Date: 05/06/2017

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Dear Prem and Prakash, from what I know the Partition of India was ordered by Britain at the suggestion of FM Auchinleck some time in end 1939/early 1940 that before departing from India the country should be divided for Britain to retain some influence in the region. He had remarked,"God knows, I have made many withdrawals to know what best to do!" This suggestion was passed on to Whitehall who agreed and got about towards a partition. They selected a small-time lawyer in west of Bombay, M.A Jinna, to ask for a separate land for Muslims and sent him two Khan brothers from London to coach him for the task. They did a thorough job and M.A. Jinna became a vociferous man to demand a Muslim state of 'Pakistan, Land of the Pure.' Today the Pakistani's curse Jinna for creating a separate state which has lagged behind India. It is learnt that during the Partition movement, Gandhi made no effort to stop the move. Nehru was at that time a nobody,Gandhi had also withheld the Hindus during the Noakhali riot. To stop further bloodshed a Partition was agreed upon and the two new states were created.-----I withhold comment on Vadra , Thampi and their doings as these I consider unimportant.-----