Date: 01/07/2017


(Why civil war broke out and why the Muslims stayed back in Partitioned India!)

“DON’T TALK OF THE PAST!” protest many who find it disturbing, or troublesome, to look at the past. They see nothing but shock and horror and continuous massacres & destruction that bring painful memories. We only talk of happy events that give us joy and make us happy.

Sadly, it is impossible to ignore the past. The past provides the INGREDIENTS for the dish that is to be cooked for consumption in the future!

Look at the USA and the UK. How obsessed they are with 1945 (victories) while we shun 1947 (defeat, surrenders and massacres!)

There is ONE sentence in the past that has given us maximum pain. And that is, “Nehru gave away one third of India without condition or referendum, and called it “Independence”!

It is well known that the Hindus are the MOST IGNORANT PEOPLE on earth. Most think of the Independence when the British left with farewell parties, marching bands and the natives saying “Good bye” with wet eyes, wishing them well!”

Nothing could be farther from truth. Independence was a HOAX, a confidence TRICK, an outright FRAUD & DECEPTION. In reality, it was SURRENDER & FRAGMENTATION of India in pools of blood.

In the entire history of mankind the invaders, who came by force & violence, had to be pushed out by ARMED STRUGGLE. None left peacefully.

How did Napoleon and Hitler leave Russia? How did the British leave Kenya and Yemen? And this is how the French left Vietnam:

The battle of Dien Bien Phu marked the end of the French involvement in Southeast Asia. France had lost more than 35,000 men and 48,000 had been wounded in a war that was considered financially and militarily humiliating. The shock of the defeat at Dien Bien Phu led the French government, already plagued by public opposition to the war, to agree to the independence of Vietnam at the Geneva Conference in 1954.


Where the natives could not oust the invaders by FORCE they resigned to their fate, remained perpetual slaves like the natives of America, Australia and New Zealand. That is also true of ALL the Islamic countries where the earlier inhabitants- the Christians, the Jews, the Zoroasrians (Iran) , the Buddhists (Afghanistan) and the Hindus (Pakistan and Bangladesh), could not throw out the brutal invaders but were themselves crushed or wiped out.

Seeing the signs of a general uprising across India, starting with the popularity of “Azad Hind Fauj” (Indian National Army) raised by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, and the mutiny in the Indian Navy, the British feared the worst.

Expecting their departure from India to be a violent affair, they devised an ingenious plan. It was so clever that one wonders as to how & why the top brains and barristers in India at the time, and since, could not “smell rat” but “went along” with it like the idiots!

“Ladies and gentlemen,” said one MP at Parliament in London, “In our Indian colony we are 300,000 British personnel, ruling 300 MILLION restive natives who expected us to leave, lock, stock and barrel, after the end of World War 2.

We do not have the resources, or forces, to prevent the repeat of the Siege of Lucknow in 1857 and are bound to lose many lives, trying to put down the rebels.”

“That seems true, unfortunately,” spoke a fellow MP. “Is there a way out?,” he asked.

“Yes, if the blood that we must shed in holding on to our colony could be the blood of the natives while we depart safely!”

“Ingenious & preposterous! Pray, tell us what you mean.”

“Honourable members, India is not simply a Hindu country but a “hotch potch” of many faiths, religions, loyalties and confused definitions.”

There was total silence. Everybody was curious. The speaker continued, “The Hindus are native to the soil, the original people. Only they have a stake in the land. They call it “dharti mata”, that is the “mother”. So they are expected to rise in arms against us.

The Muslims, on the other hand, can prove to be our best allies. They have NO love lost for either LAND or HINDUS. Their ancestors came as invaders like us and they regard themselves vastly superior to the natives and enemies of the Hindus whom they contemptuously call “Kafir”!”

“O yes? Very interesting. Please carry on.” He carried on-

“Muslims hate the Hindus because they had defeated and enslaved them and treated them like “dirt” for centuries. They do not respect any holy god or goddess but pray to Allah, facing Mecca. They kill the cows and eat their flesh while the Hindus regard the animal sacred. And above all, they resent our rule because we exiled the last Muslim emperor in Delhi in 1857, thus putting an end to the Islamic rule for ever!

“So, the Muslims are our best allies. We can use them to ensure our safe exit from the colony”!

“Will the Muslims play the Imperial game devised by you?”

“A good question! Their leader, Mr Jinnah, is a very crafty scheming “devil”. I had long conversations with him to gauge his views. He was not sure but when I promised him territory, the size of France, Germany and Spain put together, he relented and promised full cooperation.”

There was applause and we heard someone say, “Yes, when they go for Pakistan we shall go for our boats!”


Friends, we all know how senile Gandhi was bypassed and how treacherous Nehru served two parties at the same time- the British masters and the Muslim “brothers”.

The British could leave without losing a single life and the Muslims were rewarded with one third of India with Nehru’s approval while the Hindus were left in tears, coping with 15 million fefugees. Gandhi’s wishes kept the Muslims back, to deliver the “coup de grace” to Hindusthan when the time comes.

Akhand Bharat became Bharat overnight that took in 15 MILLION refugees. The devotees of Guru Nanak Dev (Hindus and Sikhs) were asked to apply for visa to visit his Janmasthan at Nankana Sahib!

The HINDUS celebrating “fake” Independence have NO idea as to what actually happened in 1947, and what the “second nation” will be up to in due course of time, and that the borders that crudely and arbitrarily tear through the middle of Bengal, Kashmir and Punjab, will not last long.

What happens then is the NIGHTMARE, better not discussed like the past!


1 Jul 17