Date: 05/07/2017

Shameful, it may be.


Pakistan born Canadian writer Tarek Fatah on ABP news :

1.Kashmiri Pandits who are Hindus , were killed in Hindustan in their home land , you Hindus don't have the spine to re-establish them in Kashmir again, and you talk about "Secularism".

2.Pakistan is responsible for terrorism. Five Pakistani guys come and blast the shit out of you , and you talk about "Tolerance" !

3.Inside most of the Mosques, they chant "Kill Kafirs " in groups", and you talk about "Minority Rights" !

4.In Kerela , Hyderabad , West Bengal , Kashmir ...they raise Pakistani flags , and you name them "Indian Muslims" !

5.Everyone knows whenever India-Pak war happens, and even in a cricket match Indian Muslims are on which side , but still you call them "Patriots" !

6,Taslima Nasreen and many more writers were beaten in Hyderabad, Owaisi asked his followers to kill 100 crore Hindus, why you did not return your awards then against "rising intolerance" !

7. Pakistan is beheading your soldiers and your politicians are visiting Pakistan to resume trade and relations ! When will you Hindus have the guts and control your obsession with "Urdu and Biryani" !

8.Thousands of your temples are demolished, you could not do anything ! You're still struggling to build a temple in your own country, at your own cultural center Ayodhya.

9 .Be it 2002 , 1991 ...these are the reactions of violence of Muslims, their obsession about Jihad and right now for ISIS.You think Indians don't join ISIS ? Check the data from Britain and many countries where NRI's are joining in huge numbers.

10. At last , I would say that you have not thought about the above mentioned points until some random Pakistani Muslim guy from Canada comes here to wake you up ! When will you have the guts, cowards ?