, colleges, railway stations and even in hospitals excepting the bed ridden patients.

One cannot fail to be impressed by the UNITY and SOLIDARITY of the British people and how they come together at moments of grief.

Inevitably as NRI’s our thoughts go to our blessed Bharat where we are not aware whether the President or his peon, or the parliament or the public, hold a minute’s silence when massacres such as in Mumbai and Srinagar take place causing hundreds of deaths!

We are especially angry with the PRESIDENT of India. He lives in the former Viceroy’s House. But does he think that he is Lord Curzon, Lord Linlithgow, Lord Ripon, Lord Wavell or Lord Louis Mountbatten, who had little in common with our people at Jallianwala Bagh or Noakhali? (Not a second’s silence then!)

26 May 2017
PS: The President of Partitioned India should be asked to vacate that grand Imperial mansion and live in a modest dwelling in accordance with the "life style" of Bapu Gandhi. How ironic to keep his (Gandhi's) bust in offices but then live in pomp like the monarch of the United Kingdom!