Date: 30/05/2017

Why congratulate the Germans?
The German government, people and their leaders do not hide the fact that their country suffered a crushing defeat in 1945 when they were made to surrender vast territories.
They also do not hold Hitler and his Party, once most popular and powerful, in high esteem though they both betrayed the country and led it to RUIN.
Hitler, revered and trusted by all, the ULTIMATE leader (“Fuehrer”), did not get the title of “Mahatma” (like Gandhi) or “Chacha” (like Nehru).
The German Constitution, too, acknowledges the fact that defeat and division (Partition) did take place and a lot of territory was also surrendered. Not only that, it also has the aspiration for REUNIFICATION expressly enshrined in the document. It gave a powerful COMMON UNIFYING goal to the nation.
Furthermore, the people of divided Germany ALL had the right to turn up in West Germany and claim housing, jobs, State benefits and citizenship.
The MEDIA openly covers every detail of the build up to that historic disaster. Those responsible for defeat and PARTITION of the country are declared TRAITORS, that is, CRIMINALS. Most were tried by the Allies at Nuernberg and were hanged or sent to prison for many years and ALL were made to renounce the membership of the NAZI party.
It is further noteworthy that there is at least one television broadcasting station (ZDF-INFO*) that ONLY broadcasts history, especially the two world wars all the time, and in great detail
The name of the “Father of Nation”, Adolf Hitler, has totally vanished from public view. It is impossible to find the surname “Hitler” in any telephone directory or given to any university, public building, event, competition or tournament. NAZI Party flag is banned. So is the old national anthem that was sung enthusiastically in Hitler's “Third Reich”.
But had the Germans been a demoralised, defeated and shameless “COOLIE” NATION with SLAVISH mentality, they would have done the following:-
1. None would have recalled or spoken of defeat in 1945
2. NAZI Party, the Party of defeat and territorial surrender, would have stuck to power and ruled Germany for more than 60 years even after leading that country to defeat.
3. Roads, schools, parks, tournaments, universities and airports would have been named after Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels and Hermann Goering. None would have demanded their trial for treason or misleading the nation!
4. Hitler, who was responsible for the defeat, TERRITORIAL surrender, and for big shame to the nation, would have been celebrated as a great hero, and volumes would have been written on his great thoughts and deeds but never a mention of the final defeat and surrender, and never a mention of the millions of refugees who streamed westwards from Estonia, Latvia, Koenigsberg (now Kaliningrad), Belarus, Poland and Czechoslovakia who became destitute as a result of their (Hitler & his Party's) deeds and decisions.
Yes, no mention whatsoever, of those MILLIONS of refugees and those innocent civilians who were KILLED would have been made. And NO memorial to the Dead anywhere!
The Germans also deserve a word of praise for-re-building their destroyed cities and factories from total ruin in 1945 to the “Economic miracle” (“Wirtschaftswunder”) within 10 years! They have filled the whole world with products “Made in Germany”!
One may ask, “What has the German defeat and territorial surrender got to do with us, the people of Bharat?”
“Bhaaiyo aur Behno” (taking Modiji’s words), sometimes it is good to look beyond the nose to see how the rest of the world lives, acts and performs, only to get inspired!

30 May 17.
PS: * “Zdf Info” is available to watch on Internet only within Germany. But one can watch it via “Astra” or “Hot Bird” satellite anywhere without any problem.