Germany gets women-only rail carriages

Date: 12/06/2017

ISLAM robs the German women of their freedom and safety. Here is the news:

(Quote) Germany gets women-only rail carriages

A German train operator is to introduce a women only carriage following the mass sexual assaults blamed on migrants from the Middle East and North Africa. (You correctly guessed their religion and their role model! -R)

Mitteldeutsche Regiobahn will reserve a carriage for female passengers on the Leipzig to Chemnitz line, positioned beside the train conductor for maximum safety. Boys aged 10 and under will also be admitted.

The introducation of the carriages has started a debate on German social media, and women have given examples on Twitter of when they have felt harassed on trains. (Unquote)
Women's carriages are common on Indian railways where the Muslims also travel in large numbers. There is never a problem with the Non Muslim passengers who travel freely together whether male or female.

12 Jun 17