Date: 30/05/2017

Muslims cannot be regarded true and loyal citizens of Bharat for the following reasons:-

They rejected Secularism in order to create a separate ISLAMIC country in 1947. The arguments they offered then were their TRUE belief & conviction- their true “Yaqeen & Imaan”.

Later (after taking away a “POUND OF FLESH & A TON OF BLOOD” of Hindusthan) those who stayed back changed their statements overnight and accepted the same SECULARISM in Partitioned India that they had rejected outright in United India (Akhand Bharat) earlier!

We can use our BRAINS to see the reality. Alas, too many Hindu brains are not functioning as they ought to, and the future cannot be either safety or prosperity for our coming generations.

Muslims believe implicitly in the KORAN, calling it "dictated by God Himself". As we know, the Koran is more about rubbing in the differences between MOMIN & KAFIR than "All mankind is one family!"

The FACT is that we are all KAFIRS and that means "inferior, sub human vermin" in the eyes of every Muslim. It is up to us (to us!) to see the TRUTH about "Kafir & Momin" and compose a DIFFERENT ‘oath of loyalty’ for the Mohammedans towards a land with majority of INFIDELS. Such an oath of loyalty to a secular country must not overlook what is written in the Koran (or the Qur'an) about the Hindus, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, as well as the women, pigs and dogs.

The “murderer of Manchester” (May 22, 2017) was born in the UNITED Kingdom and had the passport of a “secular, tolerant” country. Yet his CORE belief overtook all that civilised “crap” and he acted exactly like the newly circumcised Arab, riding the camel in Mecca (new convert to Islam), in early 7th century AD.

Nehru's Constitution (also the Canadian, the American, the British, the German or the Japanese Constitution) that does not see the difference, does not identify the (“INDIGESTIBLE”) “SECOND” NATION within Hindusthan (also in other secular democracies), is a death trap for the soft hearted Hindus who, being "soft hearted" (cowards or blind), could not give them a BEFITTING reply in 1947.

For what reason should we continue to live in the SAME mould of donkey’s stubbornness, cowardice and blindness that destroyed our Akhand Bharat and took ONE THIRD OF INDIA (including LAHORE, the city founded by Luv three millennia ago) out of our maps overnight putting a Question Mark against Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai?

If we, who escaped DEATH in 1947 through sheer chance or good luck, when millions of others were FALLING OR FLEEING, cannot open our eyes to REALITY then we will also disappear from the earth sooner or later. Already it is too late for the Sikhs in Sri Nankana Sahib, the Hindus in Karachi, and all the Buddhists in Afghanistan, Gilgit and Chittagong! For them both God and the UNO failed miserably and the so-called “father” of our nation was no more than a speck of sand that could be trampled upon (eliminated) easily.

The reality is that for a mother all children are the SAME and when we chant “Bharat Mata” (Mother India) then a BILLION of us should also have the courage to notice the tears in her eyes.

Why tears? Because “MOTHER India” cannot see her children called Lahore, Multan, Karachi, Peshawar and Dhaka who were taken away from her by deception, fraud and naked AGGRESSION.

They were ABDUCTED by JINN called “Separatism” who used VIOLENCE and forced them to eat beef, learn the Arabic language and go into mosques to pray, facing Mecca, while showing CONTEMPT for us, our "mother" and the sanctity of all the “Avatars, Mahatmas & Gurus” who were born in our divine Bharat!

The entire Hindu nation has lived reconciled to that savage attack by robbers and bandits and accepted their crime and high treason. But if we revive our pride and guts and the LOVE OF FAMILY then we know what to do and our "leaders" also know the difference between a tiger and a lamb.

What we think and do today will have profound influence on the way of life of our coming generations who will live like the sovereign people in United India with frontier at Khyber & Chittagong or like the subdued scared “dhimmies” in a mutilated truncated India with frontier at Wagah and Hoogly! (Don’t we wish that the Rashtrapati, “Stooge of Sonia”, too, shared such PATRIOTIC sentiments & aspirations with us?)

If the ISLAMIC cancer is not stopped or cured on the sacred and divine SOIL of Hindusthan, then other “limbs”, too, will get infected with the DISEASE and fall off. The one that is really sick right now is SOUTH Kashmir and the other that is about to "catch" the curse is West Bengal. This FIRE OF SEPARATISM with its source in Mecca will also singe EAST Punjab (one fifth of the ORIGINAL Punjab!) sooner of later.


30 May 17