Date: 01/07/2017

I would suggest all learned Patriots in this group to seek a meeting with Modi Ji and present our case to him pointing out the history of Partition and the ensuing genocide of millions of Hindus by the Muslims at partition. Again point out to him that the contents of the constitution of India is biased against the Hindus with the incorporation of the word secularism when in reality at partition India is for Hindus and Pakistan for Muslims as such the constitution should be specifying partitioned India a Hindu Rastra not a Secular Rastra. Thus, the onus is on Modi Ji to redress this glaring flaw by redrafting the constitution with the word Partition mentioned and stipulating India a Hindu Rastra. Since one portion of India is partitioned for Muslims namely Pakistan there should be no Muslims in Partitioned India. Modi ji is duty bound to expel all Muslims from India to Pakistan. With that, the vote bank will be a non-issue. Muslims simply do not belong in India they should be declared illegals and deported to where they rightly belong and India should take back all Hindus from Pakistan and Bangladesh. Muslims have no rights in India and their presence in India is detrimental to the well being of India and Hindus as a whole. It must be made clear that Nehru is the culprit who caused this debacle of Partition autocratically without any referendum and allowing Muslims to stay back in Partitioned India with the blessing of Gandhi hence Hindus have been reduced to insignificance. Muslims in India must be declared illegals. In view of this calamity created by this two namely Nehru and Gandhi, we Hindus have tremendously lost due to minority appeasement policies favouring the Muslims by the Congress government this past 60od years. So it is important that this two Nehru and Gandhi be declared traitors and have their Photos, their Busts, their Statues and their names adorning streets, roads, iconic buildings etc. be removed. Our history book must mention this two as traitors for letting down the gullible Hindus whose trust in them was betrayed. There should have a clause mentioning that India reserves the right to take back the Partitioned portion of land belonging to India currently exist as Pakistan and as Bangladesh because the partition itself was illegally committed by Nehru without a referendum from the people of India whose majority was Hindus.