Date: 27/05/2017


(The famous exclamation attributed to Archimedes)

We knew that Salman Abedi, 22, was going to Paradise for having killed so many Kafirs, including Saffie Roussos, a beautiful 8-year old girl who was two years older than Ayesha, the Prophet’s child wife.

As the mentally deranged killer believed, the Prophet himself was going to give him the Diamond Medal for heroic services to the Islamic State (Caliphate).

Twenty-two innocent people were killed and 116 injured in a suicide bombing at Manchester Arena on Monday, 22nd.May 2017.

Being investigative journalists (in such short supply among Partitioned India’s “coolie” media!) we were keen to meet him.

Since we could not gain entry into paradise, being infidels, we hired a supersonic jet to catch up with him before he entered paradise. We were lucky. We interrupted his flight just a few meters before the gates of heaven.

“Stop O’ celebrated brave Mujahid Salman, we want to congratulate you.”

Now what followed is the key to Islam’s greatest secret, hidden or concealed from the whole world up to now.

“Why, O why, did you kill so many?”

“Because I was AFRAID. I saw them as tigers, lions and elephants while I was a mere mouse taking help of the explosive vest!” Unbelievable though it may seem, his confession was the absolute TRUTH!

We were delighted, having got the key to the big mansion built with one billion bricks, and told him, “What you imagine to be paradise is actually HELL where all the “Mujahids, Ghazis and Taliban” have been burning in fires since each one of them killed an innocent Kafir, or raped an innocent defenceless Hindu virgin.”

Interview ended, we shouted, “EUREKA!” We shouted with excitement and hastened back to the earth, landing in Ayodhya.

All that we had to do was to tell the true story to a billion Hindus, seething and smarting with rage and anger over the forced surrender of North Kashmir, Gilgit, Chittagong and Sri Nankana Sahib in 1947.

Dear readers, what we are writing now is extremely precious KNOWLEDGE and none can ban its spread if you live in the sunshine of democracy, away from the dark shadows of Islam.

The founder of Islam suffered from SCHIZOPHRENIA, that is, SPLIT PERSONALITY, and he “heard VOICES”!

He lived in the world of CONTRASTS. He said one thing but did another. He loved his Ayesha but treated the other girls & women as commodity or “dirt” (“up to FOUR for each of you!”).

He destroyed the places of worship called churches, synagogues and mandirs while building the places of worship called mosques.

He invented the word “Salam” (peace) while going on ceaseless killing sprees that always went out of control.

And what about the fear, fright & terror that resides deep in each and every Mohammedan’s (Musalmaan’s) heart, that makes him behave like a terrified, irrational & remorseless savage killer?

This is an important discovery and worth dwelling on-

Each Muslim who kills a human being perceives his victim to be his killer. He wants to kill FIRST before being killed!

From deception while seducing a Hindu girl to sleep with him, to his oath of loyalty to the country of his birth and its secularism, is all SHAM.

When Salman Abedi, the schizophrenic Mohammed, killed the beautiful little girl Saffie Roussos, he perceived himself to be a goat and the girl a “TIGER” (that is, a “MUSALMAAN EATING TIGER!”

Emperor Aurangzeb was IN REALITY terrified of Guru Tegh Bahadurji, a harmless unarmed holy man, and had to order his execution!

The Governor of Sarhind acted like a scared rat who perceived the two little infants as cats.

To midget Maimoona Begum (Indira Gandhi) Bhindranwale seemed a giant as tall as the Himalayas and declared war on him! Please note, her father NEHRU had not declared war against JINNAH but surrendered one third of Hindusthan to feed the Islamic crocodile).

Having established conclusively that Muslims, who pretended to be heroes or “Ghazis” while beheading David Haines and Alan Henning ** were IN REALITY “rats”, needing our help desperately.

We, therefore need to do everything possible to treat them instead of killing them.

Unlike the Mohammedan “rats, goats and jackals” who divide mankind into “Momin & Kafir”, we believe that “ALL MANKIND IS ONE FAMILY!”

So what do we do if “all mankind is one family?” Do we shoot, kill, behead or rape those in the family who are mentally sick, mad or pervert, or do we treat them with compassion and bring them back to normalcy (sanity)?

That is where the Hindus’ HISTORIC BURDEN lies while thinking of putting the house in order (“Akhan Bharat”) that the MAD Muslims destroyed!
27 May 2017
NB: We are approaching the martyrdom anniversary of Guru Arjun Devji. It was the occasion when a terrified Musalmani Maimoona Begum (Indira Gandhi) conceived her Operation Blue Star to divide a wedge between the Hindu and Sikh communities in EAST Punjab.