Date: 09/06/2017

There is absolutely no doubt that Pakistan has such varied and divergent population from Sindhis to Kashmiris and from the Baloch to the Punjabis!

Yes, they all resent the Punjabi hegemony and are restless for independence. Bharat has perhaps a bigger diversity and variety of population but peace will prevail due to our culture and deep attachment to religion. Even Nehru's "secularism" could not destroy it completely though he left India in a disgusting shape- much reduced in size and beyond recognition.

The reason for Pakistan soon entering the violent phase of internal Jehad (IMPLOSION) is the language of Koran and the role model Mohammed, who spent all the time killing Kafirs and capturing women. There is no equivalent of "Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti", Gautam Buddha or Guru Nanak Dev in Islam!

The next scenario will be violent struggles within Pakistan since the population is heavily armed and blighted by the presence of killer groups like the Taliban who are not far from Islamabad.

If few regions like Sindh and Balochistan do succeed in gaining freedom and sovereignty, will they consider joining Bharat (since they were part of India like Bihar and Kerala till 1947)? This question should engage our attention!

This will depend on patriotism of the INDIAN Muslims who can exercise a patriotic PULL on them, and on the maturity, sagacity and foresight of the HINDUS.

Given that the Muslims in India number hundreds of millions, they, collectively speaking, ought to be a powerful magnet to pull Sindh and Balochistan towards union with Bharat! If they don't, then their loyalty to Bharat is suspect.

And if the HINDUS show farsight and patriotism (which is not the case right now since none is upset at Lahore and Dhaka being OUT of Bharat!) they will reflect upon the condition in which that "AKHAND BHARAT" will be possible again.

That "condition" occured in Germany when it was divided but united in1989. That condition was her shining dazzling economic PROSPERITY and abundance of JOBS that became the MAGNET for the impoverished East Germans. (Let's be honest to admit that NRI's, too, left dear Bharat for FOREIGN shores for the same reason!)

Starving MUSLIMS in Pakistan need bread to eat and a shirt to wear, not QURAN and mosques!

A similar situation is developing in Bharat with rapid PROSPERITY and abundance of jobs while Pakistan has become a living Hell for her population.

So why aren't they rushing eastwards in droves like the East Germans who ran westwards? After all, they are the SAME race and ethnicity as the Indians- whether Hindus or Muslims?

The solution is: INDIA SHOULD LET THE LOT COME IN. That will bring about AKHAND BHARAT again!

NOW THE CATCH; In Germany CHRISTIANITY is so strong & powerful that the few million Muslims are all in check and order UNLIKE our Bharat where the majority community (and our HINDU dharma) is so WEAK that we all start trembling with fear at the very thought of being overwhelmed, even wiped out, by the Muslims!

That is why our AKHAND BHARAT, with Khyber and Chittagong at two ends, "evaporated" in 1947 and that is why we see no prospect of Reunification at all but totally RECONCILED with the border running between Dhaka and Kolkata in the East, and between ATARI and WAGAH in the West!

We ought to realise that these borders were not created on sound logical basis, They are work of the devil. They are an obscenity. They are an insult to the people of India - all of India, including the two breakaway ISLAMIC republics on either side. Hence these borders are temporary. Hence they must go. Otherwise eventually a mighty big ideological "STORM, UNLEASHED BY NATURE", will wipe them out!

That scenario is neither in the interest of the Hindus nor in the interest of the Muslims.

9 June 2017